Memorial Day Hike 2008

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The Dreamers hike from P.S. 128 in Washington Heights to Carmine in the Village . The porpose is to raise funds to train students to work with students.

The Dreamers hike from P.S. 128 in Washington Heights to Carmine in the Village . The porpose is to raise funds to train students to work with students.

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  • 1. Camp Dreamers Friendship Coaching College Training Students to work with Students For students who want to be a star and charge ! For families who want GROWING FUN1 Staffed by ALL-STAR - Veteran Coaches of P.S. 128 ,Carmine &The Dreamers Only 28 spots available ! June 27th th -Aug. 16th 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. (Plus overtime) Coach Dave 347-538-1752 [email_address]
  • 2. Summer Staff Alberto Guerrero -Sports Trainer -Senior City College Championships in Basketball -8 Carmine -4,F.Y.I.-1, Stitt -1 ,Armory P.A.L.1 Morgan Stanley -2(Player/Coach) Flag Football -4 (3 Player /1 Coach Trey Hammock -Voice Trainer Sophomore Nyack University (How to speak and sing in public.) Youth Director St. John’s Church Works with Ruth in Parks and Eddy at Milbank. Has won numerous singing contests. Apollo -Gospelfest -Summer Youth Conference Currently in National Gospel Championship. Carmen Guzman -Univ. Ala. Sports Technician (Using technology as a tool.) 3 City Championships 2 State Championships 3 City P.A.L. Championships (Player & Coach Girls Biddy) 2 F.Y.I. Championships 2 Armory P.A.L.Championships (Girls and Boys ) Stephany U. Fireman Full Scholarship Maine H.S . Player of the Year Point Guard QB -Flag Football Shot Put Girl Scout
  • 3. Summer Coaching Challenge Girls S.O.S. vs Boys S.O.S. (Staff of Students)
    • Each team will consist of
    • 12 Students Grade 4-7
    • 1 Big Buddy(Junior High )
    • They help like a buddy
    • and not like a bully ,
    • so that no one is left out.
    • 1 Fireman (H.S.)
    • They do whatever it takes ,
    • to make it great .
    • Who Can ?
    • Learn the most ….
    • Improve the most ….
    • Help the most ….
    Mission Education through: Sports-Scouting -Special Events By training young people how to be a friend to their future and a coach . First to themselves , then to their community . Goal - To exercise the : Brain -Body and Imagination We aim to develop : Academic Athletes Coaches Who Care Lifelong Friendships Each week we will run , special events for 100 campers!
  • 4. Each day we leave P.S. 128 Lunch Time -Homemade Sandwiches Sunrise Practice and Training Video Reporting Swimming Library Swimming Bowling 10 A.M. College Visits Ruth’s Center In Harlem Communities Around Man. Carmine The Village Yankee Stadium Site College Tour Track Battles Home Home Home Home Home 3 p.m. Community Special Event Flag Football P.S. 128 Olympics & Technology 1 p.m. Saturdays -Family Fun at Milbank 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast 8:30 12 p.m. 9 a.m. 7 :15 -8:30 Fri Thurs Wed Tues Mon
  • 5. Track Basketball Technology Flag Football Swimming
  • 6. 1st Dreamer Hike- A-Thon Monday , May 26th , Memorial Day From P.S. 128 (168TH St.) To Carmine (West 4th )
    • The Dreamers will hike from their home , P.S. 128, to their best friend Carmine (The Village )
    • We are raising funds to help the Dreamers do what they do best .
    • Training students to be staff .
    • Training students to work with students.
    • Making special events special .
    • This summer we will show how students can make things better .
    • We will start at 7 a.m. with sunrise practice .
    • After breakfast there will be Dreamer Training .
    • After lunch there will be a Camp Battle .
    Sunrise Practice We work with the hardest to handle and those left out . (Sports and Scout Training ) Only those committed to doing better get up this early. Lunch Time is Camp Time Singing Songs -Conditioning -Giant Relay Races The Aides keep it safe , S.O.S. makes it work . Controlled Chaos - 50 to 200 kids grades K- 5 working out together . Special Events @ P.S. 128 Girls Sports Day-Feb. 15th Boys Sports Day -April -17th Track Day-June 18th @ Van Cortland Students play , Teachers Cheer , Special Events @ Carmine Flag Football Sept. - Nov. Basketball - Jan. -March K-5 GET TO TRY , S.O.S. RUNS THE SITE .
  • 7. How you can help !
    • We ask that you help out by donating and/or finding someone who can .
    • Alumni Name_________________________
    • Emal/Cell_________________________
    • Rookie Dreamer Year _______________
    • Elementary School _________________
    • Check the ones you participated in!
    • P.S. 128
    • Discovery Rooms (162nd)
    • Discovery Rooms (155th )
    • The Pit
    • Southern Heights
    • Post 280 (Pack/Troop)
    • P.S. 173
    • Carmine
    • F.Y.I.
    • Ivy League
    • Armory Hall of Fame
    • City College
    • Alpine
    • T.M.R.
    • Disney World
    Sponsors : Name _________________ Company ____________________ Number/Email__________________ Amount Per Mile ______________ Set Donation _________________ Checks can be made payable to : Washington Heights Inwood Coalition Please send to Dave Crenshaw 600 West 161 st. #6a New York ,N.Y., 10032 (We will come and pick it up if needed.) It will take a minimum of $1000 per child to run the camp . Each family is ask to help raise half . Alumni and friends of the Dreamers are needed to raise the other half . Nothing is free in the program . Everyone must contribute in some way .