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  • 1. Purchasing Services October 8, 2009 SUBJECT: Invitation to Present Information on District Information Systems (REVISED) Dear Vendor: You are invited to provide information for a Multi-Year Capital Needs Audit Service for Tucson Unified School District. The purpose or intent of the Request for Information is for District Wide Information Systems solutions for Tucson Unified School District. Please review current environment and present your information for those areas that your organization is most comfortable with. Vendors may select multiple areas of the infrastructure to offer solutions on. This document is not a Request for Proposal. One or more Requests for Proposals may be issued folling the RFI process. You are being sent this invitation because, in certain categories, the District believes that live presentations/demonstrations by potential service providers will be extremely helpful in the process of a committee writing one or more Requests for Proposals. These presentations are a vehicle to ensure that the review committee has the best information available on which to perform and memorialize its analyses of the offerings relative to the District’s needs. A. DISTRICT NEEDS Tucson Unified School District is aggressively implementing 21 st Century Learning Skills through “Choice” school programs. 21st Century Learning relies on these 21st Century Technology. As you develop the RFI for TUSD, we are seeking the following learning practices for our 21st Century Middle School learners: Digital Story telling ability at 21 Middle Schools (approximately 2100 users at one time) Video pod casting capacity (approximately 630 users at one time) Video Conferencing with partners’ world-wide (approximately 42 users at one time) Electronic/Multi-media Collaboration capacity (approximately 1050 users at one time) Networking infrastructure to support these 21st Century tools Telecommunication options Server Solutions Desktop Solutions Application solutions for: Student management, collaboration, files print services, Human Resources and Financial application, Account management, and Security monitor. Page 1 of 4
  • 2. B. QUESTIONS: Please refer all questions to Raymond Thibault, Procurement Technical Analyst, at the following e-mail (preferred method): raymond.thibault@tusd1.org or telephone: (520) 225-6483. Contact with other district staff or Administration, will be by written permission only. C. NOTICE: Tucson Unified School District is not liable for any cost incurred by any person or firm responding to the Request for Information. This Request for Information does not obligate Tucson Unified School District to enter into a purchase agreement with any respondent. D. SUPPORT, TRAINING: Please include with your response how you plan on training staff, length of support, and other technical information deemed to fit the various District programs and expectations. E. PRESENTATIONS To be fair, we will be adhering to the following guidelines for the presentations/demonstrations. • Time slots for presentations have been scheduled for October 19, 2009 and October 20, 2009. Each participant will be allowed 45 minutes to present, plus 15 minutes for Q&A. To schedule an appointment, please call or email Raymond Thibault (520) 225-6483, raymond.thibault@tusd1.org at your earliest convenience. • Please provide all information relating to this Request for Information presented that your firm wishes to offer as a solution to the District at the time of your presentation. If you are providing presentation materials, you should expect to need one original and ten (10) copies of your documents. The original should be marked as “Original” on the cover, and the ten copies, each marked as “Copy” on the cover. Vendors who have questions about this process are required to submit their questions in writing to Raymond Thibault at the e-mail address listed above. All questions must be submitted prior to the vendor demonstrations. Questions will be addressed at the demonstrations. In preparation for the presentation please refer to the Attachments indicating current products and services in use by the District, including current information systems and architecture that may warrant replacement by equivalent or better current solutions. This information is illustrative of TUSD needs but not necessarily comprehensive. Sincerely, Raymond Thibault Procurement Technical Analyst Tucson Unified School District 1010 E. 10th Street, Bldg B Tucson, AZ 85719 Tel (520) 225-6080 Fax (520) 225-6082 Web www.tusd.k12.az.us email raymond.thibault@tusd1.org Page 2 of 4
  • 3. Tucson Unified School District Purchasing Services REQUEST FOR INFORMATION DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEMS GENERAL INFORMATION: 1. The Tucson Unified School District serves approximately 56,000 students. 2. There are approximately 6,385 employees as District level users. 3. TUSD supports 121 schools, Elementary, Middle, High, alternative, Distant learning 4. Historical data: a. Students 276,164 b. Teachers 17,852 5. The Tucson Unified School District’s student information system (SIS) currently resides on a Windows network. All Middle and High schools have an independent copy of the Mojave SMS software with a SQL relational database. (A relational database has multiple related tables each consisting of rows and columns, with the use of values common to more than one table.) a. 75 GB SQL Student data b. 24 GB SQL Log data 6. Telecommunications & Data Services: a. voice services for the district’s +8,500 Telephones i. including a Telephone in every Classroom b. E911 c. Voice Mail services and Teleconference Bridges d. QMOE = 1-100mb e. DSL = 1 f. DS3 = 13 g. PRI = 22 h. DS1 = 128 i. DID = 17,180 j. 1FB = 515 k. CSU/DSU = 138 l. Passport = 108 m. PBX = 107 7. Current Bandwidth distribution: a. 1.5 Mbps – Elementary b. 1.5 Mbps –Middle School c. 3.0 Mbps – High School d. 9.0 Mbps – High School e. 45 Mbps – Hub sites, f. 45 – 55 Mbps – Wireless g. 100 Mbps – Wireless 8. WAN/LAN devices: Page 3 of 4
  • 4. a. Aprrox. number of managed switches 1141 b. Aprrox. number of unmanaged switches 3100 c. Approx. number of managed and unmanaged Data Ports : 75, 772 d. Wireless: i. 21 Sites are using Wireless LAN Controllers supporting 680 Access Points ii. Only 3 have campus wide coverage iii. 14 Sites have a WiFi presence iv. Total of 200 Individually managed Access Points 9. Personal Computer Technology a. 20,000 Desktop, laptops i. 3000 MAC (3 - 20 yrs old) ii. 17000 Windows PC (Average age 5-9 yrs old systems) b. Electronic White boards i. 500 Smart ii. 1400 Promethean c. 325 Scanners d. 2500 Printer 10. Data Center: a. Total number of staff to support server equipment: 7 b. Total number of servers throughout the district: 483 c. Total number of operations central core servers: 188 d. Total number of school or resource site servers: 295 e. Average age of server equipment: 5yrs old f. Percent of district servers covered by warranty or support: 4% g. Percent of district server NOT covered by warranty or support: 96% h. Average equipment or hardware failure rate: 8% per server i. Average processor type per server: Intel Zeon 1.8 Gigahertz dual processor single core j. Average memory installed per server: 1 Gig k. Average network speed per server: 100Mb full duplex l. Total disk storage: 177,246,886 m. Average total percent of free unused storage: 64% (unused stranded storage unavailable to other servers or equipment) n. Average server utilization: 8% Roles and Functions the servers perform: Services Provided are: DHCP, WINS, DNS, Active Directory, SQL, File & Print, People Soft, Transportation Routing, Help Desk, Hardware Management, Antivirus & Antispam, Email, Web & Content filtering & proxy, Terminal services & Remote desktop, Server Virtualization, Share Point services, Database warehouse & reporting, Intranet & Internet Web presents, Disaster Recovery Backup/Restore services, Student management, Data Analysis, and Student Application services. Page 4 of 4