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Activist: Grassroots lobbying
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Activist: Grassroots lobbying






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  • This is important work in the short and long term. Build on your advocacy efforts by expanding your base and including many voices in lobbying and in the media. Remember: This is work worth doing well; Take the time to train people!

Activist: Grassroots lobbying Activist: Grassroots lobbying Presentation Transcript

  • Effective Grassroots Lobbying The Face-to-Face Meeting
  • Two Basic Kinds of Meetings
    • In-District meetings:
    • longer
    • educational
    • Accountability sessions or events
    • In-Capitol meetings :
    • shorter
    • usually focused on a direct ask on pending legislation
  • Face-to-face Meetings - Step 1: Who is this person, anyway?
    • What’s their voting history or what have they said on the issue?
    • What in their background could be a point of connection on the issue?
    • What if we don’t know much about them?
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Face-to-Face Meetings - Step 2: What’s the goal of the meeting?
    • Supporter -> Commitment & Champion
    • Undecided -> Supporter
    • Opponent -> Sideline-sitter
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Face-to-Face Meetings - Step 3: What are we going to say? Who’s saying it?
    • Make it clear, concise & compelling.
    • Who you are matters. Tell your story.
    • Demonstrate your power.
    • Messengers matter.
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Face-to-Face Meetings - Step 4: What’s my role?
    • Meeting Leader
    • Story Teller
    • Pitcher
    • Meeting Recorder
    • Best Supporting Actors
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Face-to-Face Meetings - Step 5: What’s the agenda?
    • Introductions
    • Meeting overview
    • Personal stories
    • The “Ask”
    • Strategic response
    • Wrap-up, thanks and next steps
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Face-to-face Meetings What else do I need to know?
    • Control the conversation.
    • Stay on message .
    • Saying “ I don’t know ” is not a crime.
    • Think long-term about the relationship.
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Key Questions: One last time…
    • Who is this person?
    • What’s the goal of the meeting?
    • What are we saying? Who’s saying it?
    • What’s my role?
    • What’s the agenda?
    Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Relationships matter
    • Long-term, effective advocacy requires positive, trusting, strategic relationships with elected officials and staff.
    Think long-term Wellstone Action – wellstone.org
  • Now, let’s practice face to face meetings with elected officials! Wellstone Action – wellstone.org