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“Indoor Air Quality and it’s effects on Energy Consumption Health and Productivity“

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  • HelloMy task today is to Position Indoor Air Quality in your minds so you all feel confident to talk about it freely in your everyday activitiesI will talk about Exposure to Air Pollution , How that projects itself Indoors and the Health Impact on our livesThe Cost of Air Pollution on Productivity in the workplaceThe Effects on Asthma and Other Health IssuesHow do we Educate our Industry , Influencers and the Public ?How do we position campaigns ?How do we effect government planning and the public sector ?Do we practice what we preach ?Do we use the vast array of Social Media platforms ?Do we really lead from the front ?How When and Who is going to drive this forward
  • ExposureWe are all exposed to Air PollutionWe spend 90% indoorsWe can absorb <50 times more air pollution indoor than outdoors.Indoor Air Picking up Heating and traffic particles into buildings with chemical emissions from building materials DIY , cleaning products air fresheners combustion particles fro heating cooking electronics and fabric offgasingHealth ImpactEvery year more than 300000 Europeans & 300000 Americans die prematurely due to effects of Air PollutionEvery year average life expectancy is reduced by 9 monthsEvery year then impact of Air pollution costs the EU over 80 bn Euro and xxbn US
  • Majority of Population live and work in areas where rates of particles in the Air exceed WHO World Health Organisation guidelines . This comparing PM (particle matter) 2.5 microns in size (most harmful to human health)The WHO guideline regarding PM2.5 pollutant is 10ug/m3/year That is 10micrograms per cubic metres continuous exposure yearly (av mean)Cities studiesNew York 21, Chicago xxBarcelona 27 Paris 16 London 13 Stockholm 9
  • According to the Eurostat Labour force survey 2009Every year EU loses over 2million man years US loses because of Air pollutionPrice Waterhouse Coopers European Human Capital 2007 reportEvery year absenteeism in Europe is evaluated at 4% because of Air PollutionAnd just by improving ventilation systems Every year can save $400 per employee and improve sick leave by 30% in EU 35% in USRemarkable !!!!!!!!!Cost Gallup Poll US absenteeism accounted for 153 billion dollars
  • Now I am here to really cheer you up !!!!!!!!!!!!European Parliament report EnVIE on Indoor Air QualityEvery Year Air Pollution is responsible for up 8% of Asthma sufferingEvery Year Air Pollution represents 20% of Lung CancersAnd Every Year Air Pollution accounts for up to 10% of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Asthma @ 1.5 million COPD @ 1 million Cardio Vascular 4.7 million Diabetes @ 1.2 Americans in areas of unhealthy year round particle pollution. Nearly 3% of population. Do you want me to go on ?Have you had enough yet ?
  • OK on a brighter note. How do we educate to raise the awareness of good Indoor Air Quality ?If we want to elevate this , enlighten our market place we have to embrace the topic and target specific groups.Industry HVAC ASHRAE particularly Comfort Air and lesser regulated markets.Most industries open to a sustainable approach , less is more , energy reduction , better productivity through cleaner air.Influencers , this is a wide spectrum. Specifiers , Consultants , Design , Regulatory Bodies (like LEED in US and Breeam EU) but the list goes on. Property Owners JLL , Land Sec. World Environmental Health , EPA. American Lung Assoc , Carbon Reduction Lobbies , sustainability professionals , hugely growing energy management professionals industryThe Public Well that’s about making it simple The Roadshow educating the workforce and their families local schools All low cost activities
  • Every one loves a Cause a Campaign– check out if there are any in your area and do it when you get back.Join it support it educate it the Campaign get your colleagues involved.I have attached a manifesto of on in UK called Clean Air LondonIt is not that difficult to get involved nationallyTipAddress a wider interest group gives you much more credibility higher up the managerial ladder THE FOOD CHAINAgain this is relatively little cost
  • Communication – I could go on about this all day !!!!!!!!Myth 1 – Social media is for the younger generationMyth 2 – I’ll never get by head around it Myth 3 - it’s not for businessRubbish Read this book by an American David Meerman Scott “The new rules of Marketing and PR”Check out these 2 blogs www.lowenergyairfilter.co.uk and www.keepthecityout.co.uk Or Google low energy filters or indoor air quality ALL FRONT PAGE organic (we dont pay for it)Camfil has an abundance of relevant material , the trick is to Educate NOT pitch – Awards etcIf you put yourself outside your comfort zone , it’s a bit scary (like today) but it is so rewarding when you make another breakthrough. I call it personal evolution.Enter awards , do interviews , # expose yourself (not in that way) The brand gets stronger and stronger
  • Now this is where we need to be !!!!!!!This is about collective will , keeping going , pressing the flesh.Public Sector operate by different rules (they are wired differently) although they have fiscal constraints it is and never will be their money. They are rewarded differently.The trick is to as always LISTENfind out what they are measured on and set the Camfil message accordingly.Non Governmental Organisations – like Environmental Protection , Carbon trust , Sustainability Live , They can influence planningPlanning is another area difficult to get at but the rewards are bigOne example Clean Air London Campaign Founder has presented a formal question to the Major of London and the 17 boroughs that make up London if the level of Clean air in government building complies with EN 13779That’s something our traditional routes to market just would not happen !!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you want to make a real seed change a paradigm shift an awakeningYou have to live the life !! You have to practice what you preach !! You need a real seed change (A Paradigm shift)At Home At Work At PlayAt Home be aware of your environment , is the air clean , are you energy aware.At Work you should be aware of your environment , the air is clean and you are energy aware.At Play your social environment your family friends will probably share the same goals Educate them.Create a cultureCommunicate your program , engage the team appoint a champion , share best practiceDont delay get a culture of Just do It (if it loses inertia it usually dies)Measure and communicate your success , share some of the spoils (savings) Reward and Recognition , Set Tough TargetsAnything is possible , Everything is possible , Doing your thing is possibleSet them high , if you fall short so what !!!! Don,t leave anything for next year (it,s a bad trend and a bad culture)Lots of large companies who state their sustainability targets set them and communicate them.Management know in advance where the bulk of these savings will come so when they achieve the target they hold back for the next year.Outrageous no Wonder we are in the economic state we are in Savings on the table, and not taking them
  • This is easy ITS YOUTomorrow starts TodayDon’t delegate , understand participate then delegate
  • Get your own act togetherUnderstand what is out there , get interestedIs there a Gap in knowledge and communication we can fill ?LocalRegional NationalThe UK is only small so we are NationalSubscribe Network and Participate
  • Let me tell you a story – every one loves a story !!! # Wake up I have nearly finishedComing from an accountancy background , manufacturing paint or filters is not really that sexy . (honestly its not)Marketing never really had much traction with meHow do you do it – very artistic ?How do you measure it ?How do you get value for money ?Well In the Digital age it is more instant , less bullshit , more agile companies embracing new technology.Since Oct 2008 (2 ½ years) Camfil UK own low energy air filters it’s our generic identity , total domination on Search Engines. We are the reference point We are the knowledge bankWe own the Energy Saving Position in our market (like Volvo own Safety)Indoor Air Quality is what Camfil do !!!!!!!!! !It’s what we are here forCamfil Farr is the almanac of Indoor air QualityCamfil Farr needs to become synonymous with Indoor Air QualityCamfil Farr needs to own the Indoor Air Quality Position WORLDWIDE
  • Camfil - First ChoiceALWAYS
  • Thank youbill.wilkinson@camfil.co.ukwww.lowenergyairfilter.co.ukwww.keepthecityout.co.ukwww.ac-inspections.co.uk Linked InLinkedin Group – Indoor Air Quality Energy .............Indoor Air Quality and it’s effects on Energy Health and Productivity
  • IAQ Positioning

    1. 1. IAQ Positioning “Indoor Air Quality and it’s effects on Energy Consumption Health and Productivity“© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 1
    2. 2. How Air Pollution affects Health • Exposure • Indoor Air • Health Impact© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 2
    3. 3. Our Daily Air Environment • Eat , Drink , Breathe • WHO Guidelines • Major Cities© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 3
    4. 4. Cost of Air Pollution - Productivity • Lost Years EU loses > 2m man years annually US >2m • Improve Sick Leave by 35% US & 30% in EU • Improved ventilation saves $400 per person per year© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 4
    5. 5. Asthma and Other Health Issues • <8% Asthma sufferers • 20% of lung cancers • < 10% of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 5
    6. 6. Education • Industry • Influencers • Public© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 6
    7. 7. Campaigns • Clean air campaigns – regional and national • Address wider audience – more credibility • Relatively low cost© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 7
    8. 8. Social Media and Visibility • Twitter , Linkedin Groups, Facebook , Google+ • Company blogs – abundant material • Awards and exposure© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 8
    9. 9. Government • Public sector operates differently • NGO’s – funded by the government • Planning© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 9
    10. 10. Practice What you Preach • Home Work Play • Create a culture • Set tough targets© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 10
    11. 11. Who ? • You !!!!!!!!!!!!© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 11
    12. 12. Where ? • Get your act together • Local Regional National networks • Subscribe Network and participate© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 12
    13. 13. POSITIONING • We own the energy position in the market with low energy air filters • We need to own the air quality position by being recognized in every area for being synonymous with INDOOR AIR QUALITY© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 13
    14. 14. Camfil Farr – First Choice© CAMFIL FARR 2012-08-13 14