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PHC Radio Dept 10 Step Marketing

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  • 1. 10 Step Marketing Plan for…
    Philippine Heart CenterRadiological Sciences Division
    Carisse Diana A. Drilon
    November 30, 2010
  • 2. OUTLINE
    PTM and Positioning
    PTM: Doctors and patients
    Want expertise and reliability
    Competition: NKTI, other general hospitals
    Expertise in Cardiovascular Imaging
    Market Size: Php6.48 Billion
  • 3. OUTLINE
    II. Marketing Mix and Strategy
    Products: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI
    Promo: Word-of-mouth
    Price: 20-30% lower
    Place: Philippine Heart Center
    Winning Strategy: Packaging
  • 4. Primary Target Market and Positioning
    Where are we?
  • 5. 1. Primary Target Market
    Doctors from the Philippine Heart Center
    Cardiologists with patients from other institutions
    Other physicians with radiologic imaging needs for patients
    Patients who need radiologic imaging
  • 6. 2. The Doctor’s Needs, Wants, and Demands
    Good imaging
    Well trained Radiologists
    Definitive diagnosis
    Perception of a Good Doctor
    Patient wellness
  • 7. Why choose PHC Radiological Sciences Division
    Well-trained radiologists
    Experts in cardiac imaging
    No other institution compares
    Good equipment
    Can compete with private hospitals
    Easy commute
    Located in a major road
    Reasonably priced
  • 8. 3a. Direct and Indirect Competition
    Variables: Location, price, expertise, availability of cardiac services, doctors
  • 9. 3b. Positioning
    Cardiac Radiologists from other institutions come from PHC
  • 10. 4a. What’s the Gap?
    Expertise in Cardiac Imaging
    Other modalities are first exhausted before going into Radiologic Imaging
    Lack of referrals from cardiologists from other institutions
    General Imaging
    Lack of non-cardiac cases
  • 11. 4b. What’s the opportunity? How do we position?
    National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases
    Offers comprehensive healthcare services
    High-end machines and well-trained staff
    Lower prices
    Experts in Cardiovascular Imaging
    Well-trained General Radiologists for other imaging needs
    Good services, lower cost
  • 12. 5. Size of the Market
    Radiologic Services is a Php6.2 billion industry in the Philippines in 2009
    PHC Radiological Sciences Division’s annual sales is approx. Php64.8M annually
    They claim a market share of 1%
    Total Market Size = Php6.48B
  • 13. The Marketing Mix Strategy
    Let’s make it work!
  • 14. 6. Products/Services Offered
    CT Scan
  • 15. 6. Products/Services Offered
    Extensive list of services offered
    Comparable to general hospitals and private institutions
    Similar services with competitors
    In a nice and clean environment
  • 16. 7. Promo
    No official marketing strategy
  • 17. 8. Price
    Socialized payment scheme
    Different rates for charity and private patients
    Rate for private patients are 20-30% lower compared to private institutions
    Example: Chest X-ray PA
    PHC: Php500
    Private Institutions: Php700-900
  • 18. 9. Place
    Hospital-based services
    Patients go to the hospital for imaging studies
  • 19. 10. How to we win?
    PHC Mission and Vision:
    “…provide comprehensive cardiovascular care..”
    “…the leader in upholding the highest standards of cardiovascular care…”
    Enhance image: Expertise in Cardiovascular Imaging
    Create market for other imaging needs
    Emphasize: Good, reliable services for a lower cost
  • 20. 10 Step Marketing Plan for…
    Philippine Heart CenterRadiological Sciences Division
    Carisse Diana A. Drilon
    November 30, 2010