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iSOFT demonstration of virtualized Synergy (Hosted Solution)
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iSOFT demonstration of virtualized Synergy (Hosted Solution)


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Virtually perfect - the way forward for Primary Care Computing
    • Mark Gibbs, Head of Primary Care
    • [email_address]
  • 2. Virtualisation – The Background
    • Virtualisation started with Mainframes in the 1960’s
    • Concept was to split the computer into a number of Virtual machines
    • PC’s are now powerful enough to handle multiple tasks
    • VMWare is the market leader for Windows based technologies
  • 3. Virtualisation – The Background
    • The market trend has seen a accelerating move from Mainframes through to client server relationships and now moving on towards virtualisation
  • 4. So what is Virtualisation?
    • Traditionally each Machine whether a server or PC runs an operating system and a set of applications
  • 5. So what is Virtualisation?
    • Virtualisation adds a new layer to the machine meaning it can run multiple operating systems
  • 6. So what is Virtualisation?
    • From the users perspective this is no different to connecting to a physical server
  • 7. Secure and sharing at the same time
    • Although there can be many instances of virtual machines on a single server, they are separated from each other and protected from each other
  • 8. Benefits of Virtualisation
    • Simplified server management – encapsulation
  • 9. Hardware Independent
    • Moving a server on to a virtual server is not reliant on the hardware, the virtual server is independent of the physical hardware
    • The virtual machine can have a virtual server installation that was previously a Dell server running on the same machine as one which was a HP server etc.
  • 10. Virtualisation Implementation in the business
    • The Virtualisation Process takes a dynamic mapping of the resources required by the business
    • The result is an easier to manage, more efficient, more responsive service
  • 11. Virtualisation Solutions
    • There are different models that can be implemented
  • 12. Virtualisation is well established
  • 13. How can this affect the future of Primary Care
    • Typically in a Primary Care setting a GP Practice will have a server and client PC’s all housed within the physical building
    • Virtualisation can replace the physical servers
    • with virtual servers
  • 14. Benefits of Virtualisation
    • The virtual servers can be hosted in a resilient data centre
    • Load balancing on the data centre manages the utilisation – providing extra resources when needed, no more slow practices because a report is run
    • Even though this is a data centre housed environment the practices data is protected from other virtual servers – The practice ‘own’ their own virtual server and the clinical database
    • Back ups and updates to software are a managed service reducing administration costs for the practice.
    • Technology refreshes are not required at the practise for servers, reducing the cost of the provision to the PCT’s
    • Using thin client technology i.e. Citrix allows the virtual server to provide services over N3 with very small bandwidth requirements
  • 15. Benefits of Virtualisation
    • Best of both worlds – the practise own and can administer the server as if it was in their own cupboard and yet it benefits from the same resilience and availability of a data centre hosted enterprise solution.
    • Moving to a virtual server is not a complicated data migration, the same software runs on the virtual server as ran on the practice based server, it is only the location of the server that changes
  • 16. Theory or Reality
    • This might all sound really interesting but does it really exist
    • Virtualisation is already been utilised at large organisations
    • iSOFT are introducing this as their hosted solution under GPSoC
  • 17. Synergy running on a Virtual Server
    • This will be hopefully the most boring demo you will see and yet the most powerful.
    • I will connect to Synergy from my desktop that is running on the virtual server and the software you will see is…..
  • 18. Synergy running on a Virtual Server
    • This will be hopefully the most boring demo you will see and yet the most powerful.
    • I will connect to Synergy from my desktop that is running on the virtual server and the software you will see is…..
    • Synergy – exactly as it looks now. There is no difference!
  • 19. Changes that will be made
    • There are changes that will have to be made, Synergy printing for instance
    • New services as standard –
      • iSOFT are looking to have the best of breed 3 rd party applications as the ‘core’ software under the Virtual Synergy service, we need to come to an agreement with the 3 rd parties, but we would look to use Frontdesk as the appointments system and have a built in Scanning solution.
      • Other 3 rd party products can still be installed and run on the Virtual Server, just as they do now, we will not restrict you from what you run and when.
  • 20. What are the draw backs?
    • You lose the enjoyment of changing back up tapes
    • You can’t use the server running slow as an excuse to go home and do that tomorrow. The availability and performance are guaranteed by our contract with CfH
    • You don’t decide when upgrades are performed we do them all overnight when software updates are available
  • 21. Questions?