Prevent blindness oklahoma final presentation


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Prevent blindness oklahoma final presentation

  2. 2. Introduction •  •  •  Purpose: To improve awareness of Prevent Blindness Oklahoma as the state’s leading volunteer eye health and safety organization Target Public: parents and elementary school children in the Moore/Norman area Goals: Increase awareness by creating and generating attention to vision problems in elementary school children and the role PBO plays in Blindness Prevention throughout Oklahoma
  3. 3. Introduction Continued Proactive Strategies: •  Design a coloring fact sheet and infographic for social media o  Messaging Strategy (MS): Coloring sheet and infographic provide website link and social media information Create Advertisement for Harkins Theatre in Oklahoma City o  MS: Advertisement introduces PBO and encourages seasonal giving Build new philanthropic ties with OU’s Delta Gamma chapter o  MS: T-shirt fundraiser introduced PBO’s similar philanthropic goals to chapter Write a Radio PSA o  MS: Builds awareness about PBO’s school visits Create an informational video for social media •  •  •  •  o  MS: Informs public of PBO’s role within blindness prevention in elementary-aged kids
  4. 4. Introduction Continued Tactics: •  •  •  •  •  Managed awareness booth at Moore Public Library o  handed out coloring sheet and labeled crayons Pitched 15-second and 30-second Radio PSA’s to 6 radio stations Placed advertisement in Harkins Theatre to run in January Raised donations through t-shirt sales within Delta Gamma Created promotional video to be placed on social media and website
  5. 5. Analyzing the Situation The Public Relations Handbook for Nonprofits: A comprehensive overview of nonprofit PR by Art Feinglass •  Understand the target public •  Consider the media its own public and •  •  not just a communication channel Utilize creativity to find cost efficient methods Make covering your organization easy for the media
  6. 6. Analyzing the Organization •  Audible website •  Visual, interactive calendar •  Social feeds •  More graphic and multimedia-based •  Static sidebar with primary CTAs
  7. 7. Analyzing the Public The Interviewees: •  Jen Tregarthen, Public Relations and Marketing, Sam Noble Museum ●  Ranya Forgotson, Co-Founder, Curbside Chronicle ●  Diana Hartley, Program Advisor at the Sarkeys Foundation and OU Professor ●  Haley Murphy, Nonprofit Ph.D. Candidate and OU professor
  8. 8. Analyzing the Publics What we learned from communication professionals: Consistent Branding and Content Creating Word-of-Mouth Marketing Educate the public about why your organization is unique Be hub for your product in the local area Tailor messages to personalize blindness to an individual’s daily life •  •  •  •  • 
  9. 9. Establishing Goals and Objectives This campaign aims to: •  •  •  actively increase awareness about Prevent Blindness of Oklahoma’s mission and goals. establish our client as the premier educational resource and solution to blindness prevention for Oklahoma’s elementary students create an overall increase in attention and comprehension create new opportunities to present its value to communities across Oklahoma. Our goal: •  raise awareness of the organization by 10 percent by December 13
  10. 10. Developing the Message Strategy Message Appeal: •  •  Rational appeal by using statistics Emotional appeal by providing testimonies Message Source: •  •  Prevent Blindness Oklahoma President and CEO, Dianna Bonfiglio Directors of the Delta Gamma Foundation in Norman and Tulsa Non-verbal and Verbal Communication: •  •  •  •  PTA spokespersons will have excellent public speaking skills, dressing professionally, etc. Social media campaign will use visually pleasing and attentiongrabbing infographics. Human-interest press release will use images of children to enhance the pathos. Rebuilding the alliance with the Oklahoma chapters of Delta Gamma will position Prevent Blindness Oklahoma as a cause worth donating to.
  11. 11. Tactics Report Organizational Media Tactics Advertising and ●  Fact Sheet/Coloring Sheet Promotional Tactics ●  Custom-Ordered Crayons ●  Harkins Movie Theater ●  Video Interpersonal Tactics ●  Moore Public Library Booth News Media Tactics ●  Feature Story ●  Public Service Announcement
  12. 12. News Media Materials
  13. 13. Organizational Media Materials
  14. 14. Social Media Materials
  15. 15. Advertising-Promotional Media Materials
  16. 16. Meet the Team Kate Clark Lisa Selby Quincy Taylor Ashley Wensel