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Word Document Resume

  1. 1. Brian Geisel http://www.csh.rit.edu/~geisel/resume.html geisel@csh.rit.edu As a Software Consultant, Brian has a very successful record delivering software consistently and on time. His extensive engineering background and his ability to see the larger picture make him a strong leader who excels at developing technology, managing people, and delivering solutions. Buzz-Word Compliance Capable Personality Valuable Experience Storage Industry Expert Instructor, Lead Developer, UNIX & Linux Kernel, SAN Topology, Cloud Storage Company Public Representative Capable Windows Developer SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI Object Oriented Developer Hard Core Low Level/Embedded Work Innovative Solution Finder C++, Java, JavaScript, Obj-C C, Device Driver, Assembly Language Dynamic Designer / Architect History May ’07 – Present – Entrepreneur, Principle Software Engineer – FideSoftware, DVDCorral – http://appiphoney.com, http://www.DVDCorral.com • Built DVDCorral.com – Developed 95% of software, Managed 2 countries’ development of remainder • Completed design, development, marketing, and release of iPhone apps. (More detail on web-resume.) December ’07 – March ‘09 – Manager, Clarity Software and Services – TwinStrata, Inc. – http://www.TwinStrata.com • Bootstrap Startup – Managed Engineering and Developed Software • Responsible for the Development, QA, and Release Teams for Clarity AP Software. • Developed storage assessment program called Clarity AP o Co-Developed Clarity AP and brought product to market (written in Adobe Flex/AIR/ActionScript). o Released 3 major product versions within the first year. o Fully integrated product with online web portal. • Directed offshore team, saving the company 60% in development costs and delivering timely releases of web and desktop software. Technologies: C, C++, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0 (Flex); Cloud Storage, iSCSI, Virtual Machines (VMWare, Virtualbox); JSON, XML, AJAX June ’07 – March ‘08 – Software Consultant – iRobot – http://www.iRobot.com • Wrote Wolfson Micro 8750 Audio Driver for Arm9 platform (Linux 2.4 Kernel). • Software Engineering (Development) and Team Integration of ConnectR, iRobot’s Virtual Visiting Robot • Managed relationship with Software Development and QA teams across 4 countries and 3 continents • Implemented a complete "touchless" Robot Configuration via various Web Technologies (see below) • Developed complete Robot Wireless Networking (802.11G) configuration including driver fixes • Wrote Robot Manufacturing Built-in Test, a complete test suite for Chinese manufacturing site • Designed and Implemented fully-automated recoverable boot process, handlig automatic downloads and performing self-correcting updates • Integrated entire SIP stack into robot operation in coordination with multiple backend servers handling both STUN and TURN traffic
  2. 2. Technologies: Embedded, Robotics, Linux, Device Drivers (Audio/Video, 802.11, GPIO, etc.), UNIX; C, Python, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Shell (bash), awk; Arm9, Freescale; SIP, STUN, TURN, IP, UDP, TCP/IP, RTP January ’04 – April ‘07 – OEM Engineering Manager – Incipient – http://www.incipient.com • 25-50% Travel, building partner relationships and architecting solutions together. • Incipient representative to T11.5 meetings (Fibre Channel Standards Organization). • Management of resources, internally and externally, to complete high-profile projects. • Balanced partner development / liaison role with a device driver / embedded real-time technical role. • Develop and Architect solutions for Engineering Partners. • Managed entire product life-cycle including extensive Beta program with Fortune 500 Companies. Technologies: Embedded, Linux (Device Driver / User Space), UNIX; C, Bourne Shell; SAN Virtualization, Fibre Channel (hardware and protocol), SCSI (hardware and protocol), RAID, Various FC Arrays & Switches March ’00 – January ‘04 – Lead Developer, Secure Path UNIX – HP, Formerly Compaq – http://www.compaq.com/storageworks • Project leader of ~25 engineers for Secure Path UNIX. • Coordinated cross-functional engineering teams between the US and India. • Worked extensively with large RAID storage systems from vendors such as Compaq, HP, EMC, and IBM. • Lead Developer for “Must Win” project with corporate-wide recognition for porting a RAID Array device driver to Solaris; received a special recognition award for a timely completion of this high priority project. • Represented Compaq/HP at Fortune 500 customer sites. • Taught Compaq storage classes at ENSA @Work Storage Conference. • Gave several group-wide (~40 developers) seminars on C++, CVS, et al. • Designed and Coded the multi-threaded daemon used for user interface to Secure Path. • Group expert on the Fibre Channel analyzer, analyzing data in both SCSI and Fibre Channel protocols. • Worked on driver interface and on enhancing the driver or adding support for arrays. • Organized and coordinated source code using CVS and documenting the process. Technologies: SAN Multipathing, AIX, Solaris, and Linux (Device Driver, Administration, User Space), UNIX; OO, C++, C, Korn Shell; SAN, Fibre Channel (hardware and protocol), SCSI (hardware and protocol), RAID June ‘97 – March ‘00 – Software Engineer / Linux Expert - Microlite Corporation – http://www.microlite.com • Full Life Cycle work on several mid-scale projects (50-80k lines ea.). • Co-created the OOD of all currently shipping products. • Responsible for all company’s Linux research and most of the Linux development. • Implemented GUI interfaces working in XWindows, win32, ncurses, and Java. • Wrote low-level SCSI interfaces and drivers on several platforms. • Architected RecoverEDGE, designing the 2.0 version for Linux from the ground up. • 10% travel, spent forming business relationships and establishing a presence in our target markets. Main Development Project, RecoverEDGE, won SCO World’s Top of the World award for 2000! Technologies: OO, C++, C, UNIX, Java, Shell Scripting; AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, SCO UnixWare, SCO UNIX, SCO OpenServer, Solaris, Windows; Tape Drives, SCSI September ‘96 - May ‘97 - Computer Science - Rochester Institute of Technology – http://www.csh.rit.edu Technologies: OO, C++, C, Java, x86/MIPS Assembly Language, Python, Eiffel; NetBSD, SunOS, IRIX, Digital UNIX, SysV, Linux, Inferno, Ultrix (Kernel Level on several) 1990 – 1996 – Detailed Resume Online – http://www.csh.rit.edu/~geisel/resume.html
  3. 3. Technologies: Virtual Reality, C, x86 Assembly, Video Graphics Hardware, Low-Level system interfacing, Database Management, PC Hardware Technical Experience and Skills Operating System Knowledge (Development) – GUI Experience – Xwindows, Win95/NT/XP/.NET Digital UNIX, DOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Net- win32, Java, ncurses; designed and assisted BSD, SCO UNIX and OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, SGI implementation of a multi-platform interface package IRIX, Sun Solaris, Ultrix, Windows 95/NT/XP Instructor – Gave seminars in C, C++, x86 Assembly (5 part series), Storage Virtualization (FAIS), DOS Languages – Strong: C, C++, Assembly (x86, internals, CVS, and general UNIX usage; Co-instructed a RS/6000, 68000, Sparc), PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, class of Senior Citizens on basic Macintosh usage; shell scripting; also ActionScript, BASIC, Eiffel, Perl, Taught Compaq product usage at ENSA@Work Storage Pascal, Python, HTML, et al. Conference Linux Experience –SCSI drivers and patches (kernel Architect – Designed the Secure Path daemon and User modules); SCSI code and Qlogic Fibre Channel drivers Interface, then helped build a team and worked with them to develop the product; Start to finish design of Storage Hardware – HP (EVA, MSA & HSG80), RecoverEDGE for Linux IBM (ESS, FAStT, SVC, DS/8000, DS/6000), EMC (Symmetrix, Clariion), LSI, STK, 3Par.; Various Cloud Device Drivers – Work on several platforms including Storage (REST, iSCSI) Linux, NetBSD, Solaris, and Ultrix ranging from video drivers to SCSI interface drivers Network Experience – UNIX sockets programming; DNS/BIND, Sendmail, httpd, ftpd, etc.; Working Low-level Work - Intel and MIPS Assembler, DOS knowledge of TCP, UDP, IP, STUN, TURN, RTP, ‘kernel’ and driver development, Embedded work on MSRP, SOAP, REST; SAN several platforms; Many SCSI ports, working on AIX, Linux, SCO UnixWare, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, and several others Summary • Team Player – Self-disciplined/motivated with an exceptional ability to manage teams and work with people, but also focused and able to work alone (and experienced in both). • Experienced – Over 15 years of diverse experience, with a passion (and ability) to learn remarkably fast. • Hard Worker – Whether the deadline is in 2012 or in an hour, product will always be consistent: clean, documented, organized and well-coordinated. Release dates have been hit on target with consistency. • Personable – Regularly represented Microlite Corp., Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Incipient at various Fortune 100 Customers domestically and internationally as well as teaching classes, etc. Willing to travel. • Teachable – Able to work around problems and work in any environment (although tundras – such as Hoth - are generally frowned upon) and always willing to learn new ideas, concepts, and solutions. • Versatile – From a teacher and seminar instructor to a team leader or developing business relationships, comfortable in management, business, engineering, personal, and teaching roles. References When necessary both technical and personal references are available; however, to protect the privacy of my references, references will be distributed only once under reasonable consideration.
  4. 4. Detailed Online Resume http://www.csh.rit.edu/~geisel/resume.html