Career development workshop final
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Career development workshop final



Presented by Sherilyn Shackell and Emma McDonnell

Presented by Sherilyn Shackell and Emma McDonnell



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  • very well liked. Helene Barnekov, Phil Chapman , James Simmonds

Career development workshop final Career development workshop final Presentation Transcript

  • Career Development Clinic
    Everything you wanted to know and were too afraid to ask
  • Understanding yourself
    Career planning
    Getting yourself noticed
    Developing a CV
    Approaching the market
    The Fundamentals
  • Why do people change jobs ?
  • Managed badly
    Not succeeding
    Organisational change, restructure, M&A
    Not being stretched
    Not learning
    Conflict with superiors, peers
    Role deskilled
    Need for relocation
    Death / illness in family
    New baby, divorce, bigger mortgage
    Lack of prospects
    Why do people change jobs
  • Who remembers Herzberg ?
  • Herzberg Theory
  • Who knows Maslow ?
  • Maslows Hierarchy of Need
    Self Actualisation
    e.g. Oxygen, Food, Heat, Water, Sex
    Working Context
    - Pay, benefits, basic working conditions
  • Security
    e.g. monthly income, home, bills paid, safe job
    Work Context
    - Pension Scheme, Insurance Schemes, Dependable supervision, Healthy company
  • Caring for and being cared for
    One of the ‘in’ crowd
    Insider rather than outsider
    Aspiration to a peer grouping
    Work Context
    - Friendly environment, Team culture, supportive management, being informed
    Recognition, Achievement, Status, Self confidence, Self Worth, of value
    Work Context
    - Job title, Kudos, merit awards, participation in decisions, authority, privileges
  • What Humans ‘can’ be, they ‘must’ be
    Work Context
    Autonomy, Power over own destiny, constant opportunity for personal growth
    Self Actualisation
  • Maslows Hierarchy of Need
    Self Actualisation
  • Understand why you feel the need to move
    Is there both push & pull
    Flag how you feel to boss and explore options internally
    Take time to think and plan
    Avoid making career choices in times of personal upheaval, change or crisis
    Don’t ask for too much advice
    Avoid the ‘cult of the personality’
    Trust your instincts
    Trust your beating heart over your aching head
    Don’t follow the money
    Some advice before you start
  • What does the word career mean to you? What defines a successful career for YOU?
    Utilise ‘best 6 month’ vision
    Be clear on what you want & don’t want
    Plan you career alongside your life, they have to be symbiotic
    Avoid ambition as competition, this is about you, not anyone else
    Set career milestones however
    expect to be flexible
    Planning – Life / Career
  • “The best way to get noticed is to deliver above and beyond the requirements expected of you by your company”
    Raise your profile – and those of your team
    Get on Internal committees, cross-functional projects etc
    Submit articles to internal newsletters
    Take your Charity into your company – organise events
    Offer to mentor / coach / buddy cross functionally
    Develop contacts / relationships in HR
    Create opportunities to broaden scope
    Represent company at events
    Getting Noticed Internally
  • “The best way to get noticed is to deliver above and beyond the requirements expected of you by your company”
    Network / Network / Network
    Write a blog
    Create your own website with profile, achievements, photos, blogs
    Network / Network / Network
    Attend events, committees, conferences, charity/voluntary work
    Develop press contacts
    Network / Network / Network
    Public Speaking – at every opportunity
    Getting Noticed Externally
  • 80 million users
    560,000 visits daily
    75% have used it to hire – but only 15% are recruiters
    Change status regularly
    Link to twitter – be wary
    Update with full profile & keep current
    Ask for recommendations
    Join groups – and display logo
    Set up groups
    Link to recruiters – but hide connections
    ....Get active
    • Personal marketing tool – not just to get a job
    • Chronological - 3 pages max
    • Description of the companies plus job title with a brief summary
    • Avoid wordy intro’s - maximum 50 words summarises your key strengths
    • Have a ‘Master CV and ‘bespoke’ to each company
    • Focus on achievements. Use strong action verbs e.g. accomplished, instigated, saved
    • Include quantitative results e.g. ‘grew sales by 20% and profit by 10%’ – ‘managed a team of 150 across 3 locations’.
    • Avoid jargon or abbreviations
    • Add some personal information  
    Need a CV ?.....Use a CV agency !
  • Looking outside..Understanding the recruitment industry and the players
  • £100K and above
    Exec roles
    Small talent pool
    Top 5% Calibre
    Pro ActiveHeadhunt
    Mid to senior management
    Smaller Talent Pool
    Specialist skills
    50K & 120K
    Limited Proactive Headhunt
    usually outsourced
    Up to 120K
    Junior to Mid Management
    Active candidate database
    Sector /Function Specialists
    Up to 35K
    Junior / Manual /
    Transactional Relationship
    Temp to Perm
    Often sole supplier
  • Contingency (candidate driven)
    Candidate is the product
    The candidate is king and supplier has no allegiance to the client
    Candidate may be in process with 3 different firms through one supplier
    The suppliers role is to find the candidate a job with any client
    Methodology is typically use of own / public databases
    Fees typically 18% to 25%
    No Placement No Fee
    Client free to use any / all suppliers – No guarantees from either side
    Retained (client driven)
    Service is the product
    The client is king and supplier has no allegiance to the candidate
    The suppliers role is to find the client the best candidate
    Methodology is thorough and proactive every time
    Fees typically 33%
    Typically only 1/3rd of the fee is contingent upon placement and sometimes ALL fee paid upfront
    Client and supplier contractually committed to complete the assignment
    Researcher is biggest influence
    What to expect...
  • Network / Network / Network
    Attend Recruitment Fairs, Forums etc
    Make the researcher your friend
    Relationships with a few ‘retained’ search consultants
    Contacts within ‘contingency’ recruitment firms
    How get in front of them?
    • AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants) –
    • REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) –
    • Executive Grapevine –
    • Kennedy Information –
    • UK Recruiter –
    • Magazines –The Grapevine, Search Consult
    • Referral, Referral, Referral
    Recruitment company sources of information
  • Questions...