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Show and tell

  1. 1. The Friendships Fragrance by Maud Psyche I have chosen a bottle of perfume for " Show and Tell ". Its a fragrance called Gina by Benefit. This fragrance is a gift from Sonia, a classmate and also one of my best friends. Its the first gift I got from her.  One day, I was at her place and she gave me this bottle of perfume because I used to watch the bottles design. I was surprised and very glad. Then Ismelled the fragrance, it didnt smell very good but I didnt care because it was a gift from a very good friend...  I enjoy our friendship very much and thats what the perfume is all about!
  2. 2. The Fragrance Vocabulary Nouns Verbs Adjectives FRAGRANCE TO SMELL  REFINED= perfume = elegant  FRIENDSHIP TO ENJOY SURPRISED= amitié = to love = surpris(e) SURPRISING = surprenantGIFT TO CARE GLAD= present  = " I dont care = happy about (...) " = " Je men fiche "
  3. 3. My Chewing-Gum Box By TABBI Sonia This is my favourite chewin-gum box (because you have to know that I have more than 60 boxes...) I am a professional chewer! Everyday, all the time, I have one of these sweets in my mouth, ALWAYS except when I sleep and when I eat of course. This box accompanies me everywhere I go, because it is convenient and refillable.Chewing is a good way to get rid of stress, I think, even if it is a little unpleasant for people who are with me.I have tried all the tastes that exist, from banana to strawberry, sweet or sour and I love to discover new flavours.  In short, this box is like a FRIEND for me.
  4. 4. My Chewing-Gum Box By TABBI Sonia         ADJECTIVES  NOUNS VERBS       TO CHEW : CONVENIENT : A CHEWER : Mâcher Practical Un mâcheur        TO TASTE OF :  SOUR: THE JAW : Avoir le goût de... Acide La mâchoire TO TASTE :     goûter           TO THROW AWAY : UNPLEASANT : TASTES :Jetter à la poubelle Disturbing Les goûts
  5. 5.        My necklace by Lilya Ikken. I chose this necklace because it represents many things for me. This necklace symbolizes my Algerian origins ; the pendant is actually a Kabyle sign. Kabylia is a region of Algeria but it is distinct from the rest of it ; the people there live in mountains and they speak their own language. Their features are quite specific as well. It’s my parents who gave this necklace to me when we went to Algeria a year ago for the summer. I wear it around my neck all the time, I never take it off except in the shower. When I look at it, it reminds me of all the members of my family who live there, and all the good times Ive spent with them there. Indeed, this necklace brings back memories, and theyre all good ones!
  6. 6. My necklace Vocabulary  by  Lilya Ikken                 Verbs         Nouns   Adjectives/Others take ... off = retirer   necklace = collier   own = propre (à qch)   wear = porter   jewellery = bijoux   indeed = en effet(bijoux, vêtement)   to miss = manquer   gold = or  I miss you = Tu me   manques  to remind =  features = traits,rappeler (qch à qn) caractéristiques           
  7. 7. MY RUSSIAN DOLL For Show and Tell, Ive chosen for you my Russian doll. It has seven layers which fit into each other as they get smaller and smaller. It was made in Russia in 1993. We can see a different Russian monument painted on each doll. I got it from a friend of my fathers who bought it in Russia during his holidays in 1993. I have had it on my shelf since I was born. It is a precious item to me because Im fascinated by Russia and also because it is a traditional object which was made by craftsmen.Gaëlle Brision, 2011
  8. 8. VOCABULARY NOUNS VERBS ADJECTIVES ● Russian doll ● To scuplt ●  Precious (=poupée russe) ● To buy (somebody ● Fascinating ● Shelf something) ● Delicate     (=étagère)         (=offrir qch à qn) (=meticulous) ● Crafsmen (=men who work in an traditional job/artisans) ● Purchase (=achat)
  9. 9.              My iPod                                                    by MOHAMMAD Ghazal The iPod shuffle is an audio   player designed and marketed by Apple. It is the smallest model in   Apple s iPod family,and was the   first to use flash memory. The first model was announced at   the Macworld Conference & Expo   on January 11,2005.     I love to listen to music, so my sister   bought this iPod for my birthday which was on  August 27th. I was very   happy  because I kept asking for it and I finally got it. I cannot live without it,   I listen to music on it at home before sleeping and I always have it as well   when I go out, even for a walk. I can    I download songs from a website called "ITunes". download so many songs on it, I dont       To finish, I feel nice and relaxed , when Ive know how many exactly, but more than 100, which is already enough got  my :)  When the battery is getting low , I    iPod on, its the best remedy if i ever get sad or immediatly put it for charge.   stressed.  
  10. 10.          VOCABULARY of the iPod                                                                                                                                  by MOHAMMAD Ghazal ...           NOUNS      ADJECTIFS            VERBES - Macworldconference & expo  - low= faible  - to include = y compris = salon  - exactly = - to pack= emballer commerciale  consacrée à la exactement - to put = mettre plate- forme de la marque  - small= petit - to listen = ecouter Apple  - to turn = tourner - voice over = lecteur decran  - marketed = - to use= utiliser   commercialisés - to schuffle= brouiller - to annouced = annoncer - player = lecteur - designed = conçus - to forward = transmettre - website = site - to rewind=rembobiner   [ai]   - bought ( to buy )= acheter -to download= télécharger de net - to upload= télécharger dun appareil sur net
  11. 11. THE WORLD CUP IN MY HANDS  by Yassine JabriIm going to introduce something important to me. It is a duplicate of the footballWorld Cup . It represents a lot of things for me : It makes me feel as if I was one ofthose champions who won this trophy throughout the decades. It reminds me of whenZinedine Zidanes headers for France in 1998 and of the stops of the U.S goal keepersFreydley and Howard. I remember when I have this trophy I remember the refereesmistakes during the game South Corea versus Spain.I am very fond of soccer and that object symbolises my deep love for this sport. 
  12. 12. World Cup vocabularyAdjectives   Nouns   Duplicate            = copie  Soccer (Am) =football   Goal keeper =gardien de but World Cup =Coupe du Monde  Game  =match Referee  =arbitre
  13. 13. My nephews giftThe thing that I Chosen to present you, is a gift from my nephew. I have it last yearwhen we went to Disneyland. I went to a shop, for buy a Mickey ballon, which is verryfamous there. When I came back, my nephew saw me, and ask me to give it to him. Hewas verry proud of holding this, because its a ballon who represent an enormous headof Mickey, the hero of Disneyland. At the end of the day, I ask him to give it back tome. We were on the car, and he looks like so tired and exhausted, that I dont insist.Actually, this thing is just there for dont let the ballon fly away. The next day, whenhe wakes up, he was anxious to see his ballon. And when, I again ask him to give it tome, he cut just the ruban, give me this, and write his name on. Thats why I still keet iton my room. For me its a precious thing, just because its my lovely nephew who giveme this. COSTAK Pavitra
  14. 14. VOCABULARY NOUNS VERBS ADJECTIVES  ● Fly away : ● Exhausted : ● Badge : Logo Senvoler   épuisé ● Nephew : ● To hold : tenir ● Enormous : Neuveu ● To be fascinated énorme   : Etre fasciné ●  Anxious :    ● impatient ● ● COSTAK Pavitra
  15. 15. My first medal - By Lamine CAMARA   The object I am going to present is my first medal holder which I won 2 years ago with the sports association of Villeneuve Saint Georges.   I got it as a trophy in a tournament where several football teams coming from Paris and the suburbs were playing against each other. My team won the final against  the team from Valenton. This medal is very significant for me because of what it represents. It means a lot to me because before winning it, I was weak, useless and ugly, I felt like a loser. But since I got it, Ive become stronger, cleverer and handsome, Ive become a winner. Now every time I need to pull myself together, I remember the day we won and it makes me sob a little. After that I feel like a winner again. To finish as said  Platon : “ The victory on oneself is the biggest victories” and I did it.
  16. 16. Mixed Vocabulary      GAIN : to win , to A MEDAL-HOLDER:  socle STRONGER : plus fort  obtain de medailleTAKE :  prendre SIGNIFICANT : important WEAK : faible  TO PULL ONESELF SURROUNDINGS : CLEVER:TOGETHER : se alentours intelligent, smartressaisirTO SOB : sangloter A TROPHY : un trophée USELESS: inutileTO FINISH: finir FOR MYSELF : Pour moi- UGLY : not beautiful même
  17. 17. Totoro Cuddly Toy - Part 1 Presentation My Story I bought my Totoro Cuddly toy when I  went to the Japan Expo 2010. Its during this J.E that I met some old friends again who were with me in middle school. At the expo, we learnt about Japanese manners (for example, about Katana which is a traditional Japanese sword) and about martial arts. For me, Totoro is an important objet which has a deep meaning. It reminds me of my best friend and the promise we had made to each other to go to this exhibition together for our first time (in 2010), which we managed to do ! Plus it was a great day, a day full of joy.  What is Totoro ?It is a Hayao Miyazakis character from the film My Neighbor Totoro (Mon voisinTotoro). He is the big monster who brings on rain and creates storms in order tomake the vegetation bloom. He is an attractive character who is very entertainingto children.Hayao Miyazaki is an animation director. He directed some movies like HowlsMoving Castle (Le château ambulant) or Laputa - Castle in the Sky (Le châteaudans le ciel).
  18. 18. Totoro Cuddly Toy - Part 2 Vocabulary Nouns Verbs Adjectives       Monster - Monstre To sleep - Dormir Plushy - PeluchéPet - Animal de Compagnie To dream - Rêver Amused - Amusé Partner - Partenaire To discover - Découvrir  Grey - Gris Ally - Allié To bound - Bondir Colossal - EnormeProtagonist - Protagoniste To adventure - Saventurer Fast - Rapide Childhood - Enfance To grumble - Grogner Attractive - Attirant Teddy-Bear - Nounours To cuddle - Câliner Gentle - Gentil Softness - Douceur To share - Partager Generous - Généreux Blanky - Doudou To travel - Voyager Magic - Magique Protector - Protecteur To live - Demeurer Cute - Mignon
  19. 19. Divya Djearamane   My handkerchief was bought for me when I went to India in 2006 with my family. This is the mostprecious gift  because it is the thing I really wanted.I love embroidery and actually do it myself. I wanted to imitate the pattern even if Im not good at it.  I discovered myself being sensitive because I cried when I lost it one day.
  20. 20.  Nouns Adjectives      Verbs  Embroidery :   Sensitive :   To embroider :broderie sensible broder Handkerchief :   Soft :   To imitate :mouchoir  en tissu  doux imiter  Pattern :   Handmade :   To sew (sew, sewn):motif fait main, artisanal  coudre  Present = Gift :  cadeau  Sewing machine:machine à coudre  Sewing :la couture
  21. 21.  Welcome to the Future Today,I will present you one of my friends, its a phone... my phone... an iPhone ! This phone is very important for me because on one hand, it enables me, at any time, to stay in contact with the people who are dear to me, and also, it allows me to work or play wherever and whenever. Its one of the latest versions of Iphones , the iPhone 4, which is a touchscreen Smartphone developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, and it came after the iPhone 3GS. It is particularly marketed for videocalling by Apple, books, periodicals, movies, music, and games, and for general web and e-mail access. It runs Apples iOS operating system, the same who as used on previous iPhones, the iPad, and the iPod touch. It is primarily controlled by a users fingertips on the multi-touch display, which is sensitive to fingertip contact. It explains its exorbitant price ( around 600/700euros ). I had to work hard to buy it, so in a way, it represents a part of me.
  22. 22. Welcome to the Future : Vocabular       Nouns           Adjectives          Verbs           Wherever  = Partout où  / où Dear = Cher To run =  Fonctionnerque ce soit  Exorbitant = Exorbitant  To explain = Expliquer.On the one hand = Dune part  To market = CommercialiserOn the other hand = Dautrepart Value = Valeur Touchscreen = Écran tactile Operating System = systèmedexploitation
  23. 23. My basket-ball cup by Jérémie Bobeke    The thing that I brought in class for "Show ans Tell" is  a cupthat I won 2 years ago in a basket-ball championship. The cupawards the best team of Paris and the suburbs and it is madeof fake gold and silver. It is delivered by the French Basket-ball Federation (FFB).    This cup is important to me because it reminds me of goodtimes. Although we played bad at the beginning (whichmade our coach angry), we won the tournament. In the final,we played our best basket-ball ever. The coach didnt expectus to play that well. It was a special day, I was the best scorerby scoring 25 points. When I look at the cup at home, it makesme feel proud and happy.
  24. 24. Verbs To award : récompenser  To deliver : remettreTo remind (sb of sth): rappeler  qch à qn Nouns The suburbs : la banlieue