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Published in: News & Politics, Technology

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  • In 2010, 19 million people – 22% of voters voted early. days before election day
  • Sporadic=1-2 of last 4 electionsModeled lower turnout probability votersNewly registered votersTarget moderate and low probability voters. Target individuals whose vote history shows them to be "on the cusp" of voting for a given election (e.g., < 70 on the Catalist National Turnout Model). The subsets of sporadic voters (1 or 2 of last 4 elections) that we want to talk to during GOTV include:Known supportersPeople who live in precincts that vote for candidates like ours at least 65% of the time (2/3 voters will be with us)People with demographic backgrounds or support issues that are with us the overhwelming majority of the time.Target households with more than one likely supporter or voter. As much as half of the mobilizing impact you have on your target is likely to “spill over” to other members of the household.
  • Phones and other methods may be more efficient-contacts/hrSomewhat outdatedAnother way of saying thisPhone calls can make a person 4% more likely to vote Face-to-face canvassing can make a person 7% more likely to vote Share with your volunteers why the script is long and involved
  • Phones and other methods may be more efficient-contacts/hrAnother way of saying thisPhone calls can make a person 4% more likely to vote Face-to-face canvassing can make a person 7% more likely to vote
  • Phones and other methods may be more efficient-contacts/hrAnother way of saying thisPhone calls can make a person 4% more likely to vote Face-to-face canvassing can make a person 7% more likely to vote
  • Goes without saying that you should say their vote counts/emphasizing close race important, too. You’ve Got the powerGoes without saying: use candidate’s name and infoExamples:I’m a volunteer with the Riverton Latino Club …I’m a neighbor from the Hawthorne neighborhood Emphasize local connectionHelp make plan to voteExamples:When are you planning to vote? Is that when you usually vote?How will you get there -- do you need a ride?Will you vote before or after work?Will you vote alone or with a friend or family member?At heart we are herd animalsExamples:We expect a high voter turnout so every vote is important …Thanks for voting and joining thousands of other supporters …We hope you’ll be part of making history …What doesn’t work:We expect a low turnout so every vote counts…
  • Transcript

    • 1. GOTV Get Out the VoteWellstone Action
    • 2. Wellstone Action has a Creative Commons License. That means you are free to use these PowerPoints for your own use. We ask that you do not reproduce our work, and if you do share these materials, please attribute them back to Wellstone Action and Camp Wellstone. Thanks!Wellstone Action
    • 3. Remember: “Election Day” is whenever the person votes! Early voting • 32 no-excuse early voting states Absentee vote by mail • 28 no-excuse absentee mail states 2008: 32 million, 27% voted early-a record!2010: 19 million, 22% voted earlyNine states have ‘same day registration’ votingWellstone Action
    • 4. What Voters to Target?Using Traditional Voter Lists Sporadic Voters GOTV Universe (Priority: Households with more than one likely supporter) Key Highly ID’d Supporting Issue Supporters Voters Key Highly 65+ Precincts Supporting Demographics Wellstone Action
    • 5. Contact MethodsTHE MORE PERSONAL THE BETTERPeople do not generally “forget” to vote –or “forget” there is an election.• Intimidated by the process• Don’t think it’s important• Don’t have the information they need about HOW to voteWellstone Action
    • 6. Effectiveness of Types of ContactGOTV Tactic Relative ImpactDoor-to-door canvassing Most powerfulScripted conversational phone call 50% of door-to-door canvass(in week before election)Text Message right before election 30% of door-to-door canvass(younger voters –group who got cell number)Door hanger left at uncontacted house 10% of door-to-door canvass(while canvassing in week before election)Mail – Personal Reminder/Social Pressure 5% of door-to-door canvassRushed phone call 0% of door-to-door canvassGOTV robocalls 0% of door-to-door canvassGOTV emails 0% of door-to-door canvassWellstone Action
    • 7. GOTV Tactics that Work• Use door hangers. When canvassing, leave materials when the voter is not home. Ten door hangers can = one personal contact.• Assign similar canvassers to your door-to-door targets. Whenever possible, match canvassers to their neighborhood and the demographic of your targets, especially when targeting youth.• Send self-addressed pledge reminder cards. Have each GOTV supporter fill out pledge postcard. Mail back the signed pledge card just before Election Day.• Use GOTV text messages. Send GOTV text messages in the days before Election Day, especially for young voters. Wellstone Action
    • 8. GOTV Tactics that Don’t Work• Don’t use GOTV robo-calls. Robo-calls have no impact, whether from celebrities, in Spanish, from member organizations, or have political endorsements.• Don’t buy emails for GOTV. GOTV emails do not increase turnout, regardless of whether they are from celebrities, college administrators, or membership organizations.• Don’t use traditional glossy GOTV mail. It is not cost- effective for GOTV. Handwritten mail (e.g. pledge cards), mail that leverages voter identity and social accountability, and persuasion mail can increase turnout.• Don’t use rushed, short, live GOTV calls. Rushed live calls with no interaction have trivial impact. Wellstone Action
    • 9. Traditional GOTV Script Hi Sue, this is Javier, a volunteer from the O’Byrne campaign. We’re calling supporters tonight to remind you that tomorrow is Election Day. Are you planning on voting? Great! You vote at Hobart Elementary School and the polls are open from 7 am until 7 pm. We’re expecting a low turnout tomorrow so every vote counts. Thanks again for your support, and have a great evening!Again … people do not normally „forget‟ to vote. Wellstone Action
    • 10. Script Tips: Everyone’s In• At heart we are herd animals and we want to be part of the crowd• Examples: – “We expect a high voter turnout and the race is close …” – “Thanks for voting and joining thousands of other supporters …” – “Thanks for joining thousands of others making history today …• What doesn’t work: – “We expect a low turnout …”Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 11. Script Tips: Voting is Public• Reminders that voting records are public trigger “social accountability” and boost turnout• Examples: – “Official records show that you voted in 2008, ‘thank you’ for being the kind of person who makes our democracy work …” – Incorporate past voting record in script or mail – “Thank you for voting.” Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 12. Script Tips: Accountability Matters• People want to keep their word – reminding them of a commitment also triggers “social accountability”• Examples: – Mail previously signed pledge card – “You may be called after the election to discuss your experience at the polls…” – Incorporate past voting into script -- “Thanks for voting last election”Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 13. Script Tips: I want to be that person• People generally like to be their best selves – create a “voter identity” for the target voter• Examples: – “We’re calling the kind of person who votes” – “We need citizens like you – the kind that participate in elections” – “Thank you for being a voter”Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 14. Script Tips: All Politics is Local • Emphasize that you are local: a neighbor or a local organization • Examples: – “I’m a volunteer with the Riverton Sierra Club …” – “I’m a neighbor from the Hawthorne neighborhood “ – “I’m calling from the O’Byrne campaign over here on Elm Street …” Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 15. Script Tips: Make a Plan• Engage voter in making a plan and visualizing how they will vote• Examples: – When are you planning to vote? – What time of day do you traditionally vote? – How will you get there -- do you need a ride? – Will you vote before or after work? – Will you vote alone or with a friend or family member?Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 16. Effective GOTV ScriptHi Sue, this is Javier – I‟m a volunteer in theWhittier neighborhood calling from the O‟Byrne Localcampaign.Official records show that you voted in the 2008 Public Recordelection and we are calling voters like you to say,thank you. Identity labeling:Thank you for being a voter! (pause) Voting=positiveSince you are the kind of person who votes andcares about the community, we want to let you Candidate nameknow Claudia O‟Byrne has a history of getting things and basic infodone for us as a city councilor and wants to bring thattrack record to the capitol as a state representative. CommitmentCan we count on your vote on November 2? to Vote Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 17. Effective GOTV ScriptGreat! We are calling people in Whittier and it looks like alot of people will be voting this year. High Turnout – Part of the HerdIt is an exciting race…but it’s going to be close and yourvote can make the difference. You’ve gotYour polling place is Hobart Elementary on Fairfax. On PowerElection Day, polls are open from 7 am to 8 PM. Do youknow when you might go to vote? In the morning,afternoon, evening? (pause) Voting PlanSo do you think you‟ll head to the polling place from yourhome, work, or somewhere else? Do you know how you‟llget there? Do you need a ride? Great!Again, thank you for being a good citizen who votes, and foryour promise to vote this year. We hope to be able to thank Thank you andyou again for voting on Tuesday, November 2nd. Accountability Wellstone Action Derived from
    • 18. How much is enough? • There is a cumulative positive effect (to a point) ? • General guidelines: – 3-5 contacts for unlikely voters in last five days • Err on the side of more rather than less…Wellstone Action
    • 19. Summary: Effective GOTV Scripts• Remind people that voting records are public.• Talk voters through a voting plan.• Remind voters of their previous commitment to vote.• Emphasize high expected turnout in election and their vote matters• Emphasize that you are local.• Highlight “voter identity” (Also, explain to volunteers why script is important!) Wellstone Action
    • 20. The Take Away Lesson: The best GOTV programsare repeated personal conversations with supporters that motivate them and provide the information they need to vote.Wellstone Action