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Campaign: Paid and Earned Media
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Campaign: Paid and Earned Media






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Campaign: Paid and Earned Media Campaign: Paid and Earned Media Document Transcript

  • Putting Together a Paid and Earned Media ProgramWellstone Action
  • Wellstone Action has a Creative Commons License. That means you are free to use these PowerPoints for your own use. We ask that you do not reproduce our work, and if you do share these materials, please attribute them back to Wellstone Action and Camp Wellstone. Thanks!Wellstone Action
  • What is Earned Media?Media coverage that is “earned” but not purchasedWellstone Action
  • Tools of the Trade • Press Events • Letters to the Editor • Opinion-Editorials • Talk radio call-ins • BlogsWellstone Action
  • Why the #%$@ don’t they cover me?!Wellstone Action
  • It’s got to be news!!THERE MUST BE A HOOK• Impact. Events that effect many people.• Timeliness. Events that are immediate or recent.• Prominence. Events with well-known people or institutions.Wellstone Action
  • Earned Media Tips Be creative and use multiple activities• Hold press and media events• Use letters to the editor, opinion pages, editorial boards• Don’t forget about weekly papers and newsletters• Educate media and opinion leaders on your issues• Online Options – online news, blogs Wellstone Wellstone Action Action!
  • Stories that Get Covered• Major events, announcements.• Prominent endorsements.• Conflict/crisis.• Horse Race.• Gimmicks.• Current hot media topic. Wellstone Action
  • Think of your descriptor Articles need to quickly describe the campaign Create and consistently use your own“Senator Becky “Senator BeckyLourey, one of the V. Lourey, a smallmost liberal business owner andsenators in the MN creator of MNState Legislature” HealthCare”“Mark Ritchie, first “Mark Ritchie,time candidate and V. former non-profitlong-time Twin City director and leaderliberal activist” of the November 2 voter registration effort”Wellstone Action
  • Media Event TipsDefine clear goals – What are you trying to accomplish? – An event – or will a press release work?Have something worth saying – What is your message? Why does it matter? Is it really news?Other considerations – Location; Spokespeople; Signs/VisualWellstone Action
  • Other ways to get your message out.Wellstone Action
  • Letters to Editor 2 days in the Billings paper.Wellstone Action
  • Opinion- editorials • Allows chance to elaborate on issue positions • Creates a story to reproduce and distribute • Opportunity to write letters-to- the-editorWellstone Action
  • Earned media on ad Mark Ritchie – running for SOS in MN. The Democratic Party ran a very hard-hitting ad against the incumbent. The Ritchie campaign used the attention to get themselves a strong story.Wellstone Action
  • Dealing with ReportersRule #1: Reporters are notyour staff.Rule #2: They are also notyour enemies. So work with them. Wellstone Wellstone Action Action!
  • Tips for Working with Reporters Create relationships with reporters Be responsive. Nothing is guaranteed off the record. Talk to newspaper reporters like you talk to TV reporters. Never, ever, ever lie. Help reporters do their job. WellstoneWellstone Action Action!
  • Don’t Annoy or Avoid Them After the signing of the Freedom of Press Act on Monday, President Obama declined to take any questions from the press. "Youre certainly free to ask the question," Obama told the reporters in the room. "I wont be answering, Im not doing a press conference today, but well be seeing you in the course of the week."Wellstone Action
  • Don’t Anger ThemAnd Don’t Waste Their Time WellstoneWellstone Action Action!
  • There Must be a Plan! • Work backwards from Election Day • Break themes and earned media tools down on a calendar by week • Complement Paid Media Messages • Share with Campaign Team Wellstone Action
  • What is Paid Media?• Advertising that you buy to move your message and connect with voters – Television – Radio – Newspaper – Internet Advertising – Billboards (mostly visibility)Wellstone Action
  • Your Competition The Average American gets: Bombarded with ads on tv, radio, newspaper, billboards, bathroom stalls, waiting rooms, the internet, buses, lottery tickets . . • 3,000 exposures per day • 188 messages per hour • 3 per minute … every minute, every dayWellstone Action
  • What Paid Media is• Advertising that you buy to move your message and connect with voters – Television – Radio – Newspaper – Internet Advertising – Direct Mail (field & media) – Billboards (mostly visibility)Wellstone Action
  • The Lesson: Need Balance between the two:Wellstone Action
  • Putting together a Paid Media Program Key Paid Media RulesWellstone Action
  • Rule #1 Dominate the dominant media. • What this is depends on the size of the race and the geography (media markets) available. • All other media should reinforce and extend this dominant medium and message.Wellstone Action
  • Rule #2 Paid media works through repetition. • Avoid the “dabble” approach: – A little radio, couple newspaper ads, a direct mail piece, and 20- 30 cable spots. • Target minimum frequency: – Television: 12 times/ad (6x/wk) – Radio: 12 times/ad (30 spots/wk) – Direct mail: 5-12 pieces – Newspaper ad: 4-5 runs of adWellstone Action
  • Rule #3 Target your media to your targeted voters. • What is your goal? – Your win number? – Your targeted voters? • E.g. If your target says you need married women age 25-45 to win – choose the medium that best connects with these voters.Wellstone Action
  • Rule #4 Time media to when voters pay attention. • Most voters make up their minds in the last 2-3 weeks – that is when most of your paid media should hit. • Exception to every rule: that is also when the most clutter will be around.Wellstone Action
  • Rule #5 Use media dollars efficiently. • You communicate to the number of people you pay for: cheap buy = few people • Avoid paying for media that goes to people who can’t vote for you.Wellstone Action
  • Paid media example Senate District 8 Minnesota • 79,384 eligible voters • Est. 50,000 voter turnout • $65,000 budget • Mostly rural – about 100 miles long by 50 miles wideWellstone Action
  • Available media sources Senate District 8 • TV: Duluth and Twin Cities • Radio: Duluth, Twin Cities, 6 local stations • Newspapers: Dailies: Duluth, Minneapolis; Weeklies: 8 local • Cable: 3 local cable networksWellstone Action
  • Metro TV too expensive • TV: Duluth – Min Buy: = $36,000 • TV: Minneapolis-St. Paul – Min Buy: = $330,000Wellstone Action
  • Metro Radio too expensive• Radio: Duluth – Min Buy: 1200 pts = $20,400 – Per station/week: 30 spots@$25=$750/wk• Radio: Minneapolis-St.Paul – Min Buy: 1200 pts = $228,000 Wellstone Action
  • Dailies - too few …too much• Newspaper: Duluth – Circ: 1835 live in District – Min Buy = $3,885• Newspaper: Minneapolis – Circ: ~1700 live in District – MinWellstone Action Buy = $31,500
  • Buying Local Paid Newspaper Senate District 8• Weeklies: – 8 local weeklies: ~20,000 in District  Cloquet – Min Buy (6”x7” ad) = $4,410• Metro Dailies:  Moose Lake – Duluth = $3,885 (1,835 circulation) – Mpls: = $31,500  (1,500-2,000 circulation)  Askov Sandstone  Hinkley  Mora  Pine City Wellstone Action
  • Buying Local Paid Radio Senate District 8• Local Radio: – 6 local stations  – Min Buy = Cloquet $990/week• Metro Radio: – Duluth: $750/wk  Moose Lake per station – Twin Cities: $7,500-10,000/wk   Askov Sandstone  Hinkley  Mora  Pine City Wellstone Action
  • Sample Paid Media Budget Senate District 8 Minnesota • $65,000 total budget • Direct Mail: $40,000 – Dominant media: ~80,000 pieces (~10,000 target voters) • Local Radio: $5,000 – 3 weeks radio all 6 stations • Local Weeklies: $5,000 – 5 weeks/every week/all 8 papers • $50,000 for pd media (77%)Wellstone Action
  • Paid & Earned Media RecapIntegrated program to deliveryour message: consistent &repeated across many mediums CABLE CLUSTER 819 Iowa County Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Canvass prep Courtesy Calls to Local Dems Candidate event Campaign Earned Media Grassroots Earned Media Email Supporters Campaign Visibility Cable Ads Radio Ads Local Print Robo Calls BillboardTactics and plans vary, butalways balancing what’s bestvs. what’s possibleWellstone Action