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    NewsletterOctober2001.doc.doc.doc NewsletterOctober2001.doc.doc.doc Document Transcript

    • NEWSLETTER Volume 1 Issue 8 October 2001 Inside this Issue Feedback We welcome your feedback. Please send your comments to presalesnews.feedback@compaq.com Dear Reader, Preparations for next week’ s KTE are now well advanced and we look forward to welcome an even greater number of delegates than the last time. We are pleased to announce that the final agenda is now available online http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport/downloads/KTE_Q4_Agenda.pdf. Please note that we have extended the deadline for our user survey. Last entry date is now 19th November. We will publish the results of this survey at the beginning of December. http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport/PresalesSurvey.html Registration To ensure that you receive this newsletter regularly, we would like to ask you to register at the following web site: http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport/register.html Presales.Support@Compaq.Com 1 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Alpha  Customer Assurance Program  EOL Info  ES45 – Memory Channel Software  Standard Allowance Rule ("STAR")  Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Storage  NEW DRM SPD for ACS 8.6-1P  ACS Firmware Upgrade Matrix  Enterprise Virtual Array/ adendum – Heterogeneous Open SAN Design Reference Guide  SANWorks Software licensing model FAQ  StorageWorks™ Enterprise Virtual Array Statement of Support  DS-KZPCC-CE/AC  3X-KZPEA-DB  3X-PBXDD-AA/AB ProLiant  Compaq ProLiant Outperforms Dell PowerEdge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q Is Enterprise a Fibre Channel StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual solution? Array Presales.Support@Compaq.Com 2 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • A Enterprise is an all FC solution allowing customer to expand to utilizing FC controllers and next 240 drives. generation 2Gb/sec. FC drives. Q What O/S platforms are supported Q Why is Fibre Channel important? by Enterprise? A Many customers feel that all FC A At first release, Enterprise will solutions offer greater performance support NT, W2K, Solaris, Tru64 vs. SCSI drive solutions. UNIX, and OVMS. Q How big is Enterprise? Q Does Enterprise use ACS? A Enterprise models are only A Enterprise uses VCS or Virtual configured in 42U cabinets. One Controller Software. (One VCS Enterprise controller pair can license will apply to both support up to 240 FC drives, 168 controllers.) in one cabinet. (36 and 72 10K RPM Drives available) Please see Q What VCS variant is needed for the Enterprise Virtual Array Virtual Instantaneous Snapclones? QuickSpec for more information A The Snapshot variant of VCS is required to enable Virtually Q Since Enterprise supports up to 240 Instantaneous Snapclones, drives, how many drive enclosures Virtually Capacity-Free Snapshots are needed to reach this number of as well as traditional Snapshot. drives? There is not any type of clone or snapshot support in the base VCS. A The Enterprise controller (HSV110) supports up to 240 FC Q What VCS version must be ordered? drives (only 168 in one 42U cabinet). Because of the FC loop A Unlike the ACS, both the base addressing behind the controllers, VCS and VCS Snapshot version it is strongly recommended that an must be ordered to support even number of drive enclosures be advance functionality such as split between the two controllers. Virtually Instantaneous Snapclones Therefore, to reach the 240 limit, it and Virtually Capacity-Free is recommended that 18 drive Snapshots. If only the Snapshot enclosures be employed with drives version of VCS, without the base balanced as evenly as possible VCS, is ordered the system will not between the two controllers. operate. At first release, the largest Q Is Enterprise Modular? standard configuration will be 168 A Because of the tremendous drives in 12 drive enclosures within scalability of modular controllers a 42U cabinet. Early in 2002 an and drive enclosures, Enterprise expansion cab will be available also uses a modular design. (Enterprise does NOT use MA Presales.Support@Compaq.Com 3 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • components) The Enterprise drive A The Enterprise controller is 2Gb enclosures are 3U and designed ready. This means that the specifically for FC drives. A pair controller is capable of performing of independently housed Enterprise in either 2Gb/sec or 1Gb/sec controllers is also 3U. Please see SANs. To take advantage of 2Gb the Enterprise Virtual Array speeds to the server, however, the QuickSpec for more information entire data path must be 2Gb (HBA’ s and Switches). Q What type of service is available? A The same service plans currently Q Do customers need new HBA’s and available for the Modular Array SAN Switches with Enterprise? line are also available for A Enterprise is compatible with the Enterprise. Please see the current FC HBA’ s and SAN Enterprise Virtual Array switches. Enterprise is also 2Gb QuickSpec for more information. ready. Therefore, once 2Gb HBA’ s and switches are available, Q How many Enterprise units can one customers will want to install the SAN Management Appliance faster interconnect to take full manage? advantage of the 2Gb capability of the Enterprise Virtual Array. A 16 Enterprise Virtual Arrays can be managed by one SAN Q What does virtualization mean? Management Appliance. A Storage virtualization is the Q How do customers configure transparent abstraction of storage at the block level. It separates out Enterprise? logical data access from physical A The HSV Element Manager, which per-disk data access. resides on the SAN Management Virtualization can occur at any Appliance, is used to configure and level of the Storage Area Network manage storage on the Enterprise including the server level, fabric Virtual Array. level, and storage system level. Enterprise uses virtualization at Q Can customers manage an Enterprise the individual storage system level without a SAN Management to create large pools of storage Appliance (using SWCC)? behind the controllers. For an in- A No. Enterprise can only be depth look at virtualization and managed with a SAN Management Enterprise please refer to the Appliance. SWCC, or an following white paper: Storage equivalent product, will not Virtualization and the manage an Enterprise Virtual StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array. Array. Q What is a virtual storage pool Q What does “2Gb ready” mean? Presales.Support@Compaq.Com 4 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • A Enterprise utilizes virtualization Virtual Array is able to provide technology that will pool all of the large pools of storage, which available storage behind the provides for simple management, controller. A storage pool is the high capacity utilization and grouping of physical disks into a powerful data replication tools such logical pool of disk space that can as Virtually Capacity-Free be easily managed using software. Snapshots and Virtually Enterprise can create up to 16 Instantaneous Snapclones. pools behind a controller pair. For an in-depth look at virtualization Q Is Enterprise an upgrade of the and Enterprise please refer to the HSG80 Controller? following white paper: Storage A No, the Enterprise Virtual Array is Virtualization and the not a new version of the HSG80. StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Enterprise is a new all Fibre Array. Channel architecture that utilizes virtualization technology. Q What is a virtual disk? Enterprise uses FC drives with A A virtual disk is a logical grouping different drive enclosures in of physical disk space from the addition to the next generation pool. In essence a virtual disk is HSV110 controller. the equivalent of a LUN in a SCSI protocol. A storage pool can be Q Are SCSI drives supported by the divided into virtual disks of any Enterprise Controller? size as long as they are within the limits of the storage pool. A A Enterprise only supports FC virtual disk cannot be larger than drives. It will not support SCSI the available storage capacity of drives. the storage pool. Enterprise will support a maximum of 256 virtual disks behind a controller pair. For SDLT cleaning cartridges-service an in-depth look at virtualization advisory and Enterprise please refer to the following white paper: Storage Q. When is an SDLT cleaning cartridge Virtualization and the needed? StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array. A. Based on the advanced drive and media technology, SDLT tape Q What about VersaStor? drives typically do not require A The Enterprise Virtual Array is cleaning developed on VersaStor Only drives experiencing extreme virtualization technology. By usage or operation in very harsh implementing VersaStor environments may require cleaning virtualization technology at the controller level, the Enterprise Presales.Support@Compaq.Com 5 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Q. What if the drive issues a "requires a) Purchase a cleaning cleaning" message? cartridge from Quantum b) Follow instructions A. If the drive issues a "requires provided with cleaning cleaning" message, then the cartridge to clean the drive following steps should be c) performed: Note: A ‘ SDLT Maintenance Kit’ is planned for Determine if the "requires cleaning" release in Q1 2002. In the interim, please message is an accurate message refer to the above service advisory. a) Power cycle the tape drive b) Perform operation with different tape cartridge c) If the "requires cleaning" message persists, then cleaning the drive will be recommended If the drive requires cleaning, the customer will be directed to do the following: Presales.Support@Compaq.Com 6 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) • DCE Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) - creates and runs client/server Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) applications is a widely accepted set of tools for • DCE Cell Directory Service (CDS) - developing and deploying multi-platform, provides location-independent name secure, enterprise-wide distributed computing service for resources in the applications. DCE on Tru64 UNIX supports environment the Open Group R1.2.2 base code. • DCE Time Service - synchronizes time in the distributed environment In June of 1999 Compaq contracted with • DCE Security Service - provides Gradient Technologies, a business unit of Entegrity Solutions Corporation to take over communication through authorization responsibility for development, maintenance and authentication service and support of DCE on Tru64 UNIX and • Distributed Files Service (DFS) - Windows. As part of this agreement Compaq provides access to files in the also transferred the ownership of the DCE distributed environment product set on these platforms to Gradient. • DCE Interface Definition Language DCE on OpenVMS and Compaq NonStop (IDL) - provides object oriented Kernel are not part of the agreement with Entegrity. client/server bindings for DCE, part of the ADK To date Entegrity has released four versions • DCE Control Program (dcecp) - of DCE. The currently available version is provides means to manage and control Gradient DCE/DFS 4.1 for Tru64 UNIX 5.1 DCE components and clusters. • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol This version is available from Compaq or (LDAP) - provides low overhead access Entegrity. to X.500 directory service For DCE support on other platforms, please • MIT Kerberos 5 - enabling contact Entegrity 508-624-9600 authentication and key distribution (International) or email to • Private Key Storage Server (PKSS) - dcesales@entegrity.com. stores private keys for user Products authorization DCE on Tru64 UNIX implements features like: Easy Ordering • DCE for Tru64 UNIX - product There are eight orderable DCE components: functionality 1. DCE Privacy Enable Run Time 2. DCE Application Developer's Toolkit page 7 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • 3. DCE Cell Directory Server 4. DCE Security Server All components are currently distributed on 5. DFS Run Time (client) the same CDROM. Entegrity’ s part number 6. DFS Server for the media kit is 99-MDA-CCD-065. 7. DCE Cluster Run Time Option Compaq part numbers include license and 8. DFS Cluster Run Time Option media. The software license prices for the DCE The number of microprocessors in the cluster products use Compaq's tiered definitions for determines the cluster license. E.g. each node Workgroup, Departmental and Enterprise. in an ES40 cluster has four microprocessors For information about the tiers see and will require four DCE (and DFS) Cluster www.compaq.com/products/software/ run time licenses. No tiers - same license for info/refmat/swl_syschart.html all hardware configurations. DCE 4.1 for Tru64 UNIX 5.1 Part Numbers Component Entegrity Part Number Compaq Part Number Privacy Enabled Run Time Kit QB-01MAE-WA Tier 1 20-RTL-TRU-125-P QB-01MAE-WB (update) QB-01MAG-WA Tier 2 20-RTL-TRU-135-P QB-01MAG-WB (update) QB-01MAQ-WA Tier 3 20-RTL-TRU-145-P QB-01MAQ-WB (update) Cluster Unit License 20-RTL-TRU-155-P DCE RT U/A 1 CLUS LIC/CD QB-01MA1-WA DCE RT U/A 1 CLUS LIC/CD UPG QB-01MA1-WB DCE RT U/A 8 CLUS LIC/CD QB-01MA3-WA DCE RT U/A 8 CLUS LIC/CD UPG QB-01MA3-WB DCE RT U/A 32 CLUS LIC/CD QB-01MA5-WA DCE RT U/A 32 CLU LIC/CD UPG QB-01MA5-WB Application Developer's Kit QB-01NAE-WA Tier 1 20-ADL-TRU-125 QB-01NAE-WB (update) QB-01NAG-WA Tier 2 20-ADL-TRU-135 QB-01NAG-WB (update) QB-01NAQ-WA Tier 3 20-ADL-TRU-145 QB-01NAQ-WB (update) Cell Directory Server QB-01PAE-WA Tier 1 20-SVL-TRU-125 QB-01PAE-WB (update) QB-01PAG-WA Tier 2 20-SVL-TRU-135 QB-01PAG-WB (update) QB-01PAQ-WA Tier 3 20-SVL-TRU-145 QB-01PAQ-WB (update) Security Server QB-01QAE-WA Tier 1 20-SVL-TRU-126 QB-01QAE-WB (update) QB-01QAG-WA Tier 2 20-SVL-TRU-136 QB-01QAG-WB (update) QB-01QAQ-WA Tier 3 20-SVL-TRU-146 QB-01QAQ-WB (update) DFS Server QB-6NXAE-WA Tier 1 25-DFS-TRU-047 QB-6NXAE-WB (update) page 8 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • QB-6NXAG-WA Tier 2 25-DFS-TRU-041 QB-6NXAG-WB (update) QB-6NXAQ-WA Tier 3 25-DFS-TRU-055 QB-6NXAQ-WB (update DFS Client Tier 1 25-DFC-TRU-043 Tier 2 25-DFC-TRU-047 Tier 3 25-DFC-TRU-051 Cluster Unit License 20-DFC-TRU-185 page 9 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Frequently Asked Questions – DCE conditions are the same. Please see the ordering page for more information. Below are answers to frequently asked Q. Do Compaq's Support Centers support questions about DCE on Tru64 UNIX. DCE? Q. Is Distributed File Service (DFS) A. Yes, DCE service on UNIX is available functionality available? from Compaq. The Compaq support A. Yes, DFS client and server support is centers support the DCE products and available on single member systems. work closely with Entegrity development Certain cluster configurations are also and maintenance personnel. DCE service supported. on Windows is available from Entegrity. Q. How does the Compaq-Entegrity Q. Where can I find more information about relationship affect DCE on OpenVMS and Entegrity's DCE products? NonStop Kernel? A. There is a data sheet online at A. Not at all. Compaq continues to develop, www2.entegrity.com/dce/netc_dce.pdf. maintain and support these products? Q. Are updates and new versions distributed on Q. Does DCE on Tru64 UNIX interoperate the quarterly layered product CDROM? with other vendor's DCE products? A. No. Updates are distributed by Entegrity A. Yes. and incorporated in follow-on releases. Q. What is the DCE Privacy Option? Is it Did we answer your question? If not, please send us an e-mail application- available? development@compaq.com. A. The DCE Privacy Option provides application level access to encryption technologies. Startin with DCE 4.1 the ES45 - with Memory Channel Privacy Option is integrated with DCE run time (client) kit, which has been Q. Can I make a point-to-point connection renamed to "Privacy Enabled Run Time". from Memory Channel to Memory Channel Q. Does DCE ship with Compaq's or in a two node cluster, or do I need to add a Entegrity's terms and conditions? Memory Channel hub? According to the A. DCE for Tru64 UNIX is available only on ES45 QuickSpec one CCMHB-AA hub has Entegrity's price, terms and conditions. to be added “for two to eight system nodes.… ” Q. Should I order DCE from Compaq or from A. When connecting two systems without Entegrity? using the Memory Channel hub, the cards A. The DCE products are available from would normally be configured to work in either Compaq or Entegrity. Either way a "virtual hub" mode. the software kit, price, terms and The ES45 QuickSpec states at the start of page 10 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Step 13: "The ES45 will not support MEMORY CHANNEL with virtual hubs at introduction." The same information can be found in the ES45 Supported Option List on the web: http://www.compaq.com/alphaserver/opt ions/ases45/ases45___-ccmab-aa.html Updated M-series cabinet documentation:  H9A10 M-series cabinet (medium) pdf (1.8 MB, 11 x 17 format) http://www.compaq.com/alphaserver/downloa d/IB-H9A10-5_L.pdf  H9A15 M-series cabinet (tall) pdf (2.03 MB, 11 x 17 format) http://www.compaq.com/alphaserver/downloa d/IB-H9A15-3_L.pdf page 11 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • AlphaServer Customer Assurance Program • Financial assistance and protection with an attractive October 17, 2001 AlphaServer trade-in program and a Dear Customer, leasing option on current AlphaServer systems that provides a comprehensive transition solution to ItaniumTM Over the last month we briefed you on processor family-based systems. Compaq and Hewlett-Packard’ s definitive agreement to merge the two companies into • Transition assurance with free an $87 billion global technology leader. As a customer architectural transition valued AlphaServer customer, we have workshops, availability of strived to emphasize that during this comprehensive white papers, toolset, transition period, and following the and technical resources and access to completion of the proposed merger, your worldwide Expertise Centers for success and investment protection are testing ISV and custom code on foremost in our minds. ItaniumTM processor family-based systems Today, I am pleased to announce a new and comprehensive investment protection and As our track record over multiple decades transition program that underscores this clearly proves, we understand the importance commitment to you and your business of your commitment to our mission-critical success, today and well into the future. The platforms. It is our intention with this AlphaServer Customer Assurance program to clearly demonstrate that we have taken very tangible steps to ensuring Program sets a new standard for investment protection as well as a smooth commitment to customer satisfaction by: transition that will result in bringing you the • Providing proof that AlphaServer maximum benefits of the new platforms and systems continue to deliver significant technologies while minimizing any disruption business value today and into the to your business. future • Providing the flexibility and choice for Your Compaq representative will be transitioning to ItaniumTM processor scheduling a visit with you in the coming family-based systems when it is weeks to discuss the details of this program. appropriate for you As always, if you have any further questions, • Reinforcing Compaq’ s commitment to please contact me directly. provide a seamless and well-supported transition Sincerely, • Delivering a comprehensive suite of investment protection initiatives The highlights of this exciting new program include: Rich Marcello • A money back customer Vice President and General Manager satisfaction guarantee for High Performance Systems Division TM transitioning to Itanium processor family-based systems page 12 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Software Business Practice Update Standard Allowance Rule ("STAR") Example-2:  Current price of licence being traded-in = $2200; From 01.November.2001 the Standard  new licence price = $2000 Allowance Rule ("STAR") for HPS Software Licence Trade-ins throughout EMEA will be Allowance amount will be 75% of (smaller increased from 50% to 75%. This will mean price) $2000/100 *75 = $1500. that HPS worldwide will have one Corporately pre-approved allowance for Price (pre-discount) = $2000 minus $1500 = standard software licence trade-ins. All other $500 trade-in processes that are based upon the “ STAR” rule like the migration licenses (QL- EMEA Customer Assurance Programme upiA*-Z*) will be changed accordingly. (This (License Trade-ins) does not alter the special 100% trade-in allowance offered under the EMEA Customer Under the Customer Assurance Programme, Assurance program for migration to Itanium Compaq offers its EMEA customers a special from Alpha servers.) 100% credit for any Compaq licence for OpenVMS or Tru64 UNIX operating system A reminder for those who need to understand software and their layered products towards the detail: the cost of the same or equivalent product on Itanium. Note: the new licence must run on  The 75% trade-in allowance amount is or be the same operating system as the determined by selecting the smaller of traded-in licence. either (a) the current price of the licence So for clarification two distinct examples: being traded-in or (b) the new licence. 1. Customer trades-in a licence with a Whether the allowance amount is from current CLP of $80K towards the (a) the "old" licence or (b) the new equivalent product licence on Itanium licence - it will be applied to the new with CLP of $95K. The allowanced price licence. (The effect of this determination is $95K minus $80K = $15K (pre- method is to ensure that the new licence customer-discount). trade-in allowance never exceeds 75% of the new licence.) 2. Customer trades-in a licence with a current CLP of $80K towards the Example-1: equivalent product licence on Itanium Current price of licence being traded-in = with CLP of $65K. The allowanced price $1600; new licence price = $1850 is $65K minus $80K = $0K - NOTE: all credit is used up with this ONE  Allowance amount will be 75% of (smaller transaction; price cannot be less than zero, and no refunds! price) $1600/100 *75= $1200  Price (pre-discount) = $1850 minus $1200 = $650 ISV software license transfer/ transition page 13 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • application solution environment over to • Itanium™ Processor Family transition: Itanium™ Processor Family-based systems. Compaq is working closely with all of our ISV partners to ensure that ISVs o Support the new platform o Continue to develop and support Alpha applications during the transition period and beyond. ‘Statements of Support’ now online on New Support Documents Published EOL Part No Replacement Description Product 3D LABS OXYGEN 3X-KZPEA-DB is Now Supported on the SN-PBXGK-BB SN-PBXGF-AB VX1, 32MB PCI DS20E and ES40 Under OpenVMS: GRAPHICS CARD 3X-KZPEA-DB Now Supported on the XP900, KN610-AA KN610-BA 667 MHz LINUX XP1000, DS10, and DS10L Under VMS: KN610-CA 833 MHz LINUX 667-MHZ CPU WITH DS-KZPCC-CE/-AC Now Supported On the KN610-BB TRU64 UNIX SMP DS20E and ES40 With BA610-6D SCSI Drive LICENSE KN610-AB Cage 833-MHZ CPU WITH 3X-KZPEA-DB Now Supported On the ES40 KN610-CB TRU64 UNIX SMP LICENSE (EV68 Minimum) Under UNIX: 667-MHZ CPU WITH 3X-PBXDD-AA/AB ARE NOW SUPPORTED KN610-BC OPENVMS SMP ON THE GS80, GS160, GS320 SYSTEMS LICENSE KN610-AC UNDER UNIX: 833MHz CPU with 3X-PBXDD-AA/AB ARE NOW SUPPORTED KN610-CC OPENVMS SMP LICENSE ON THE DS20E, ES40, AND AS4x00 SYSTEMS UNDER UNIX: our Pre-sales Support Web Page 3X-PBXDD-AA/AB ARE NOW SUPPORTED ON THE DS10/L SYSTEMS UNDER UNIX: Statements of support have been a feature of • ISV licensing practices: The relevant our newsletter for a while now. Please note that these documents are now available information regarding each ISV’ s’ license online. As part of our initiative to improve business practices is being gathered now our service to you, we decided to publish the and will be made available for customer statements of support on our web page as planning purposes. The information will soon as they become available, instead of be incorporated into the standard Tru64 publishing these documents at the end of and OpenVMS ISV databases. each month. http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessuppo • Transition tools: We will ensure ISVs have rt/SupportInfo.html) the complete development environment they need. Support resources: Professional Services / HPS Solutions Engineering will identify Enterprise Virtual Array migration tools, strategies and methodologies to enable customers in Tru64™ UNIX® and OpenVMS target markets to transition their Please note that there is an addendum – Heterogeneous Open SAN Design Reference page 14 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Guide for Enterprise Virtual Array - now available at: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/ storageworks/san/AA-RQ6DA-TE.pdf Heterogeneous Compaq SANs- Involving HSV110 controller Part II of the reference document Heterogeneous Compaq SANs - Supported operating systems is now available: http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessuppo rt/downloads/MultiVendorSupport_II.pdf EOL Information Please note that the above part numbers (KN610-xx) are not direct replacements but rather speed upgrades (from 500MHz to 667MHz/833MHz). Further information is available at http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessuppo rt/ES40Upgrade.html HSG80 Data Replication Manager - Software Version 8.6-1P A new Software Product Description (SPD) for Data Replication Manager (DRM) Software is now available – http://www.compaq.com/info/SP7090/SP709 0PF.PDF page 15 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • HA/F500 kit: Myths and Legends configurations with a separation of up to 100 Km between nodes. It appears that our article in last month’ s newsletter entitled HA/F500 kit: Myths and The Basic Cluster Kit provides a base set of Legends may have been slightly misleading to documentation and a crossover cable, some of our readers. specifically for customers who have already The article suggests that the HA/F500 cluster purchased Secure Path Software and kit is not an integral part of Compaq cluster hardware separately. solutions and that Microsoft Cluster Server is all that is required. The Enhanced Cluster Kit provides a complete set of documentation, a crossover While Microsoft Cluster Server does provide cable, multi-path and intelligent clustering services for customers who wish to manageability software necessary to configure configure a basic entry level cluster, it is a no-single-point-of-failure cluster solution. essential that customers who require a higher level of availability purchase the appropriate The Enhanced DT Cluster Kit provides HA/F500 cluster kit. additional documentation and software that has been tested and certified to work in HA/F500 cluster kits provide customers with the disaster tolerant configurations. following benefits: Readers should be aware of the above benefits when buying or configuring ProLiant  Installation and maintenance are cluster solutions and ensure that the relevant made easier due to detailed HA/F500 cluster kit is part of the overall documentation. solution.  The customer benefits from a lower Further readings: price for the cluster kit than if the components were purchased separately. A detailed FAQ section on HA/F500 cluster can be found at:  Compaq hardware and software has http://www.compaq.com/solutions/enterprise been thoroughly tested in all /ha-f500-qa.html supported cluster configurations so customers using supported A presentation ‘ProLiant Cluster HA/F500 configurations are assured of technical Enhanced DT Solution “ Stretch Cluster” support. with the following topics is available:  If customers use supported  Definition configurations using cluster kits, we  Data Replication Manager can inform them of cluster-related best practices, upgrades, bug-fixes and  Stretch Cluster Overview events.  Functional Operation  The cluster kits support a variety of ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/solutions/enterprise/f configurations, including single path, 500-stretch-web-le.pdf dual path, and disaster tolerant page 16 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • ACS Firmware Upgrade Matrix |/ ACS 8.6-1L ACS 8.6-1G ACS 8.6-1F ACS 8.6-1S ACS 8.6-1P From To (HSG60) (HSG80) (HSG80) (HSG80) (HSG80) ACS8.xL (HSG60 222363-B21 222311-B21 222314-B21 222306-B21 222369-B21 Only) QB-6FTAA-MA QB-6LCAA-SB QB-6LDAA-SC QB-6J8AA-SD QB-6JAAA-SE N/A 235095-B21 222315-B21 222308-B21 222370-B21 ACS 8.xG N/A QB-675AA-MA QB-6LDAA-SD QB-6J8AA-SF QB-6JAAA-SF N/A N/A 222319-B21 222309-B21 222371-B21 ACS 8.xF N/A N/A QB-6BUAA-MB QB-6J8AA-SG QB-6JAAA-SG N/A N/A N/A 222365-B21 222372-B21 ACS 8.xS N/A N/A N/A QB-6ENAA-MA QB-6JAAA-SH NA/ N/A NA/ N/A 222317-B21 ACS 8.xP N/A N/A N/A N/A QB-6CAAA-MB ACS Firmware Matrix History ACS 8.3 ACS 8.4 ACS 8.5 ACS 8.6-1 ACS 8.xL N/A N/A 180319-B21 222362-B21 (HSG60 Only) N/A N/A QB-6FTAA-SA QB-6FTAA-SB 380577-001 N/A 380577-001 235094-B21 ACS 8.xG QB-675AA-SA N/A QB-657AA-SA QB-675AA-SB N/A 160089-B21 128697-B21 222318-B21 ACS 8.xF N/A QB-6BUAA-SC QB-6BUAA-SA QB-6BUAA-SB N/A N/A 160091-B21 222364-B21 ACS 8.xS N/A N/A QB-6ENAA-SA QB-6ENAA-SB N/A 160090-B21 128698-B21 N/A ACS 8.xP N/A QB-6CAAA-SC QB-6CAAA-SA N/A • ACS = Array Controller Software • S = FC-Fabric Snap Shot • L = FC-AL/FC-Fabric (HSG60 Functionality Features. (HSG80 Only). Only) • G = FC-AL.(HSG80 Only) • P = FC-Fabric Data Replication Manager Functionality Features. (HSG80 Only) • F = FC-AL / FC Fabric. (HSG80 Only) • N/A = Not Available. • presalesnews.feedback@compaq.com Compaq SANWorks Software Licensing Model page 17 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport
    • Licensed per Number of Switch Ports Licensed per Operating System in a Licensed per Pair of Controllers Licensed per SAN Management Licensed per Server and hosts Licensed per Controller Licensed per Capacity Licensed per Server & Controller pair (used & unused) Appliance SAN SANworks Product SAN Management Appliance & incl. Applications X1 ACS V8.x F,G,L,S,P X ACS V8.x Platform Kits X VCS V1.x Base Kit X VCS V1.x Snapshot Kits X VCS V1.x Platform Kits X Secure Path V3.x X Virtual Replicator V2.x and higher X2 EVM V1.x and higher X3 Command Scripter X Network View V1.x and higher X4 Storage Resource Manager (SRM) X5 Storage Allocation Reporter X Comments: 1) Open SAN Manager, Element Manager and Resource Monitor Software licenses are included when purchasing the SAN Management Appliance 2) Virtual Replicator functionality is licensed per system. The only exception is the management GUI, for which a single license grants the right to install the software on multiple systems. 3) EVM V1.x runs on server, EVM V2.x Server-software runs on SAN Management Appliance, Agent Software runs on host servers 4) NetworkView V1.x runs on server, V2.x and higher run on SAN Management Appliance. 5) SRM is licensed by Computer, where each operation system image monitored on the network equates to one computer page 18 http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport