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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Virtual Machine: A Computer Within Your Computer Created By Elaine Bryskar
  • 2. Have You Ever???
    • Wanted to try another operating system?
    • Wanted to try evaluation software?
    • Wanted not worry about viruses on the Net?
  • 3. Have You Ever???
    • Wanted to access something on another computer on your network?
    • Wanted a backup/recovery plan?
  • 4. If You Answered Yes…
    • Dreamer
    • Sense of Adventure
    • Don’t want to spend much money
  • 5. Tasks from the Past PC Magazine February 2008
    • Overcome Vista’s incompatibility with older applications
      • Such as games
    • Run customized software that won’t work in today’s O/Ss
  • 6. What Is Virtualization?
    • Proven software technology
    • Runs multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same computer at the same time
    • It is not dual-booting
    • Can be used by anyone who uses a computer
  • 7. What Companies?
    • Microsoft
    • IBM
    • Sun
    • HP
    • VMWare
  • 8. What Is A Server?
    • Allows multiple client machines to connect and use applications at the same time
  • 9. What Is A Virtual Machine?
    • Tightly isolated software container that can run its own operating system as if it were a physical computer
    • Behaves exactly like a physical computer
    • Contains its own virtual CPU, RAM, hard drive, and network interface card (NIC).
  • 10. What Is A Virtual Machine? Without A Host O/S installed
  • 11. Virtualization Approach
    • VMWare inserts a thin layer of software directly on host operating system
    • This layer contains a virtual machine monitor that allocated resources dynamically
    • Allows multiple O/Ss to run concurrently on single physical computer
  • 12. What Is A Virtual Machine? With a Host O/S installed
            • CPU. Memory, NIC, Hard Drive
    Host Machine Guest Machines
  • 13. How Is It Important To Me?
    • Runs on any x86-based machine
    • Supports 64-bit O/Ss
    • Installs like an application, wizard-driven
    • Supports any VMWare or Microsoft virtual machine format
    • Supports multiprocessors
  • 14. Why Is It Important To Me?
    • Run Windows, Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu on same machine
    • Increase CPU utilization
    • Move virtual machines from one computer to another
      • A VM is simply a file
    • Capture the entire state of a VM and roll back to a prior state (Snapshot)
  • 15. A Quick Review
    • Compatibility:
      • VMs are compatible with all standard x-86 machines
    • Isolation:
      • VMs are isolated from each other as if physically separated
    • Encapsulation
      • VMs encapsulate a complete computing environment
    • Hardware independence:
      • VMs run independently of underlying hardware
  • 16. A Quick Review
    • Encapsulation makes VMs incredibly portable, easy to image
      • Move and copy a VM image (file) just like any other software file
    • Save VM to any standard data storage medium
      • USB flash drive, another hard drive
  • 17. A Quick Review: Hardware Independence
    • Configure VM with virtual components different from underlying hardware
      • Move a VM from one kind of x86 machine to another without changing device drivers, OS, applications
  • 18. Some Specifics: Software
    • Windows Operating System
      • Windows XP Media Center SP2
      • Windows 2000 Server
      • Windows Server 2003
    • VMWare Server VMs can run
      • Windows 3.1 – Vista
      • Ubuntu
      • Linux
      • DOS
  • 19. Some Specifics: My Laptop Hardware
    • RAM: 1.49 GB
    • CPU: 1.73 MHz
    • Hard Drive: 111GB
    • Allocated
      • 512 MB RAM for VM Server with Win2K installed
      • 8 GB Hard Drive Space
  • 20. My Desktop
  • 21. My Desktop
  • 22.  
  • 23.  
  • 24. What Else Is On-Tap
    • Browser Appliance add-on
    • Protect against viruses, adware, other malware with Firefox in a VM. Leverages VM isolation to prevent downloaded malware from propagating to desktop
    • Take a snapshot before browsing and wipe it away
    • It’s free but other Appliances are not
  • 25.  
  • 26. Research Information
    • VMWare Server and VMWare Player
      • Author: Dennis Zimmer
      • ISBN: 783952-291215
    • Professional VMWare Server
      • Author: Eric Hammersley
      • ISBN: 780470-079881
  • 27. Research Information
      • And, best of all, it’s FREE!
      • Register (by giving an email address) and request as many serial numbers as you wish
  • 28. Would You Like a Copy?
    • Send me an email at
      • [email_address]
      • Place the following in the subject line:
        • TVCUG VM
    • I will attach and forward the following:
      • 2008 TVCUG Virtual Machine.pps
    • This file (1.6MB) can be run without PowerPoint