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Louviers Library

Louviers Library






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    Louviers Library Louviers Library Document Transcript

    • DOUGLAS COUNTY LIBRARIES Board of Trustees Meeting September 17, 2009 Louviers Village Club House Louviers, CO Vice-President Dash called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. The following were present: TRUSTEES: Barbara Dash, Demetria Heath, Amy Hunt, Bob McLaughlin and David Starck. Stevan Strain and Mark Weston were absent. STAFF: David Farnan, Roy Johnston, Sheila Kerber, Sharon Lauchner, Jamie LaRue, Rochelle Logan, Sharon Nemechek, Mary Tweden and Aspen Walker. GUESTS: See sign-in sheet. PUBLIC COMMENT Ron Beane, of Louviers, announced that the community is reviving their traditional turkey shoot at the Douglas County Sheriff’s shooting range on November 21. Funds raised will be donated to the Louviers Library. Bryant Doyle, a representative from Colorado Senator Mark Scheffel’s office, announced he was attending the meeting to listen and connect Scheffel with the community. CONSENT AGENDA Approved – Minutes, August 20, 2009. Approved- Financial statements, August, 2009. MOTION 09-09-01: Starck moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve the consent agenda. STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS Buildings and Grounds Committee Green Partners and Sustainability Committee Heath reported that the Partnership of Douglas County Government’s Green Partners and Sustainability Committees are regrouping. She said DCL may be asked to participate in the groups’ new directions. Bylaws and Policies Committee
    • Policy additions and updates Hunt announced the second reading for policy updates and additions regarding Colorado Libraries Collaborate (CLC) lending, facility naming rights, contractual nondisclosure clauses, and staff gifts. Hunt said the first policy change was an update to the district’s lending regulations to incorporate reciprocal lending for the Colorado Libraries Collaborate (CLC) program. MOTION 09-09-02: Hunt moved and the motion carried unanimously to add the CLC lending regulations to the district’s current lending policies. MOTION 09-09-03: Hunt moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve the facility naming rights policy. Hunt said the third policy up for consideration affirms that DCL’s contracts and documents are open to the public and in line with the open records act. McLaughlin asked if DCL currently has any contracts that include a nondisclosure clause. LaRue replied that when DCL purchased RFID tags in 2006, the district was asked not to reveal the price negotiated for the tags. MOTION 09-09-04: Hunt moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve the nondisclosure policy. MOTION 09-09-05: Hunt moved and the motion carried unanimously to amend the staff gift policy to allow for gifts valued at $25 or less. Finance Committee Parker Library Renovation Contract McLaughlin reported that thanks to a generous donation, the renovation costs would amount to about $50,000, instead of $100,000. He added that expense was already included in the 2009 budget and moved to approve the contract. Hunt seconded the motion. Starck asked if the motion should be updated to reflect that the renovation contract is with Kennerly Construction Corp. Dash called for a friendly amendment to the motion; McLaughlin and Hunt agreed. McLaughlin asked Nemechek if circulation had truly reached 48% in the library’s children’s area. Nemechek confirmed the statistic. Dash asked about parking in the already over-taxed parking lot. Nemechek said they would have to designate 5-6 spots for the construction dumpster, but that library business had slowed since there is currently no space to offer storytimes in. Dash asked who was responsible for executing supervision of the contract. Tweden replied that Richard McLain and the Facilities department would supervise the process. LaRue noted that Parker Library is about the half the size needed to serve the area’s population. He said Douglas County Libraries would employ the lessons in neighborhood library service learned at
    • the Roxborough and Lone Tree Libraries to help the Parker Library serve more patrons in a too-small space. MOTION 09-09-06: McLaughlin moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve the contract with Kennerly Construction Corp. for renovations to Parker Library. IT Purchases Johnston said the first purchase up for consideration was a storage area network (SAN). He added that this was a specialized server for high density storage, needed for back-up and virtualized servers, like the website. He said the second purchase would replace servers that are 4-6 years old. He said the final purchase was for switches used to connect servers and library users. He added that one of the new servers would be used as an offsite remote backup server. McLaughlin noted that all of the purchases were budgeted for in 2009. Dash noted that as the purchases were from two vendors, the Board should entertain two separate motions. Starck asked if the SAN was related to the Board’s 2008 decision regarding risk management planning. LaRue replied affirmatively, and that the purchase would allow to DCL to restore the catalog and critical programs within a week using duplicated information on the remote server. McLaughlin asked when the SAN would start functioning. Johnston said by the end of 2009. MOTION 09-09-07: McLaughlin moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve a $40,000 storage area network purchase from the Pinnacle Group. MOTION 09-09-08: McLaughlin moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve a $34,000 server and switch purchase from CDW-G. 2010 Auditor Selection McLaughlin said DCL follows best practices by designating a new auditor every three years, and that Tweden had compiled a chart that compares auditing firms. McLaughlin recommended the Board interview Haynie & Co. and reserve Clifton Gunderson as the fallback firm. Starck and Hunt voiced concern that Haynie & Co. failed to follow instructions and did not provide bids for the 2011 and 2012. Dash asked if references would be checked. Tweden confirmed that her office would check references for the firms being considered for interviews before scheduling any of the interviews. LaRue recommended expanding the options and interviewing more than one firm. Hunt recommended interviewing Haynie & Co., Clifton Gunderson, and Eide Bailley. The board concurred.
    • Tweden said she was looking for direction about who to interview, and that no formal motion was required. She added that the board would make a formal motion to approve the selected firm. Starck asked about the selection timeframe. Tweden said she would like to complete the interviews in the next three weeks, so that the contract could be presented at the October board meeting, and the firm could begin the audit in November or December of 2009. Government Relations Committee Library Legislative Meeting LaRue said Heath attended the recent library legislative meeting, and that there is some concern about higher education and the transfer of credits from two to four year institutions. He said these organizations are also having financial issues, and will approach the legislature in 2010 to secure additional funding. Long Range Planning Committee No report. Personnel Committee Trustee Reappointment Process Dash reported that Weston had asked her to chair a temporary reappointment committee. She said the board terms for Heath, McLaughlin and Weston were up, and that all three were eligible for reappointment, if they were willing. She asked the remaining trustees to serve on the committee, and said that Walker would help schedule a meeting. For the benefit of the guests, Dash recounted the details of the Trustee reappointment process, including the board’s evaluation process. Starck noted how satisfying it was to see the DCL’s board evaluation process spreading to other boards around Douglas County. LaRue added that this was one of the only county-wide appointed boards in Douglas County; and that as far as he was aware, this was the first board in Colorado to adopt evaluation measures that complement the employee evaluation process. FOUNDATION REPORT No report. DIRECTOR’S REPORT LaRue said an unusual trend in the library world is the tendency to measures community outcomes in addition to annual statistics. He said he wrote a column about this recently, and that he had included a Washington state article he cited in that column in the board’s September packet. LaRue said that at-risk youth who were enrolled in early education programs like Head Start, were much more likely to go to college instead of jail. He noted that investments in community education can have a big impact on community safety, and that libraries should start cultivating and correlating data about community outcomes and the health of a community to demonstrate the need for library funding.
    • OTHER BUSINESS 2010 Board Meeting Schedule Given other obligations, Dash wondered if there would be a quorum at the December 2009 meeting. ACTION: Walker will distribute an email poll to the Trustees about the December, 2009 meeting date to ascertain that there will be a quorum. MOTION 09-09-08: Starck moved and the motion carried unanimously to approve the 2010 board meeting schedule. DETERMINATION OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting of the Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees will be 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 15, 2009, at Highlands Ranch Library. An informal lunch meeting is set for October 7, 2009. Vice-President Dash adjourned the meeting at 7:47 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Demetria Heath, Board Secretary Minutes prepared by Aspen Walker Attachments:  Draft Minutes, August 20, 2009  Financial Statement, August, 2009  Director’s report with attachments  Attendance sheet