The Enemy of Engagement - National Thought Leader Series

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The Canadian Management Centre presents authors of "Enemy of Engagement," Mark Royal and Tom Agnew of leadership coaching company The Hay Group as they share their insights on Employee Engagement. …

The Canadian Management Centre presents authors of "Enemy of Engagement," Mark Royal and Tom Agnew of leadership coaching company The Hay Group as they share their insights on Employee Engagement.

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  • 1. A Little Background On CMC …• A learning & training company, …multi-disciplined … multi-modalities multi-disciplined• Part of the AMA Network in 18 countries, global content and global d li l b l t t d l b l delivery• Focus as an NFP: making a difference in the working lives of people and their communities
  • 2. National Thought Leaders Series• Topics that inform & empower• From Vancouver to Halifax• #CMCevents• Live & on-line on line• Stimulate ‘thinking different’ & real world applications pp• Opportunity to connect with your peers
  • 3. en   gage   ment1. A result achieved by stimulating employees’  enthusiasm for their work and directing it toward  organizational success. (Hay Group)2. A heightened emotional and intellectual  connection that an employee has for their  job/organization/manager that in turn influences  j b/ i i / h i i fl them to apply additional discretionary effort to  their work. (Conference Board of Canada) their work (C f B d fC d )
  • 4. Employee Engagement - The Research • ‘The Critical Human The Capital Issues of 2011’ Report
  • 5. Employee Engagement – The Research Top 10 Critical Issues for 2011:• #9 in the overall Study• #6 issue for all high performing companies• #3 issue for high performers, 1-999 employees
  • 6. Employee Engagement – The Research % of Employees ‘engaged in their work’: … the last decade 29% ---------- 33%
  • 7. Employee Engagement – The Research Engaging the C S i E i h Suite• Organizations with highly engaged workforces have: • +19% higher net income • + 3.75% higher operating margins 3 75% • 4X the EPS growth rate Sources: Towers Perrin – ISR Gallup
  • 8. Today’s Speakers• A focus on Employee Engagement is important ….  but …• “… engaging employees is not alone sufficient to engaging employees is not alone sufficient to  sustain maximum levels of individual & team  effectiveness …”• Principals with the Hay Group• Ground breaking work, going ‘beyond  db k k ‘b d engagement’ published through AMA’s AMACOM  Publishing Unit Publishing Unit
  • 9. The Enemy of EngagementPut an end to workplace frustration – and get the most from your employees p g y p y
  • 10. What is the “enemy of enemyengagement?”
  • 11. Why the title?
  • 12. The more you want something, the worse you feel when you can’t get it. it In organizations, it’s the highly motivated employees who are most prone to frustration.© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 13
  • 13. The voice of the frustrated employee Employees are all fired up… Employees are all fired up  “I’ve never worked for a better company”  “I’m excited about our future” …but their motivation is going to waste …but their motivation is going to waste  “I can’t get things done”  “Everything is urgent”  “Why does everything have to go through 12 people?”  “We tend to manage around performance problems” Frustrated employees may represent 20 percent p or more of your workforce
  • 14. Reactions to frustration at work“There are three things that can happen whenyou pass, and two of them ain’t good.” -- Former Ohio State football coach Woody HayesSimilarly, frustrated employees will either:  Break through g  Break down  Break free unstable state, Frustration is an  meaning that you have li limited time to act i d i
  • 15. High Hi h performing employees f i l are most likely to Your best people leave always have options And they suffer most when not well supported pp© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 16
  • 16. Frustration is a silent killerOrganizations often overlook these employees because:They aren’t  y They can’t hear They can t asking them them They don t want  They don’t want to know
  • 17. Frustration is everywhere Between 28 and 53 The issue spans percent of employees  report work conditions geographies . . . that do not allow them  to be as productive as  they could be Over one‐third of  employees in Canada  fall into this group fall into this group
  • 18. Engagement alone is not enough. People must be enabledto channel their motivation into productive effort. When this happens, the benefits are huge.© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 19
  • 19. What is employee enablement?What is employee enablement?
  • 20. The frustrated The frustrated employees’ plea: employeesp p y employees’ plea: “Put us in roles that use our “Put us in roles that use our skills and abilities and allow skills and abilities and allow us to do what we do best. us to do what we do best. Give us the support we Give us the support we need to be effective. effective need t b effective. d to be ff ti Don’t introduce barriers that Don’t introduce barriers that y will interfere with our ability will interfere with our ability to get things done. And to get things done. And don’t dilute our focus and don’t dilute our focus and consume our energy with consume our energy with tasks that don’t add value. tasks that don’t add value. And, finally, get out of our And, finally, t t f A d fi ll get out of our way!” way!”© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 21
  • 21. The story… story Bernette Financial: A fictional firm but typical of many successful businesses businesses… Bernette has loyal customers and motivated employees who believe their purpose in the popular online banking division is to improve customers’ lives. But employees are struggling with frustration – and managers are grappling with how to better enable people.© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 22
  • 22. The tenure effect Trends in engagement and Some solutions: enablement by tenure  Realistic job previews80  Effective onboarding Employee  Employee  engagement enablement70 But ultimately, managing enablement levels is the way to maintain the energy and positive outlook of new hires over60 Less than time 1 year but 1 year but 2 years but 2 years but 5 years but 5 years but 10 years 10 years 1 year less than 2  less than 5  less than 10  or more years years yearsIt’s hard to keep the flame alive… “Smile!” The initial burst of enthusiasm on taking a new job can easily fade over time.
  • 23. Helping employees work “smart” as well as hard is key to work-life k lif balance In some roles, enablement bl t trumps Enablement is key to engagement g g sustaining performance© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 24
  • 24. When engagement meets enablement, it translates into dollars 4.5x revenue growth versus companies in the bottom quartile on both measures 40-60 percent better returns on assets, Investment, and equity 54 percent reduction in voluntary staff y turnover People 50 percent more likel to outperform likely o tperform expectations© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 25
  • 25. Helping employees to work well: The usual suspects “Help me understand  “Don’t make me struggle  what you want from  through inefficient work  me.” processes.” “Provide me the  “We need solid working  freedom to make  freedom to make relationship within our  decisions.” team – and with other  teams.” “Give me the resources I  “Make training for me and  need to get things  others a priority.” done.”
  • 26. A checklist of enablement strategies Refer to chapter 10
  • 27. ‘Do more with less.’ It’s a familiar cry in challenging times. But B t if you’re not enabled, ’ t bl d it just sounds like Mission Impossible. Instead of concentrating exclusively on fostering higher levels of motivation, managers and leaders need to take better advantage of the motivation they already have.© 2011 Hay Group. All rights reserved 28
  • 28. Thank you!Join us . . . Join usThursday, December 8, 2011 at 1:00pm ETfor The Enemy of Engagement‐of‐engagement‐webinar Your feedback is important to us!  Please email us at: