IntegratIng VIrtualIzed serVers wIth VMware vstorage–enabled ...
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IntegratIng VIrtualIzed serVers wIth VMware vstorage–enabled ...






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IntegratIng VIrtualIzed serVers wIth VMware vstorage–enabled ... Document Transcript

  • 1. Virtualization IntegratIng VIrtualIzed serVers wIth VMware vstorage–enabled dell equallogIc iscsI sans By Eric Schott A comprehensive virtualization strategy encompassing Scott Davis virtual servers and consolidated storage enables unprecedented gains in overall data center efficiency and flexibility. VMware® Infrastructure utilizes advanced inte- gration available in Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series Internet SCSI (iSCSI) storage area network (SAN) arrays to further enhance the virtualized IT infrastructure and help simplify the management of complex data center environments. V irtualization has had a shape-shifting effect EnginEEring thE Virtual on IT infrastructures, enabling administrators data cEntEr oS to encapsulate live, running workloads in Virtualizing and consolidating physical server and storage virtual machines (VMs) and move them transparently resources into a cooperative pool of well-integrated across pooled resources without service interruption. resources that can be dynamically applied to virtual work- VM encapsulation and isolation enable organizations loads are key capabilities of VMware Infrastructure, the to safely consolidate many workloads on a single company's premier platform and an example of a Virtual physical server—helping to decrease the infrastruc- Data Center Operating System (VDC-OS). A VDC-OS can ture cost. The operational benefits of such virtualiza- help address the need for flexibility, speed, resiliency, and Related Categories: tion capabilities include the ability to dynamically efficiency by transforming a data center into an elastic, Dell EqualLogic storage spread workloads across available hardware, avoid self-managing, self-healing, shared infrastructure. Storage forms of both planned and unplanned downtime, and Dell and VMware are further advancing these capa- Storage area network (SAN) nondisruptively expand resources on demand. bilities through a cooperative engineering initiative Until recently, integration of storage area networks designed to integrate Dell EqualLogic PS Series Internet Virtualization (SANs) and virtualization platforms was restricted to SCSI (iSCSI) SAN arrays and storage management tech- VMware basic storage protocols, limiting the coordination and nologies with VMware Infrastructure. Through this col- Visit DELL.COM/PowerSolutions for the complete category index. intelligent use of some advanced SAN features in the laboration, new services based on VMware vStorage virtualized environment. Consolidating servers in vir- application programming interfaces (APIs) are being tualized data centers introduced a new layer of developed by VMware to tightly integrate advanced abstraction that prevented administrators from fully EqualLogic PS Series capabilities (including provisioning, incorporating many preexisting processes from their snapshots, replication, and thin provisioning) seamlessly physical environments into their virtualized environ- into the VMware Infrastructure environment. ments. Lack of integration between the hypervisor and the underlying storage infrastructure has typically pre- adVancing EfficiEncy acroSS vented virtualized servers from taking full advantage thE VirtualizEd data cEntEr of the data protection, backup, and performance fea- VMware Infrastructure helps create a dramatically tures of enterprise-class storage. simplified, efficient computing model that enables 52 DELL POWER SOLUTIONS | March 2009 Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, March 2009. Copyright © 2009 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 2. applications to safely and securely utilize shared data center resources in a dynamic Java 2 Software Platform, and flexible manner (see Figure 1). By Microsoft® as a Microsoft Linux® Windows® Enterprise Desktop Application enabling automated management and .NET service OS Edition (SaaS) OS (J2EE) resource allocation for VMs, it helps free administrators to focus on managing appli- Application Application management vServices Availability Security Scalability cation workloads instead of contending with VMware IT infrastructure details—helping administra- vCenter VMware Infrastructure Server VMware VDC-OS tors to eliminate both planned and unplanned Infrastructure Infrastructure vCompute vStorage vNetwork Cloud downtime, rapidly provision new capacity, management vServices vServices and optimize resource utilization. The VMware VDC-OS platform contains a set of Infrastructure vServices, a hardware Off-premise On-premise cloud cloud abstraction layer that enables efficient and flexible use of underlying physical com- pute, network, and storage resources. Figure 1. Forming the basis for a comprehensive virtualized environment with VMware Infrastructure Infrastructure vServices use industry- standard server, storage, and network com- rEmoVing barriErS VMware vStorage APIs to integrate these ponents to help create a unified and efficient with iScSi Sans enterprise-class SAN features with the shared platform. These services not only Virtualizing and consolidating storage is VMware Infrastructure platform. abstract the underlying hardware, but also a necessary first step toward realizing the aggregate this hardware into pools, which full benefits of a virtualized data center. undErStanding thE rolE can then be logically divided into virtual A virtualized SAN is pivotal for supporting of dEll Equallogic components and made available to applica- 24/7 operations, enabling advanced PS SEriES arrayS tions in a dynamic fashion based on enter- enterprise-class functionality, and extend- A high degree of built-in intelligence and prise requirements and priorities. ing similar benefits of server consolidation automation help make Dell EqualLogic VMware vStorage services include a and virtualization to storage. PS Series iSCSI SANs well suited for the range of technologies designed for effi- All too often, storage consolidation demands of virtualized data centers. The cient usage of shared storage as well as has been a complex and expensive proj- innovative design of the arrays enables maximum performance. VMware’s Virtual ect requiring proprietary infrastructures simple, full-featured deployment with no Machine File System (VMFS) is designed and specialty skills not typically avail- additional license fees or software to allow VMs to effectively share physical able within an IT organization. Today, required. Arrays can be added to the SAN storage with minimal impact on perfor- iSCSI SANs are helping administrators without service interruption, and the SAN mance or manageability. In this model, overcome these barriers to implement- is designed to automatically rebalance physical storage resources are virtualized ing a fully virtualized data center envi- the workload to accommodate additional and presented to VMs as ordinary dedi- ronment. However, many iSCSI SANs arrays. In many ways, EqualLogic PS cated disk devices. These disk devices are require expensive add-on functionality Series arrays are designed to provide for actually files stored on the VMFS volume, such as comprehensive data protection storage what VMware can provide for helping isolate administrators from storage and disaster recovery to make them suit- servers: consolidation, flexibility, and high provisioning tasks and management com- able for consolidated virtualized server availability. plexity. Optimization techniques such as deployments where data is highly As workload demands shift or thin provisioning and linked clone technol- concentrated. migrate between VMs and their physical ogy enable high consolidation of storage Simplified management is also critical host servers, the virtualized SAN can usage. Other vStorage capabilities provide as the virtualized infrastructure expands to automatically apply storage resources for enhanced integration with current stor- encompass a comprehensive range of data where and when they are needed with- age management tools, such as those for center hardware and networking capabili- out manual intervention or tuning. Peer backup and array replication. vStorage ties. Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SAN deployment typically enables IT staff to offers APIs that enable VMware and stor- arrays help overcome these challenges install, configure, and deploy EqualLogic age partners such as Dell to integrate and with a variety of built-in features that arrays in a matter of minutes. optimize their storage technologies with have been widely adopted in data center EqualLogic arrays are also designed VMware technologies and capabilities. consolidation scenarios. Now, Dell is using to provide the reliability and uptime Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, March 2009. Copyright © 2009 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. DELL.COM/PowerSolutions 53
  • 3. Virtualization required in virtualized data centers. Auto-Snapshot Manager / VMware Edition, at a safe distance from the primary data Designed to provide greater than 99.999 which is bundled with EqualLogic PS Series center. If the primary site goes down, the percent data availability, the arrays are iSCSI SANs, provides automated, consoli- volumes are already at the recovery site, built with redundant, hot-swappable com- dated VM backup and recovery in VMware and vCenter SRM can automatically coor- ponents. Storage volumes can automati- environments. An easy-to-navigate graphi- dinate the process of bringing the environ- cally fail over to another disk if necessary. cal user interface offers SAN and VMware- ment online by running the recovery plan These features complement the high avail- centric views (see Figure 2). Auto-Snapshot and starting VMs in the intended order with ability provided by server virtualization Manager / VMware Edition works with updated networking configurations. and consolidation. VMware vCenter Server to take a snapshot Administrators can monitor and pause For data protection, the EqualLogic of the VM and then takes an EqualLogic recovery using VMware vCenter Server. firmware provides many standard features SAN snapshot, enabling rollback of VMs including snapshot, clone, and replication for fast recovery. Snapshots can be pre- Enabling oPPortunitiES capabilities. Also included standard with scheduled for various time intervals, rang- for EnhancEd intEgration the arrays are VMware-specific technolo- ing from minutes to days. Dell and VMware continue their integration gies, Dell EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot This environment also offers an auto- efforts to provide advanced multipathing, Manager / VMware Edition, and the mated and cost-effective approach to coordinated thin provisioning, fast and effi- VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager disaster recovery using EqualLogic arrays cient data movement (including SAN- (SRM) Adapter, which enable advanced and vCenter SRM. The arrays include auto- accelerated VMware Storage vMotion™ automation of the data recovery process. replication software designed to eliminate technology), and VM data de-duplication. Resource-intensive disaster recovery a recurring licensing expense. The arrays In future releases, connection-aware operations are offloaded from the hyper- also include Dell EqualLogic PS Series multipathing technology provided by Dell visor layer to the arrays to help optimize SRM Storage Adapter software at no addi- EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SANs is planned the virtualized data center. tional cost, which integrates the SAN to help optimize multiple SAN connections. Currently under joint development by auto-replication feature directly into Redundant connections help safeguard Dell and VMware are several advanced vCenter SRM.1 against network problems. Integration with technologies that are planned to deliver The integrated Dell and VMware envi- VMware vStorage is expected to enable seamless integration of Dell and VMware ronment uses the auto-replication feature end-to-end load balancing based on optimal tools with the virtualized environment: in the EqualLogic arrays to make copies of mapping designed to maximize the server linked clone technology for minimized data and send them to a remote location and SAN array availability and performance. storage requirements, SAN data copy offload for high performance and low overhead, advanced multipathing to opti- mize multiple SAN connections, and thin provisioning management to help protect VMs from running out of space. utilizing vStoragE with SnaPShotS and diSaStEr rEcoVEry In 2008, the tight engineering relationship between Dell and VMware resulted in Dell EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager / VMware Edition and VMware vCenter SRM for virtualized data center protection. Both offerings take advantage of the VMware vStorage APIs and help offload performance-intensive operations from VMware Infrastructure onto the SAN. Figure 2. Navigating VM backup and recovery in Dell EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager / VMware Edition 1 For more information on protecting data with VMware software and Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SANs, see “Automated Disaster Recovery with VMware SRM and Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SANs,” by Andrew Gilman and Jon Bock, in Dell Power Solutions, August 2008, DELL.COM/Downloads/Global/Power/ps3q08-20080395-Gilman.pdf; and “How Dell EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition Helps Protect Virtual Environments,” by Andrew Gilman and William Urban, in Dell Power Solutions, November 2008, DELL.COM/Downloads/Global/Power/ps4q08-20090107-Gilman.pdf. 54 DELL POWER SOLUTIONS | March 2009 Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, March 2009. Copyright © 2009 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 4. the emerging requirements for a fully Application Application Application Application Application Application Application Application Application Application virtualized data center environment. By OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS combining VMware Infrastructure and Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SANs, organi- zations can pave the way for a virtualized SAN SAN infrastructure that encompasses servers, fabric fabric storage, and networks.2 A fully virtualized infrastructure enables consolidation of assets, centralized man- agement, advanced data protection, and Dell EqualLogic PS Series Dell EqualLogic PS Series integrated disaster recovery. By managing iSCSI SAN arrays iSCSI SAN arrays both virtualized servers and virtualized VMFS 1 VMFS 2 VMFS 1 VMFS 2 storage centrally as key strategic assets, enterprises can utilize storage resources efficiently, grow storage capacity seam- Figure 3. Copying SAN data without VMware vStorage integration (left) and with VMware vStorage integration (right) lessly, and minimize downtime caused by storage-related problems. Ultimately, these The integrated technology is planned to to reduce total cost of ownership by benefits reach far beyond reductions in capi- automatically adapt to configuration changes minimizing the need to provision added tal outlays and operating costs—affording on the server, network, or SAN arrays. storage capacity. fast, flexible IT response to keep pace with EqualLogic arrays include thin provi- Performance is also optimized in the evolving business requirements. sioning technology that helps relieve stor- integrated Dell and VMware environment age underutilization problems, allowing by offloading many processing-intensive Eric Schott is the director of product man- organizations to reduce storage purchases tasks from the server to the EqualLogic agement for the Dell EqualLogic product up-front and add capacity later as needed. arrays. An example is the SAN data copy family, where he is responsible for strategy This approach requires an accounting offload for Storage vMotion operations and planning for iSCSI storage networking system that lets administrators monitor (see Figure 3). Without vStorage integra- products. how much space is being used relative to tion, data must be read from the SAN into the physical assets on hand. In future the server and then written back to the Scott Davis is the chief data center archi- releases, Dell and VMware integration SAN, leading to significant processor and tect in VMware’s Office of the CTO, where through vStorage is anticipated to auto- network overhead. With vStorage integra- he is involved in driving product and tech- mate this process by tying the accounting tion, data can bypass the server and nology strategic direction across enter- system to event-based actions and alerts. instead move within the SAN, which helps prise data center technologies, storage, VMware Infrastructure managed through significantly reduce server processor and and cloud computing. VMware vCenter Server is designed to network overhead. automatically pause the VM if capacity is exceeded, notify administrators, and allow bEnEfiting from Storage vMotion to migrate files to another a comPrEhEnSiVE device before resuming operation. Virtualization StratEgy Linked clone technology is also expected Traditionally, VMs and SANs have lacked to help reduce VM storage requirements by advanced integration, making ongoing quicK linKS enabling VMs to share common OS images management, data protection, and disas- on the SAN while retaining user-specific ter recovery complex for organizations Dell EqualLogic and profile and application data. Each VM has its that have implemented server consolida- VMware vStorage: own base disk that stores writes, and tion through virtualization. Dell and patches applied to the base disk can be seen VMware are helping to simplify these Dell EqualLogic PS Series: by all linked clones. The combination of vir- operations for virtualized data centers by DELL.COM/EqualLogic tualized storage and linked clones enhances delivering advanced automation, intelli- DELL.COM/PSSeries the efficiency of storage utilization, helping gence, and integration designed to meet 2 Dell and VMware demonstrated several future vStorage technologies at VMworld 2008. For more information, visit Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, March 2009. Copyright © 2009 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. DELL.COM/PowerSolutions 55