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  • Embedded in business Information Operational Excellence


  • 1. Greening The Internet Joseph Alhadeff VP Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer
  • 2. Avoid false dichotomies
    • The carbon footprint of ICT is important,
    • But
    • The potential of ICT to measure, contain, mitigate, and solve environmental problems is much more critical to a sustainable future.
  • 3. Eco-Efficiency Optimize resource utilization Minimize carbon footprint Eco-Transparency Protect business reputation Promote green brand Eco-Innovation Design green products Implement green processes Path to a Greener Future Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 4. <Insert Picture Here> Sustainability: A Market Perspective
  • 5. The Sustainability Paradigm Source: Brundtland Commission Report, 1987 Innovation Risk Management Margin Improvement Growth Enhancement Job Creation Skills Enhancement Social Investments Business Ethics Security Clean Air, Water & Land Emissions Reductions Zero Waste, Releases & Spills Diversity Human Rights Community Outreach Labor Relations Safety & Health Environmental Regulations Global Climate Change Crisis Management Resource Efficiency Product Stewardship Life-Cycle Management Products to Service Social Progress Environmental Stewardship Socio-Environmental Socio- Economic Eco-Efficiency Economic Growth Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 6. Trends & Drivers for Sustainability
    • Resource Depletion / Rise in Commodities
    • Push for Accountability and Transparency
    • Move Towards Regulations
    • Pull from Financial Markets
    • Peer Pressure on Rise
    • Need to Be Part of DNA and Corporate Governance
    Oil prices, Energy consumption, Commodity prices on Water usage, Air pollution and climate change awareness Demands on companies from major stakeholder groups, such as shareholders, employees, and financial institutions Corporate transparency (the Global Reporting Initiative, OECD guidelines, the UN Global Compact) Dow Jones Global Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index showed that the Sustainability Index significantly outperformed the other index, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Peer pressure is influencing companies to be more transparent Sustainable development becomes more engrained in companies and their governance structures, it will challenge and eventually change the parameters of acceptable corporate behavior Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 7. Functional View of Sustainability Intelligent Management of Carbon, Energy and Other Natural Resources Risk & Performance Management Data Collection & Contextualization IT Infrastructure Supply Chain & Operations Management Sustainability Business Intelligence Sustainability Management Copyright ©2009, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Confidential Environmental Compliance & Risk Management Sustainability Reporting Natural Resource Planning and Budgeting Carbon Cap & Trade, Offset Management Digital Content Management Workload Management Application Consolidation Software-as- a-Service Server & Storage Virtualization Design for the Environment Sustainable Procurement Supply Chain Planning Green Manufacturing Environmental Health and Safety Intelligent Asset Management Transportation Reverse Logistics Dematerialization Smart Utility Grids ERP & SCM Integration Emissions Calculations Meters, Building & Energy Systems Integration Shop Floor Control and MES Data Aggregation Operational Analytics Enterprise Analytics Policy Mgmt Controls Mgmt Data Verification
  • 8. The Business Case for Sustainability
    • Measurable Reduction in Operating Costs
    • Stock Markets Rewarding Leaders
    • Strengthened Brand and Reputation
    • Improved Stakeholder Relations
    • Indirect Savings Through Avoidance of Environmental Risk
    • Innovation/Differentiation Opportunities
    Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 9. <Insert Picture Here> Enabling the Eco-Enterprise
  • 10. ICT – An Enabler of Sustainable Design
    • Think in terms of ecosystem (value chains etc)
    • Use ICTs to gather information and model processes
    • Make information actionable by reconsidering process, flow, and organization of activities
    • Better understand impacts and identify waste
    • Balance between just-in-time and cost saving loads
    • Optimize the ecosystem to capture the potential benefits of ICTs and related technologies – much more than “paperless”
    • Find the cultural and motivational dimension that applies to your enterprise/staff
  • 11.
    • Traditionally supply networks are optimized on time and cost
    • Model carbon emissions
      • Manufacturing Lines
      • Product Sourcing
      • Transportation Lanes
    • Build in cap-and-trade constraints
    • Run scenario analyses to align network design in the context of strategic business objectives
    • Analyze supply network risks
    Eco-Innovative Supply Chain Design Re-evaluating the Optimization Equation Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 12.
    • Load Optimization
      • Increased weight & volume utilization of transportation assets results in lowered energy consumption and emissions
    • Dock Optimization
      • Increased loading/unload efficiency results in reduced truck idle time and emissions
    • Route Optimization
      • Increased efficiency per unit of distance traveled results in lowered energy consumption and emissions
    Eco-Efficient Transportation Reduce Financial and Environmental Costs Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 13.
    • Oracle Real Application Clusters
      • Commodity hardware, smaller servers
      • Improved hardware utilization
      • Hardware consolidation
    • Oracle Virtual Machine
      • Most efficient use of available system resources
      • Three times more efficient than other server virtualization products
      • Reduce power and space requirements
    • Oracle Active Data Guard
      • Leverage your existing disaster recovery site
      • No additional storage or servers required
      • Offload resource-intensive activities from the production database
    • Oracle Advanced Compression
      • Use resources more efficiently
      • Reduce disk space requirements
      • Lower storage costs
    Eco-Efficient Data Centers Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 14. <Insert Picture Here> Some of the things we’ve been up to… And how our products help us, and our customers, go green
  • 15. Oracle Corporate Citizenship Oracle is committed to using our technology and resources to advance education in innovative ways, protect the environment, promote diversity, and enrich community life. Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 16.
    • First software company to participate in the U.S. EPA Climate Leaders Program
    • Member of the U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership Program
    • Member of the Climate Savers Initiative
    • Participate in Demand Response Programs
    • 14 European and South African operations are certified to the ISO 14001 environmental standard
    • Best Workplace for Commuters Award Winner
    • Conservation and recycling programs ranging from water, paper, waste, etc.
    Oracle Environmental Stewardship Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 17.
    • > 6% of renewable energy
    • Energy usage reduced to < 0.5kWh supporting each kWh of IT equipment
    • Support energy use is >50% less than typical industry practice
    Austin Data Center Towards an Energy Efficient Benchmark Copyright 2009 Oracle Corporation.
  • 18. <Insert Picture Here> &quot;Technology vendors have a critical role to play to enable more sustainable business practices,&quot; said Cody Sisco, Manager of Advisory Services at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). &quot;The emphasis on sustainability at Oracle's global customer and partner event demonstrates how important it considers these opportunities. Through Oracle's &quot;Enable the Eco-Enterprise&quot; awards, Oracle is rewarding more sustainable business practices, and demonstrating how other organizations can use technology to cut costs, improve business efficiencies, and minimize their environmental impacts. We encourage Oracle and the software industry to continue to accelerate their customers' progress in addressing sustainability challenges.&quot; Enabling the Eco-Enterprise Award
  • 19. Oracle products that help reduce costs by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing an organization’s carbon footprint:
    • • Oracle Real Application Clusters allow customers to add capacity on demand with one inexpensive PC server at a time. This helps save on electricity, cooling, and floor space.
    • • Oracle Active Data Guard offloads resource-intensive activities from databases in the primary data center to an underutilized standby site. This enables greater hardware efficiency and lower operating costs.
    • • Oracle Advanced Compression compresses any type of data, including structured and unstructured data such as documents, images, and multimedia, as well as network traffic and data generated in the process of being backed up. As a result, companies can significantly lower storage requirements, increasing energy efficiency.
    • • Oracle VM is server virtualization software that fully supports both Oracle and non-Oracle applications. With Oracle VM, companies can consolidate servers and reduce power consumption.
    • • Oracle Self-Service Applications automate formerly paper-driven processes. With these applications, companies can reduce a company’s carbon footprint by cutting consumption of natural resources through elimination of printing and distribution. Oracle Self-Service Applications include the following:
    • - Oracle Procurement — manages the procurement of goods and services online
    • - Oracle Internet Expenses — manages the expense reimbursement process
    • - Oracle Payables —automates invoice processing
    • - Oracle eBilling Manager —enables online bill access and payment
    • - Oracle Web Conferencing — enables virtual meetings, with the ability to view visuals
  • 20. Oracle products that help companies design green products and implement green processes:
    • Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management solutions enable companies to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by managing product information, processes, and decisions throughout the product lifecycle and across the global product network. Companies using Agile Product Lifecycle Management are able to implement “cradle-to-cradle” product design processes that assume no waste at all.
    • • Oracle Asset Lifecycle Management consists of many solutions that are part of Oracle E-Business Suite Financial family of applications. These products give an organization the ability to monitor assets—from service and maintenance, to upgrade, transfer, or configuration—during their entire lifecycle. Companies can also reduce energy use and improve asset performance through reliability-centered maintenance.
    • • Oracle Lean Manufacturing allows companies to implement processes that eliminate the wastes that inflate costs, lead times, and inventory requirements. With Oracle Lean Manufacturing, companies can more easily adhere to environmental compliance initiatives and develop processes that promote environmental sustainability.
    • • Oracle Reverse Logistics manages the handling and disposition of returned goods, improving a company’s ability to put returned goods back on the market, while providing better data on why goods are returned. Companies implementing reverse logistics processes can dramatically reduce the waste going into landfills and increase opportunities to reintroduce returned products to market.
    • • Oracle Strategic Network Optimization helps companies optimize global supply chain operations and deploy improved risk mitigation strategies. With “what if” scenario capabilities, companies can model and predict impacts of implementing green networks.
    • • Oracle Transportation Management delivers transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third-party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, which allows companies to build more efficient and environmentally friendly distribution networks.
  • 21. Oracle products that improve brand by making sustainability efforts transparent to the market:
    • • Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) is a portfolio of technology and applications that provides the industry's first integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System, including category-leading performance management applications, BI applications, BI foundation and tools, and data warehousing. With Oracle Business Intelligence, companies can identify metrics and create dashboards to monitor environmental sustainability activities. With holistic visibility into sustainability efforts, companies can confidently promote socially and environmentally responsible activities.
    • • Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager (GRC Manager) delivers end-to-end support for GRC processes—including best-in-class infrastructure services for content and records management, identity management and access control, and change and configuration management—along with integrated intelligence for insight into the status of all GRC activities across the enterprise. With Oracle GRC Manager companies can monitor and report on compliance with global regulations, while safeguarding their brand and reputation through information reliability and data protection.
  • 22.