5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Mojo Is Missing


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Do you feel your digital marketing is deficient? Campaignium has compiled a top 5 list of key issues your business my be facing that suggest you need help with your digital marketing strategy. Share it with your friends, clients, prospects. Put it on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media platforms.

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5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Mojo Is Missing

  1. 1. We’ve compiled a top 5 list of key issues yourorganization may be facing that suggest youneed help with your Digital Marketing Mojo.Mojo Strategy
  2. 2. Lack of Integration Between Website,SocialMedia & Email ToolsAre you able to take advantage of email subscribe forms on your website orsocial media platforms? Do you regularly provide website and social medialinks in your emails?ONEIntegrating digital marketing tools is a best practice forsuccessful organizations. Having contacts sign up formultiple tools allows you the ability to stay top-of-mindand gives access to new audiences. Add an emailsubscribe form on your social media tools,make surewebsite users have access to your social media and sendemail subscribers to both.
  3. 3. Website Analytics Are Not AccessibleCan you track how many people visit your website hourly,daily or monthly?Do you know the key words used to find your products or services online?TWOIn today’s digital world,it’s imperative to understand yourcustomers’online behavior. Defining successful marketingchannels and understanding what customers search forallows you to run those plays to gain website leads anddrop tactics that are not working.
  4. 4. Not Tracking Email Campaign MetricsDo you have the ability to view open rates in your email campaigns? Canyou gauge which subscribers click links in your emails?THREEAnalytic tools found in email marketing are used as aninstrument to gauge your email subscribers’interest inproducts or services. Make sure you have the ability toreview each campaign’s behavioral data,including openand click rates,website and social media visits from email,forward rates,social sharing and the frequency of each.
  5. 5. Receiving Negative Online ReviewsAre you receiving negative online reviews? Is your competition attainingpositive online reviews?FOURCustomers are naturally influenced by their peers’andfamily members’experiences and go online to check outhow the business holds up.In today’s world,you have toacquire positive reviews and regularly monitor onlinereview depositories. Make sure and monitor yourreputation on social media,blogs and rating/reviewwebsites. Think about strategies to help you achievepositive reviews going forward.
  6. 6. Website Traffic Is Non-existentIs your website moving up search rankings? Are you receiving leads or salesoff your website?FIVEThe sales cycle has changed because of the Internet. Nowmore than ever,consumers research the Internet forsolutions to their problems before interacting with acompany. This means it is imperative your target marketcan find you on the web. You need the ability to gaugeyour search engine rankings,identify keywords used tofind you,assess if natural links are being built to yourwebsite and much more.
  7. 7. The right digital marketing strategy can help make apositive impact on your entire business. If yourorganization is experiencing one or more of theseproblems,you might consider talking with a digitalmarketing professional. Contact Campaignium todayfor a free assessment of your digital marketing needsat 417.413.4899 or visit campaignium.com.NEXTSTEPS