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About us groupaccelerators_ase

  1. 1. The ASE can help Outsourcing in winning projects and shortening thetime to break even on existing engagementsObjectives of this document • Gain general understanding about the ASE – what it is and what we do • Get acquainted with the different ASE event types and their role in the context of outsourcing projects • Explain the integration of an ASE event into an outsourcing project plan and how mutual preparation works out • Understand the critical success factors to plan and conduct ASE events The ASE adds value by increasing quality & productivity to complex projects and by building trust and alignment amongst the key stakeholder CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 1 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  2. 2. The ASE is an innovative method to solve complex problems faster andachieve sustainable implementationASE solution approach Dilemma of complex problems Solutions with an ASE The complexity of the issues that must be resolved has The ASE approach represents the synthesis of a strongly increased and demands experts‟ involvement in creative environment, extensive content prepara- ever more specialized disciplines tion and an effective working process for large groups of up to 65 participants1 • The extraordinary environment of the ASE cen- ters encourages creativity and open constructive The consequence is: there are only two choices for teamwork among all participants. To break new resolving the issues ... ground when finding solutions, we deliberately avoid the traditional office and workshop • Fast (top management) decisions, risking spurious atmosphere compromises, gaps, and a lack of agreement during implementation • Any information needed for solution finding as = speed at the expense of decision quality well as the knowledge and experience of all relevant decision makers, experts and multipliers • Intensive sequential involvement of many parties and come together in an ASE event. This ensures long coordination cycles with a risk of losing high decision quality momentum during implementation = decision quality at the expense of speed • Within the scope of the ASE Scan-Focus-Act method, solutions are developed iteratively and simultaneously. In addition to mobilising all par- ties, speed is significantly increased – both in the planning phase and during implementation In both cases the people involved and concerned get lost 1 Internationally up to 120 participants CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 2 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  3. 3. The unique concept and infrastructure of the ASE Center stimulatecreativity and team spiritASE environment Characteristics of the ASE environment • Spaces that can be used flexibly with two large areas: – Plenum (results presentations for all participants) – Break-out spaces (small teams work on specific assignments) • Immediate access to prepared information and real-time research • Constructive and collaborative work in teams on large walls with writable surfaces • The facilitation team takes on the task of documenting all the results • The technical equipment enables effective use of all media • Efficient work with up to 65 participants (ASE Berlin) The ASE Center is neither a seminar nor a conference space but rather a working environment! CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 3 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  4. 4. All relevant information is available at an ASE event to make sounddecisionsASE – ‘secret of success’ Partici- • Executive decision makers, experts, influencers pants’ know- • Knowledge „in people‟s brains‟, experience ledge • All participants are present „full time‟ Level of Knowledge • Analysis, data Insight Objects • Objectives, key questions • Factbook preparation Factbook Participants All knowledge that is available in written format Time Preparation Scan Focus Act • Customised event design • Iteration and parallel work • Alternating between plenary and break-out • Alignment • Changing team compositions • Good decisions ASE • Working results available • Commitment to implementation process immediately CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 4 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  5. 5. All participants go jointly through the same proven process in the ASEcenterASE method What MUST we KNOW? What CAN we DO? What WILL we DO? • Team building • Simulation / scenarios, • Selecting and prioritising • Common understanding of playing “what if” alternatives problems • Simultaneous processing to • Developing short-term and • Industry trends, best practices, manage complexity mid-term activity plans expert exchange of experience • Finding solutions through • Making joint decisions • Ideas and solutions from other iteration • Commitment to industries – “out-of-the-box • First draft / test ideas implementation thinking” • Evaluating / eliminating • Uncovering critical hypotheses and options assumptions and issues The overarching alignment on the solutions ensures strong motivation during the implementation. CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 5 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  6. 6. As soon as we are in charge of service the ASE reduces in the classicalway the time to break evenASE Opportunities during Frozen Zone and Implementing Phase FROZEN ZONE IMPLEMENTING Run the 3: Preparation 4: Transition 5: Delivery Business “Get it exact and “Let’s get started” “Let’s make it efficient” “Let‟s make in writing” profit” Contract Start Implementation Benchmark Service-Level Agreements Service Reporting Integration Collaboration Event Station • Integrate organization, processes and systems • Shorten the time to benefit through collaborative Objective • Align all stakeholders on way forward working day by day (on site on client premises) • Increase speed and quality of decision making Participants 30 – 70 employees (decision All project team members (IT, business, Capgemini makers, experts, end users, Capgemini project project team, supplier, customer) • team) Detailed analysis on requirements • Analysis and facts Input • Detailed analysis on assets and capabilities • Contractual framework (services, draft SLA‟s …) • Detailed definition of services and SLAs Continually: Output • Decision on to be applications, infrastructure • Accelerated solution finding • Detailed implementation plans (transition) Client Capgemini • Robust and qualified decisions • Organization, roles and responsibilities Company A Company A • Change to collaborative mindset • xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx Detailed communication strategy y y y y y y • Knowledge transfer on ASE-methodology y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 6 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  7. 7. The Integration Event creates alignment among a large number of peopleconcerned and lets them create the solutionsExample detailed View: ASE Integration Event BUILD FROZEN ZONE IMPLEMENTING RUN 4: Transition 5: Delivery “Let`s get started” “Let`s make it efficient”approachClassical project Contract Start Implementation Benchmark Implementation Implemen- Analysis Synthesis Analyse planning tation SC I SCII - SC n SC n+1Deliverables ASE Implemen- Implementati of project Analysis Analyse Preparatio Tasks / on planning tation SC I n SC III ASE Planning Meeting Integration Define… Event • Scope of ASE event Deliverables Joint tasks / „SC2“ Planning Sponsor • Event objectives Fact Book SCAN Meeting Meeting FOCUS Pr ep ACT Po st • Key questions to be addressed • Inputs, required knowledgeDeliverables • Deliverables Tasks / of ASE ASE ASE-preparation & Scoping Design • Sponsors / participants • Logistics 10 days 20 days 1 day 3 days 1-2 days 5 days CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 7 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  8. 8. An ASE delivers fast but also realistic solutions based on broad alignmentamong all participantsResults of an ASE eventSpeed Quotes• Significantly shortened co-ordina- “We have accomplished more in three tion cycles and accelerated imple- days than I would have thought our “Spending 18 months wasn‟t mentation company could have accomplished in smart; we did in 3 days what we• Accelerated decision making five to six months” couldn‟t do in 18 months” process saving months compared to Ron Chambers, Chief Information Officer Ansett Tom Knowlton, President Airlines Kellogg‟s North America conventional processes “Using the ASE as a DesignQuality Shop helped us to achieve 6• Realistic solutions based on broad months worth of work in 3 “I have never experienced such a work- days” shop before. This is the first time that we alignment ensure implementation later Charlie Golden, CFO have achieved this level of consen-sus on Eli Lilly & Company on our future activities in just 3 days”• Best possible decision quality through profound analysis and “I never imagined Hermann Eidel, CEO Freudenberg Nonwovens involvement of all relevant how liberating the deciders, experts, and stakeholders environment and process could be” Doug Ivester, President Coca Cola CompanyCommitment and enthusiasm “The ASE allowed us to achieve• "Buy-in" of all decision makers and conceptual designs four times The participants of the ASE will stakeholders faster than the previous phase become the most important com-• Broad enthusiasm of all participants of this work” municators in their company and willingness to change and Nina Grove, Director of Operational Systems implement Genentech Inc. CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 8 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT
  9. 9. Many renowned corporations are among the clients of the ASE centers CE v5.6 © 2010 Capgemini - All rights reserved 9 Capgemini ASE-AND-OUTSOURCING.PPT