Campaign: Phone and Door Canvass


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Campaign: Phone and Door Canvass

  1. 1. Managing a Volunteer Phone and Door Canvass GETTING PREPARED – TRAINING – SUPERVISIONWellstone Action
  2. 2. Wellstone Action has a Creative Commons License. Thatmeans you are free to use these PowerPoints for yourown use. We ask that you do not reproduce our work, andif you do share these materials, please attribute themback to Wellstone Action and Camp Wellstone. Thanks! Wellstone Action
  3. 3. Whether an old phone bank … Wellstone Action
  4. 4. Or a new one … Wellstone Action
  5. 5. A small door-to-door canvass … Wellstone Action
  6. 6. Or a large one … Wellstone Action
  7. 7. You need the right people … Wellstone Action
  8. 8. Good supervision … Wellstone Action
  9. 9. And good training. Wellstone Action
  10. 10. Getting PreparedGet the basics figured out first … Wellstone Action
  11. 11. Securing facilities– Where can you find available phones?– Where can you run the door knock out of near the targeted area? Wellstone Action
  12. 12. Develop a Schedule• Think about your audience? – Are they home in the evenings? Days?• A typical phone bank schedule: – Monday – Thursday from 5:00 pm – 8:45 pm – Or Sunday: 1 pm – 8:45 pm• A typical door knock schedule: – Monday – Thursday from 3:30 pm – dark (or 7:30 pm) – Saturday: 11-6 pm; Sunday: 1 pm – 6pm Wellstone Action
  13. 13. Look at all the People (Recruiting Volunteers)• Over recruit – recruit twice as many as are needed to account for no shows.• Recruit for specific times and dates• Make reminder calls – Before and during the phone bank or door knock – If someone hasn’t shown up within 30 minutes, make a reminder call and reschedule (Be nice.) Wellstone Action
  14. 14. Printing Lists – “Cutting Turf”Make sure all call lists are prepared • Print all call lists at least one hour prior to phone banking • Be sure to check all data entry items are printed on the call sheets • Label each phone list appropriatelyCutting Turf Takes Time • Do not leave to the last minute – do it the day before (at least!) • Make more maps and walk lists than you need. Wellstone Action
  15. 15. Lists shouldn’t look like this … Wellstone Action
  16. 16. Simple walkmap.Correspondsto a walklist. Wellstone Action
  17. 17. Simple IDPhone list. Wellstone Action
  18. 18. Assemblevolunteerpacketsbeforehand. Wellstone Action
  19. 19. Volunteer walk packet example Walk List Instructions Script Sign-up card Lit Map Common questions Wellstone Action
  20. 20. TrainingThere should always be training … Wellstone Action
  21. 21. Always have an agenda Sample Phone bank agenda• Briefing 5:15 to 5:45 Sign people in and get them food; have people introduce themselves; give campaign update; go over script and materials; have volunteers role play script with each other once• Contact 5:45 – 7:15 Phoning; check in on volunteers having difficulty; supervisor make reminder calls to no-shows.• 7:15 – 7:30 Short break with snacks.• 7:30 – 8:45 Get back on the phones• 8:45 – Volunteers fill out tallies• Debrief Restate importance of their work, get information data, share stories, THANK THEM & ASK THEM BACK! Wellstone Action
  22. 22. SupervisionHow not to supervise … Wellstone Action
  23. 23. Supervising a canvass• There should always be a trained supervisor – paid or volunteer• Greet volunteers (BE NICE!!!)• Manage lists• Train people• Make sure volunteers stay on task (BE NICE!)• Make the experience rewarding and fun!• Never forget the food! Wellstone Action
  24. 24. Sugar has its place, but … Wellstone Action
  25. 25. Data entry(and getting it from volunteers) • Don’t procrastinate • The information you collect on the phones and doors is the reason you’re doing it • You need to be able to find it when you need it. Wellstone Action