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  • 1. Valentines Day is a very old holiday. It goes back to the times of Ancient Rome.What people do this happy day?
  • 2. One of the characters we often see on He shoots people with arrows of love.Valentines Day is Cupid. He was the son When a man and a woman are hit by his of Venus, the goddess of love. arrows, they will fall in love.
  • 3. Today people celebrate Valentines The most popular gifts include flowersDay on February 14. Men and women (especially roses) and chocolates.who are in love give each other gifts. Couples may also go to a restaurant for a very nice dinner or plan something else romantic.
  • 4. In Japan the girls give the boys that they love, a special or a home made chocolate and give the other guys around her whatthey call giri choko(it can be any candy). In Scotland there is a popular game, an equal number of men and women their names on a piece of paper. They put these pieces into a hat. One hat is for ladies and the other one is for men. The women then catch one name And if the guy reciprocates, she will from the mens hat and the chosen receive something on March 14, the man has to accompany the lady white day. On this day girls know if throughout the party. the boys have the same feelings for Later on, they exchange their them. Valentine’s gifts.
  • 5. Ancient  very old Sow and arrow  used for shooting Shoot  make something fly through the air (Shoot a gun. Shoot an arrow.) Character  a person (but usually not real) like a person in a book or in a movie Fall in love  begin to love another personIn the United States, Valentines Day Celebrate  do something fun is not just for lovers. Children make (like a party or something special) special Valentines cards for their Romantic  something that shows classmates. Families and friends may the feeling of lovegive candy or other small gifts to each other. It can be a fun day.
  • 6. 1. What do school children in the1. Who is Cupid’s mother? United States do on Valentine’s Day?2. What does Cupid use to shoot people? 2. What are the most popular presents for Valentine’s Day?3. What day is Valentine’s Day celebrated? 3. What is a giri choco?4. What are the most popular flowers 4. In Scotland people … for Valentine’s Day?