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Update and Thoughts on Directions for Metadata Work

Update and Thoughts on Directions for Metadata Work






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    Update and Thoughts on Directions for Metadata Work Update and Thoughts on Directions for Metadata Work Presentation Transcript

    • Update and Thoughts on Directions for Metadata Work Carol Hert March 17, 2003
    • Our Metadata Activities
      • User study to understand metadata necessary for integration tasks (we’re finding needs for metadata not available in agencies)
      • Ongoing efforts to understand DDI and ISO11179 for deploying in end-user tools
      • Identification of host of other relevant standards (open archives, business XML, Z39.50, …)
      • Marked-up tables using DDI
      • Attempting to acquire particular metadata
    • Metadata Aspects for GovStat
      • Conceptual Tasks
        • Determining elements and attributes to be used in wrapping data and contextual info (an XML DTD presumably)
          • User study et al. to determine appropriate content
          • “ thought” experiments with implementations related to elements, attributes, and their values
        • Developing conceptual metadata model for SKN
      • Practical Tasks
        • Finding the actual metadata content to be “wrapped” via the elements
        • finding data with metadata to port into tools
    • Today’s Presentation
      • Focus on the Conceptual Tasks
        • Status report on potentially relevant standards and projects
        • Considering the user tools and the public intermediary
      • Start strategizing on directions to pursue further
    • Concept. Task 1: Identifying Elements, Attributes, and Values
      • Current Contenders for Elements, Attributes (and some values)
        • DDI (and its implementations)
        • ISO11179 (and its implementations)
        • Hybrids
          • Corporate Metadata Repository (CMR) from Oracle
          • Data cubes for Tables from NESSTAR, DDI
    • DDI
      • Data set is the basic element
      • Data archives perspective-designed primarily for people who archive data sets and those who will retrieve and reuse those datasets
      • Does capture information on variables, values, etc.
      • Still actively working on specifications for tables (see Ryssevik memo 3/6/2003)
    • DDI Issues
        • Doesn’t have good mechanism for relating surveys and instances of those surveys-each data set is considered as stand-alone
        • Hard to compare across variables and time-series
        • Elements for tables still in development and other data presentations (such as news releases, graphics) not well developed
        • Currently working backwards to a conceptual model for the metadata
    • DDI Implementations of Note
        • Counting California
        • Virtual Data Center (Harvard/MIT)
          • Developed CRISTAL datacubes and FasterCubes
        • Minnesota Population Center
          • Developed WendyCubes for data cubes
          • WendyCubes and FasterCubes being merged
        • Data Ferrett (Census)
    • ISO11179
      • from the data producers’ perspective (Dan argues that it doesn’t take any perspective)
      • Able to relate survey instances, etc.
      • Isn’t capable of handling the full range of metadata we might need, nor can it handle data representations such as news releases, webpages, etc. (same problem with DDI)
    • ISO11179 Implementations
      • StatCanada
        • Dan G. has reservations about this implementation and feels it doesn’t meet the standard (more as I understand the problem better)
    • Is CMR the answer?
      • CMR as a registry to describe data, data processes, data quality and which links to datasets and data
      • CMR incorporates all of ISO11179, and DDI, in addition can support a variety of metadata types (those news releases)
      • CMR not open source, cost unknown (software cost and Oracle consultants)
      • Two good contacts for us
        • Dan has gotten for BLS
        • Sarah Nusser acquiring for Iowa State
    • Seque to Conceptual Task 2
      • My original goal was to determine what metadata elements would be necessary for a given end-user tool (e.g. the SIG) and determine which standard(s) could provide necessary functionality (enabling metadata to get from agencies to the user tools)
      • I started by looking at the SIG and also at DDI implementations to see what functionalities we could acquire
    • The Plot Thickens
      • Two new questions emerged from these activities
        • What functions/information (data & metadata) would be necessary in SKN
        • What other standards efforts should be considered in creating the SKN?
    • The SKN Architecture
    •   INTERNAL TO AGENCIES PUBLIC INTERMEDIARY POSSIBLE SKN USER TOOLS/FUNCTIONS TRANSFERS Agency data production Data archives   standards, projects and their functions   CMR; Proprietary metadata repositories; Presentation formats (html, xml, pdf, etc.); Database formats (ACCESS, ALMIS ); DDI Datacubes   NESSTAR/Faster CRISTAL; XML for Analysis; Common Warehouse Metadata Model; Statistical disclosure (SDC in Nesstar);  StatCan ISO imp.     DDI   (and DDI for datacubes)   NESSTAR/Faster CRISTAL   Middleware (whatever that includes) NEOOM from Nesstar/Faster   From Virtual Data Center (VDC): federated metadata harvesting, repository exchange and caching, federated authentication and authorization, naming     Searching: Z39.50   Data analysis, Bookmarking, Downloading datasets (nesstar); Cataloging, archiving functions (VDC); Online search, data conversion, exploration, data analysis (VDC); Glossary (The Neuchatel Group)   Statistical Interactive Glossary (SIG—our project)   Ontologies (ISI/Columbia for gas); Relation Browsers; Online Help Z39.50 (used by VDC)   Open Archives (VDC)   DC, MARC, DDI metadata import and export (VDC)   SOAP   HTTP   RDF (Nesstar)   ASN.1  
    • New Strategic Direction for Us?
      • Specification of metadata necessary throughout SKN?
        • Will require specification of interactions among components of SKN
        • And perhaps the specification of specific standards
    • An example of a possible interaction
      • User via interface “I want data on gasoline price indices in the state of MD”
      • Query transferred to intermediary.
      • Intermediary query agent has business rule requiring check of terms so forwards the term “indices” to the SIG
    • Example continued
      • SIG responds with 3 definitions of index (specificity of definition) and multiple display options
      • Intermediary business rule indicates to take most general and to use the term “index” in queries sent to agency data sources
      • Etc.
    • New Strategic Direction for Us?
      • Specification of functions (and related information) necessary throughout SKN?
        • Will require specification of interactions among components of SKN (possible queries, acceptable responses, bindings among agents, etc.)
        • And perhaps the specification of specific standards