Youthink Advertising Opportunities - Media Kit


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Reach the youth audience
in B.C. and Alberta in multiple ways through multiple channels with Youthink.

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Youthink Advertising Opportunities - Media Kit

  1. 1. Reach youth in BC with YouthinkYouthink provides an unparalleled opportunity for youto reach loyal teen readers and is the only magazinedistributed within high schools across BC. By teens, forteens, Youthink provides a unique peer-to-peerapproach that engages with a youth audience like noother magazine.What does the Youthink audience look like?•  Primarily Grade 11 and 12 students, rounded out by Grade 8 to 10 students•  Interested in shopping, entertainment and travel•  Enjoy movies, DVDs, fiction novels, concerts, online games and sporting events•  Tech and online savvy•  Interested in post-secondary educationYouthink offers a variety of multi-media channels soyour message can reach BC teens through multipledistribution points – increasing your reach with amarket that uses more media and is more media savvythan any other.
  2. 2. Youthink reaches more than 80,000 readers.*Each issue is distributed for FREE to BC high schools(the only magazine available in schools), as well ascommunity centres, libraries, 7-11 stores, Mac’s storesand Safeway stores.Youthink stats:•  80,000 circulation*•  59% of Youthink readers are 16 - 18 years old**•  36% of Youthink readers are 13 - 15 years old**•  85% of Youthink readers get their copy at school**•  51% have their copy handed out at school by a teach or fellow student***•  32% of students report that Youthink is used by teachers in the classroom****CCAB**Youthink Magazine reader survey 2010***Alias Urban Marketing readership survey
  3. 3. Canada has the world’s highest Internet penetration*,and Canadians are spending more time online thanwith any other electronic medium.**This makes online display advertising one of the besttools to use to increase your reach and brandawareness. display ads come in multiplesizes to suit your creative designs, and all ads aredisplayed Run of Site.Youthink website stats:•  Over 26,000 monthly pageviews•  Over 17,500 monthly visitors ****67% compared to 59% in USA, comScore, Worldwide. Persons: 15+, All Locations, July 2010**18.1 hrs/week, Ipsos Reid, Inter@active Reid Report. Q4, 2009***Current as of October 2012
  4. 4. Youthink PS is Western Canada’s post-secondary guide forhigh-school students. Target an audience interested in PostSecondary information:•  96% plan to attend a PS school upon graduation•  24% decide on a PS school in first semester grade 12*•  26% decide on a PS school in second semester grade 12*•  40% decide on a PS school in grade 11 or earlier*Choose to list your school in the PS and combine it withadvertising for increased exposure. Your PS listing includesprint and online exposure with a ¼ page listing in the printedguide and a online listing for 6 months.The print PS is distributed in Youthink twice a year at primedecision making times – February and September.Over 80,000 copies are distributed across BC and Alberta.*Youthink Magazine reader survey 2010
  5. 5. Need to perform some market research and gaininsight into the teen market? Youthink offers youmarket research opportunities through the Question ofthe Month, a quiz or poll sponsorship.Each opportunity provides a different level of response– depending on what you need to know.•  Question: a single question with a 250 word response, great for creative, qualitative answers•  Quiz: a set of multiple-choice questions (up to 10) that can provide more quantitative data•  Poll: a quick response (to one multiple choice question) to help determine teen opinion around a single topicEach sponsorship is promoted through Youthink’ssocial media channels. The question includes extrabrand exposure online and in print via a sponsorlogo; and, poll sponsorship includes additionalonline advertising.
  6. 6. People love to win prizes – especially teens!Build buzz around your brand with a contest Contests provide an excellent platform toincrease your brand exposure among Youthink visitors– remember, everybody loves to win prizes!Contests can help you promote multiple messages tothe Youthink audience. Many visitors participate incontests on a regular basis – meaning you canpromote may different products, services or events byrunning multiple contest campaigns.Contests are also a great lead-generating tool – gainquality leads through contest entries!
  7. 7. Blast through the clutter and make your message theexclusive focus of a Spread the Word eBlast.Spread the Word offers you a direct line to Youthinkteens in BC and provides you with exclusive exposurefor your campaign. Each Spread the Word eBlast isdedicated to promoting your message.Spread the Word eBlasts offers you the opportunity tosend a timely campaign message, generate animmediate response and engage with Youthink teensubscribers.The Youthink email subscriber list has just under 900subscribers in BC.**Current as of October 2012.
  8. 8. The PS eBlast provides immediate placement in frontof a targeted audience of Youthink teens, primarily inGrade 11 and 12, who are planning and deciding ontheir post-secondary education.A PS eBlast listing for your post-secondary institutionincludes an image, school details and link to yourwebsite.The PS eBlast goes out twice a year at pivotal times:•  February, nearing the application deadline for those applying to Post Secondary institutions•  June, at the end of the school year when students are thinking about life after high schoolThe PS eBlast goes out to just under 900 BC teenswho are opted-in subscribers.*Current as of October 2012
  9. 9. Each year Youthink hosts BC’s Best Teen Band contest –BC’s answer to American Idol!The contest includes a submission period, industry judging, Top10 voting and of course the grand finale – a showdown wherethe Top 3 battle it out to be crowned BC’s Best Teen Band.The contest is a major draw card for BC teens (both musiciansand fans), and sponsors enjoy many touch points with the teenaudience throughout every phase, offering opportunities to buildyour brand awareness, create positive PR and createengagement opportunities.Three levels of sponsorship provide a variety of opportunitiesand benefits such as:•  Great coverage and brand exposure, both at the event and in lead-up phases•  Improve target market perceptions and attitudes of your brand•  Engagement and lead generation opportunities at the event•  Positive publicity and heightened visibility
  10. 10. Reach the youth audience in multiple waysthrough multiple channels with Youthink.Contact your Account Manager today forrates, to make a booking, or for moreinformation.Robin CarkettAccount ManagerPhone: 604-637-3459Cell: 604-754-9484Email: