Everything You Need for Landscape Photography


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If you're new to landscape photography you might feel perplexed by all the options available to you. In an attempt to narrow your focus, we've put together this presentation with everything you need for landscape photography - including camera suggestions. Here, we'll tell you what you need and why you need it. Come along!

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Everything You Need for Landscape Photography

  1. 1. Landscape PhotographyShooting Landscapes in Any Condition
  2. 2. Landscape PhotographyThe natural landscape has beenthrilling photographers forgenerations. If you’re just gettinginto landscape photography andwant to know how you can takethe best landscape photos possible,this presentation is for you.
  3. 3. A Great CameraThe best cameras for landscape photography are high-performance, and allow for flexibility and artistry. On thehigh end, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is the goldstandard of digital SLRs, and ideal for nearly anysituation. In the midrange, the Nikon D600 is a digitalphotography workhorse, and allows for full-frameimages. On the lower end, the Nikon D5200 makes ourlist for its high ISO and 5 frames per second capabilities.
  4. 4. A Variety of LensesJust as important as the camera you use is the lens youattach to it. The kind of lens you carry will determinethe kind of pictures you’ll be able to take. We suggestcarrying:A wide-angle lens to capturelarge swaths of land.A telephoto lens to narrow inon distant mountain passes.A standard 55mm lens foreveryday shots.
  5. 5. Lens FiltersLens filters allow for greater control, allowingphotographers to filter out light and atmosphericconditions that would negatively affect their images.Polarizing filters reduce sun glare and are ideal forphotographing bright, snowy landscapes and on thewater.UV filters filter out atmospheric haze and are ideal foruse on warm, humid days.Natural density filters allow for greater control overaperture and shutter speed.
  6. 6. A TripodWhen shooting landscapes, it’s imperative that you use a atripod heavy enough to hold the weight of your camera,lens, and flash. Tripods eliminatecamera shake, enablingphotographers to take thesharpest photos possible.
  7. 7. A Good Camera BagAnyone who hikes in order to take landscape photos needsa good camera bag. Try abeltpack to keep your backfree for a day pack or abackpack if you’re simplygoing on a few-hours hike.
  8. 8. About CametaCameta Camera is a truebrick-and-mortar camera storein Amityville, NY. We’ve beenselling photography equipmentand distilling advice to professionalsand hobbyists alike more than 25 years.For more photography tips, visit our blog atCameta.com/blog.