The Future of the Capital MetroRail Red Line


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Doug Allen talked with the community on March 22, 2011, the one-year anniversary of Capital MetroRail service in central Texas. What's the future hold for MetroRail?

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The Future of the Capital MetroRail Red Line

  1. 1. Capital MetroRail Red Line  Goals  Results to Date  Future Actions Capital Metro Webinar March 22, 2011
  2. 2. The Red Line Commuter rail on existing tracks 32 miles, 9 stations, 6 vehicles Weekday service – 6 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. – 35-45 minute peak headways – 60 minute midday headways Connector buses at three stations Constructed with local funds – Less than $5 million per mile
  3. 3. Initial Goals Open and demonstrate a safe, reliable, high quality and convenient service.
  4. 4. Initial Results Opened – March 2010 Safe – no accidents Reliable – 98% on time performance Quality – 90% of riders would recommend Convenient – limited to location
  5. 5. Near-term Goals Improve convenience and begin to increase ridership
  6. 6. Near-term Actions August 2010 – Kramer Connector, marketing/education January 2011 – Schedule, fares, midday service, marketing/business outreach March 2011 – Friday night, Saturday service demonstration service August 2011 – Bus service changes January 2012 – Bus service changes, Friday night and Saturday service (pending budget)
  7. 7. Capital MetroRail ridership initiative Schedule adjustments  Marketing campaign Fare adjustments  Business outreach Improved bus/van connections
  8. 8. Near-term Results (to date) Approximately 55% increase in riders since January 2011 schedule changes Riders by Trip
  9. 9. MetroRail Average Daily Ridership
  10. 10. Mid-term Goal Improve convenience by providing more opportunities to access the system
  11. 11. Mid-term Actions Facilitate developments at stations Explore Kramer Park and Ride Improve frequency to 30 minutes – Integrate general bus system and rail system – Passing sidings – Fleet modification for alternative compliance – Second track for freight and passenger: Lakeline to McNeil Pursue Cedar Park agreement
  12. 12. Longer-term Goals Expand the reach and capacity of MetroRail system
  13. 13. Connector Bus Usage
  14. 14. Walking Destinations from Downtown Station
  15. 15. Longer-term Actions Explore extending farther west in Downtown Stadler car inserts and longer platforms Regional Transit System Plan Urban/MetroRail interface points – UT, Capitol Complex, Downtown, Mueller Urban Rail Environmental Analysis North Central Alternatives Analysis Federal New Starts funding Local funding
  16. 16. All Systems Go! Long Range Transit Plan Express Bus Capital MetroRail Leander -Austin Round Rock/Gtown Manor/Elgin Urban Rail Mueller UT/Capitol/Downtown ABIA MetroRail Intercity Rail MetroRapid (BRT) Managed HOV Lanes Intercity Rail Austin - San Antonio Austin – Houston
  17. 17. North Central Corridor
  18. 18. Summary Incremental improvements Near, Mid, Longer-term Strategies Coordination with City of Austin Regional Transit System Plan Local funding
  19. 19. Questions?
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