MetroAccess Options Outreach


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MetroAccess Options Outreach

  1. 1. Capital MetroAccess Policy Options Summer 2010 Goal: Gather Input on Service Area, Service Level and Eligibility
  2. 2. Thanks for Coming! • Meeting structure & process • The challenge • Peer comparison • Your feedback on policy options 2
  3. 3. Why we’re here • Service Area, Service Level and Eligibility • Your involvement • We want your input We need you to be part of the solution. 3
  4. 4. Sunset Commission Recommendation • “Increase paratransit productivity to achieve a 10-percent reduction in costs by revising policies that exceed Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, including taxi vouchers, open returns, door-to-door services, and reservations.” • Estimated impact: $3 million in annual savings 4
  5. 5. Now is the time • No easy answers • Some people will lose services • We want to mitigate those impacts • We need your feedback to find reasonable solutions 5
  6. 6. For a productive meeting • Staff will be reasonable, fair-minded and listening for solutions • We ask that everyone – Show courtesy and respect – Make no personal attacks – Be open-minded 6
  7. 7. ¾ Mile Metro Access Paratransit Service Area Current Practice: ¾ Mile Service Area Value to CMTA: Option 1: ¾ Mile Service Area $1.032M Option 2: ¾ Mile Service Area $516K with a transition plan for displaced passengers ¾ Mile Service Area ¾ Mile Service Area 7
  8. 8. ¾ Mile Paratransit Service Area How Austin compares to others across the country Sacramento ¾ Mile Indianapolis Columbus ¾ Mile ¾ Mile Kansas City ¾ Mile Louisville ¾ Mile Memphis Charlotte 1 Mile ¾ Mile Austin Orlando ¾ Mile Tampa ¾ Mile Peer cities identified in CAMPO’s 2008 Capital Metro Peer Review Quadrennial Performance Audit – Final Report
  9. 9. ¾ Mile Paratransit Service Area How Austin compares Texas Cities Lubbock ¾ Mile Fort Worth Dallas City Limits City Limits El Paso 1.5 Mile Houston Austin ¾ Miles San Antonio ¾ Miles Corpus Christi ¾ Mile
  10. 10. Eligibility for MetroAccess Paratransit Service Current Practice: Self certification with professional verification Cost Avoidance Year 1: Option 1: In-person interview and functional assessment administered by Capital $1.363 Million Metro staff Option 2: In-person interview by Capital Metro staff and functional assessment $1.189 Million administered by 3rd party contractor Option 3: In-person Interview and functional assessment administered by 3rd party $1.228 Million contractor 10
  11. 11. Eligibility for Paratransit Service Do our peer cities perform functional assessments? Sacramento YES Indianapolis Columbus YES YES Kansas City NO*** Louisville YES Memphis Charlotte YES YES Austin Orlando YES Tampa YES Peer cities identified in CAMPO’s 2008 Capital Metro Peer Review Quadrennial Performance Audit – Final Report ***Currently working on a contract to begin functional assessments
  12. 12. Eligibility for Paratransit Service Do other Texas cities perform functional assessments? Lubbock No Fort Worth Dallas YES YES El Paso No Houston Austin YES San Antonio YES Corpus Christi YES
  13. 13. Open Return Policy Current Practice: Medical, jury duty, return from travel open returns Cost Avoidance Option 1: Medical appointments only with $7k estimated time required Option 2: Medical appointments & return from $2k travel with estimated time required Option 3: Eliminate open return policy $106k 13
  14. 14. Open Return Trips What peer cities have an open return policy in place? Tampa, FL Sacramento, CA YES (For double fare) NO OPEN RETURNS Charlotte, NC Kansas City, MO Orlando, FL Columbus, OH MEDICAL ONLY Indianapolis, IN Louisville, KY Memphis, TN Houston Dallas San Antonio Corpus Christi MEDICAL & JURY DUTY Lubbock El Paso Fort Worth
  15. 15. Taxi Voucher on Request Program Current Practice: Capital Metro pays full cost up to 6 miles for medical, return from grocery, jury duty, Cost Avoidance: and return from out of town travel $877k Option 1: Transition to smart card system with $10 cost share cap Option 2: New voucher program with limit on $1.5 Million vouchers but no limit of trip purpose Option 3: Eliminate voucher program $187k 15
  16. 16. Call Center Operations Current hours: 7am – 7pm Weekdays 8am – 5pm Weekends Option Value: Option 1: 8am – 5pm seven days a week $68K with 1 day advance reservation Option 2: 8am – 5pm seven days a week $68K with 2 day advance reservation Option 3: 8am – 5pm seven days a week with 3 day advance reservation $68K 16
  17. 17. Max # advance days a Call Center Operations reservation may be made What do other cities do? 8+ days Orlando Kansas City & Fort Worth (All @ 14 days) RESTRICTIVE Weekday Call Center Hours Louisville 7 days Columbus 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 San Antonio CURRENT - AUSTIN Lubbock El Paso PROPOSED - AUSTIN LESS 6 days TAMPA CURRENT - Austin CHARLOTTE LOUSIVILLE 5 days KANSAS CITY Charlotte MEMPHIS 4 days INDIANAPOLIS COLUMBUS SACRAMENTO PROPOSED - Austin 3 days RESTRICTIVE ORLANDO Tampa Indianapolis DALLAS Memphis HOUSTON 2 days SAN ANTONIO Dallas* MORE Sacramento CORPUS CHRISTI LUBBOCK 1 day Houston EL PASO Corpus Christi FORT WORTH * Friday = 4 days (closed weekends)
  18. 18. Passenger Assistance Level Current Practice: Door-through-Door Cost Avoidance: Option 1: Curb to Curb for all passengers $145k Option 2: Curb to Curb with the option of $96k Door to Door on request 18
  19. 19. Passenger Assistance Level What do our peer cities do? 33% What do Texas cities do? Curb-to-Curb TAMPA 67% 14% INDIANAPOLIS Door-to-Door Door-to-Door MEMPHIS FORT WORTH CHARLOTTE LOUSIVILLE 86% KANSAS CITY Curb-to-Curb COLUMBUS SACRAMENTO LUBBOCK ORLANDO CORPUS CHRISTI DALLAS SAN ANTONIO HOUSTON EL PASO 19
  20. 20. Next Steps July: Outreach for Policy Options Analyze results August: Present findings to Board August-September: Outreach for Proposed Policy Changes September: Board action on policies October: ADA Plan public hearing ADA Plan update 20