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The Ultimate Guide on What NOT To Do With Your Camera


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This is the ultimate "WHAT NOT TO DO" how-to. This is filled with some outrageous (yes, they have all happened before) and some more practical guides on what not to do with your camera and equipment.

This is the ultimate "WHAT NOT TO DO" how-to. This is filled with some outrageous (yes, they have all happened before) and some more practical guides on what not to do with your camera and equipment.

Published in: Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. WARNING:THE ULTIMATE GUIDE ONWHAT NOT TO DO WITH YOUR VIDEO CAMERAThis E-Book features Acts & Stunts performed either by professionals or idiots.Accordingly, Campbell Cameras must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt oractivity performed in this Campbell Cameras
  • 2. This book is dedicated to the many customers, professionals, and Campbell Cameras staff that made thecostly mistakes reported in this book. Some of these tips are helpful and some are random acts ofgenious. Cheers to those who were smart enough to purchase the 3-Year Diamond Warranty.DEDICATION PAGE
  • 3. TIPS 1-5Tip 1Do not use a tripod as your supportsystem while in a tree stand.That is what Tree Arms are for.Why?A tripod is a perfect support systemwhen used on the ground. However,when placed in a tree stand that youhardly fit in, it is bound to go over theedge and take your $2,000 camerawith it!Tip 2Never leave your camera unattendedon a tripod for any length of time(timelapse, etc.) without weighing itdown.Why?Wind will eventually catch it and blowit over. Or someone will come alongand find a free camera and take it.Tip 3Forget to Press Record.Why?We’ve all been there, the heat of themoment when you take the shotbefore you turn on the record button.#failTip 4While sandpaper will remove smallbits of mud stuck to the lens, its notconducive to image quality.Why?Sandpaper will scratch your lens andleave you with an everlasting mark.Tip 5Never listen to anyone who says“Never film like this.”Why?Use your imagination. Creativity iswhat sets you apart.
  • 4. TIPS 6-11Tip 6Never leave your camera at home/ inthe truck/ car/ etc.Why?You are never going to get the chanceto film that hunt of your lifetime ifyou left your camera at home.Tip 7Don’t leave the lens cap on.Why?Silent films used to be all the rage.But, your audio of the 160” you justkilled won’t win you any awards!Tip 9Never use rope or string to lift yourvideo camera up to your stand.Why?It is bound to drop one of these days.Tip 10Never wind up your video camera oraudio cables too tight.Why?If you do not properly wind yourcables you put stress on the fibers andthey can break or you could lose audioqualityTip 11If you are using a battery powered mi-crophone. It needs a battery to record.Why?Don’t forget to bring extra batteriesfor your microphones. Remember inthe cold, the battery life goes down!Tip 8Don’t be an idiot
  • 5. TIPS 12-15Tip 12Never use napkins/paper towels toclean your lens or lcd screen.Why?It may not look it at first, but it willscratch the lens and over time, you willsee the quality loss. (Use micro fibercloths and lens cleaning supplies)Tip 13Never set the camera on the seat ofthe treestand while you finish settingup the rest of your stuff.Why?If you make a habit out of that, it willfall out of the tree one day. Leaveyour camera in the bag until you areready to connect it to the tree arm.Tip 14Never leave your camera black.Why?Authorities may believe it is an ‘assaultcamera’ and therefore could harmthousands at any moment. Instead,disguise it as a tree by adding cam-ouflage. This transforms your deviceinto a ‘sporting camera’ and as such, itis no longer a threat to those aroundyou.Tip 15If you are using a phantom-poweredshotgun microphone, don’t forget toturn on its power.Why?Phantom powered (+48v) means thatthe microphone gets the power fromthe camera. To give it power, youhave to make sure that you set the mi-crophone input to +48 on your cameramic settings.
  • 6. TIPS 16-19Tip 16If your camera is “weather-resistant,”this does not give you permission todunk your camera underwater to getthat shot of you reeling in your catch.Why?Weather-resistant and water-proofare two different terms, with twoVERY DIFFERENT definitions! Get awater-proof camera like the GoPro tocapture underwater shots.Tip 17Don’t leave your camera without arain cover while it is sprinkling,raining, storming, snowing, even inthe fog.Why?Unless your camera is water-proof orweather-proof, it will not last withouta rain cover in the conditions listedabove. Even the moisture from fog candamage your camera.Tip 18You may think you have super powers,but your camera does not.Why?Cameras break. Cameras fall. Camerasget water on them. All is inevitable.Why not save some time and moneyby protecting your camera when youbuy it. I recommend the 3 Year Dia-mond warranty that covers accidentalabuse. Basically everything except forfire and theft. This is a must for everycameraman.Tip 19It’s not a good idea to hang outside ofyour truck window by your tires withyour $5,000 video camera trying to getthe shot of the mud spinning on thetires.Why?It’s a bumpy road and you willaccidently drop your camera and runover it in your truck. Good thing yougot the 3 Year Diamond protectionplan. Save time and money, get aGoPro for those shots.
  • 7. TIPS 20-24Tip 20Although, dishwashers are a fast andeasy solution to wash your dishes, it isnot recommended for your videocameras.Why?Soap and hot water are not goodfor video cameras. Even if they are“water-proof” or “weather-proof.”Save the dishwasher for the dishes.Get your video camera professionallycleaned. .Tip 21Never leave the camera filming a time-lapse through the window over yourbed throughout the night.Why?Your wife will not understand this,and your equipment will meet anuntimely demise.Tip 23Never stand on your camera to cut atree limb that’s just out of reach.Why?You’ve been working out, I can tell.However, you will never be lightenough for your video camera towithstand you standing on it.Tip 24Never place your camera just over your3D target to catch that bad ass impactshot while you sight in your new bow.Why?No one is perfect. And neither is yournew sight. You will miss the target andhit your video camera. That cool shotjust cost you $4,000, unless you havethe 3 Year Diamond Warranty.Tip 22Don’t be an idiot.
  • 8. TIPS 25-29Tip 25Don’t run out of batteries as 4 bearswalk under your standWhy?Batteries just don’t last as long as theyused to. It is important to rememberto always have spare batteries and tohave them CHARGED! So you neverhave to be without your camera.Tip 26When crossing a body of water,protect your camera by carrying it in aPelican Watertight Case.Why?If you have it on your back, you arebound to slip and fall backward andyour camera will go for a swim. Haveit in a Pelican Case and it will beprotected.Tip 28There is a time and place for videocameras. Bars are not one.Why?Although a bar does tend to lend itselfto some good drama video, it is also agreat place to spill your beer ormargaritta. Cameras like sobriety.Don’t drink and record.Tip 29Don’t use the recording mode thatallows you to record the longestamount of video.Why?Yes you can record 10 hours of the“LP” footage using that mode, butyour quality suffers. It doesn’t makesense to downgrade your quality tosave a few bucks on SD cards.Tip 27Buy your camera at least a couple ofweeks before your hunt.Why?This gives you time to PRACTICE!
  • 9. TIPS 30-34Tip 30Do not copy over all your videos toyour computer’s hard driveWhy?Your computer is already slow enough,bogging down it further by adding allyour LARGE video files only makes itworse. Always store your video fileson external hard drives. Saves speed &spaceTip 31Don’t just use one video cameraWhy?One perspective is boring! Switch it upby getting a POV camera. You can noweven mount your cell phone to a gunor bow to gain a different perspecitveand keep the audience entertained!Tip 33Do not run your camera on AGC (autogain control)Why?When the light starts going down andyour chances of scoring a giant buckgoes up, you don’t want your camerato automatically add gain (pixelatesyour image).Tip 34Don’t let your camera go naked in thewinter time.Why?Would you go out in the dead of win-ter naked? No, don’t let your camerasuffer that embarrassment, wrap it upwith a Polar Mitten case guaranteedup to -50ºF. Go ahead and go on thattrip to Antarctica.Tip 32Don’t overuse the zoom.Why?Too much zoom makes for someannoying footage, and an annoyedaudience.
  • 10. TIPS 35-38Tip 35Take those Silica packets that you findin your shoe box and keep it in yourcamera bag.Why?Their purpose is to absorb moistureand prevent mold from forming. Justthrow a few in there, and if yourcamera gets a little damp, the silicawill absorb the moisture and preventyour lens from becoming filled withmildew.Tip 36Don’t wipe your lens with a cloth afterit has been exposed to dust and dirt.Why?Wiping it when dirt is present mayscratch the lens. To that end, alwaysprotect your lens with a UV filter. Usea lens cleaning pen that has an airblower to remove the dust and dirt.Tip 37Get a car charger for your batteries.Why?When you are out on long hunts orout camping, car chargers allow youto charge your batteries without theneed of a wall outlet.Tip 38Do not run or jog with your camera.Why?Some people do not realize whe youwalk or jog your body goes up anddown. This is much more evident inyour footage. Tip: get a supportsystem like a shoulder mount. If youdon’t have one, when you walk, bendyour knees and elbows. Your bentlimbs will help absorb the bouncingof any movements. Also, zoom all theway out.
  • 11. TIPS 39-42Tip 39Do not leave your video camera inyour front seat without it beingprotected in a bag or case.Why?That one time you slam on yourbreaks, your video camera will goflying into the dash and do somedamage. Always good to be protectedwith your 3 Year Diamond Warranty.Tip 40Do not try and save some time bytransporting your video camera onyour tripodWhy?You are bound to do some damangeto your lens of the video camera bynot having it securely in a case or bag.This might save you time, but it willcost you money in the end.Tip 41Do not use a trash bag as a rain coverfor your video cameraWhy?Although it can hold some trash, it isnot designed to protect your camerain a rainstorm. It will tear, as it alwaysdoes and your camera will be ruined.Tip 42Do not buy your gear from B&HWhy?These city slickers have never beenhunting before and have no idea howto set you up. We are all hunters hereat Campbells and we know exactlywhat you will need because we do ittoo! And we are price competitive.
  • 12. TIPS 43-47Tip 43Do not let your friend borrow yourcamera.Why?Because when they break it, theywon’t buy it and then you are out acamera. Send them over to Campbellsand we will set them up with theirown!Tip 44Formatting means gone forever.Why?Not really. But Formatting your SDcards or your media will deleteeverything on your card. You have topay money for programs to go backand retrieve your files. Sometimes itworks, sometimes not.Tip 46Digital zoom is a marketing tool.Don’t use it.Why?Digital zoom is where you get thepixelated image. It looks terrible and isnot worth watching! DON’T USE!! Stayin optical zoom.Tip 47Don’t settle for the Software thatcame with your camera.Why?The bundled software that comes withyour camera may be good enough forbasic tasks, but to truly enjoy the fullpotential of your video, you shouldconsider upgrading to a more flexible,editing software.Tip 45Don’t get stuck with a full card.Why?Always bring spare SD cards andtransfer all your files to external harddrives.
  • 13. TIPS 48-50Tip 48Don’t forget to put the quick-releaseplate back on the fluid head.Why?All too often, we are lazy and wepack up and leave the quick plate onour camera instead of removing itand putting it back on the fluid head.This causes headaches when we loosethem, because eventually we alwaysdo.Tip 49Stop shooting yourself in the foot.Why?Remeber to stop recording once youare done. That saves you battery life,memory space, and you don’t have togo through and watch your legs onplayback.Tip 50Don’t be an idiot.
  • 14. THE ENDWe hope that you never encounter any of the trials mentioned in thisbook.Got any suggestions to add? Tell us your biggest camera mistake youmade by leaving a comment!