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  • 1. HP Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Citrix XenDesktop The end-to-end solution for desktop virtualization Citrix XenDesktop 4 – The virtual desktop revolution is here…for First step – virtualized servers everyone You’ve read the reports. You’ve scrutinized the Unlike first-generation solutions that only support VDI and only a narrow findings. And you’ve taken the first step along the set of users, XenDesktop 4 is the first well-marked path to a more flexible, agile and product in the industry to support every major desktop virtualization productive business environment: you’ve virtualized platform in a single, integrated your servers. By consolidating your application and solution. Offering breakthrough database servers, all resources are now shared across Citrix FlexCast delivery technology and HDX (high definition user your organization. Server utilization is significantly experience), XenDesktop 4 can improved. Costs for power, cooling, management, floor quickly and securely deliver individual applications or complete space and licensing are lower. IT systems provide faster desktops while providing a high- access to consistent, accurate, up-to-date information, definition user experience to every so your workers are more productive than ever before. worker in your organization—task workers, knowledge workers and But that’s only the beginning. The virtualization path mobile workers alike. continues…to your desktop environment. Creating a deep, positive impact you build a VDI client virtualization solution capable Implementing HP VDI with Citrix XenDesktop can create a Next step – on-demand desktops of supporting typical office productivity users. This deep, positive impact for your reference configuration can be modified to meet your organization by: To reduce desktop management costs while increasing unique business needs. To help determine the best • Simplifying the overall IT flexibility, security and resiliency, you can virtualize solution for your environment, you can work with your environment and system your desktop environment using HP Virtual Desktop management, leading to HP representative to complete a proof-of-concept. The enhanced agility and resilience— Infrastructure (VDI) with Citrix XenDesktop. Built on HP VDI with Citrix XenDesktop reference architecture: critical success factors for today’s a foundation of best-managed and virtualization- businesses ready servers, storage and client devices from • Offers a proven starting point for reduced risk • Providing your IT teams with the HP—combined with HP services and ground-breaking • Simplifies ordering and implementation technologies they need to quickly and easily set up, deploy and XenDesktop 4 software—this comprehensive desktop • Provides predictable performance through a tuned refresh desktops replacement solution delivers a complete desktop configuration • Improving security by centralizing experience as an on-demand service to any user, desktops and data in the data • Leverages best practices for increased user center anywhere. Whether users are basic task workers or on-the-go mobile workers, desktops and applications productivity • Reducing the cost of solution ownership by lowering system are made available as simple, on-demand services • Reduces acquisition costs through optimized price/ complexity and reducing energy consumption with unified management of both physical and virtual performance • Delivering desktops instantly infrastructures from the same centralized console. • Integrates infrastructure and client management for to users anywhere supporting When teamed with Citrix, only HP can provide the higher number of servers/clients per administrator flexible work environments, while providing a high-definition complete, end-to-end solution that will allow you • Reduces power consumption with energy-efficient experience to realize the promise of client virtualization. To servers and thin clients and power management illuminate your path to a virtualized client environment, software HP and Citrix have worked together to develop • Ensures the proper level of availability and allow for a reference configuration for XenDesktop. Based scalability as your environment grows on HP ProLiant BL460c G6 server blades and HP LeftHand P4500 iSCSI SAN storage, the HP reference configuration for Citrix XenDesktop is intended to help
  • 2. New features in XenDesktop 4 To reduce system complexity and business risk blade form factors, HP ProLiant G6 servers double the include: FlexCast – The advanced even further, HP VDI solutions include HP Client performance of previous generations. Advances in technology ensures the optimal Automation. This single, comprehensive solution energy efficiency, virtualization and automation make delivery of a virtual desktop, to any manages all HP Thin Clients and VDI virtual machines, G6 servers the ideal choice for any organization user, on any device, while meeting each user’s performance, security as well as the traditional clients that co-exist with the wanting to boost performance while significantly and flexibility requirements. VDI solution. Offering full Microsoft® Windows® 7 lowering operating costs. HDX – Creating a high-definition support, the converged management services of HP HP VDI with Citrix XenDesktop user experience, this award- Client Automation provide: winning technology improves Flash The Citrix XenDesktop solution from HP includes the multi-media performance while • Cradle-to-grave services HP integrated Citrix XenServer that enables customers using 90% less bandwidth as compared to alternate solutions. • Integrated view of planning, implementation and to start up a virtualized platform in minutes, saving HDX provides new webcam and support time by eliminating tedious set-up tasks. The HP voice over IP (VoIP) services, improved audio, high-end 3D • Client virtualization hosting services through HP ProLiant Virtual Console, which ships with the HP graphics and branch office WAN Enterprise Services (formerly EDS, an HP company) integrated Citrix XenServer gives single-server console optimization to ensure that users access to every virtual machine (or up to nine at receive a high-definition experience over the local area network (LAN) Foundation for virtualization once!) and a powerful configuration and setup wizard or wide area network (WAN). as well. HP serves as the single point of contact According to a recent Citrix survey, over 50% of all • HDX MediaStream – Accelerates for XenDesktop with the integrated HP XenServer multi-media performance by Citrix installations worldwide run on HP platforms. sending a compressed stream to offerings and provides Technical Support services and These organizations have learned the value of a highly an endpoint, and then playing upgrades with every purchase. it locally adaptive infrastructure, powered by flexible HP servers • HDX 3D – Optimizes the display and storage solutions. You can, too, when you choose HP Thin Client access devices and performance of professional HP BladeSystem c-Class or HP ProLiant servers to drive Providing the ultimate in mobility while offering and desktop graphics by using software- and hardware-based your Citrix virtualization solution, HP Thin Clients to desktop-like performance, HP Thin Clients are rendering, both in the data power your desktop environment and HP management designated as Citrix and HDX Ready devices. You center and on the endpoint solutions to control your end-to-end client ecosystem. HP can choose from many models, all of which are ideal device • HDX Broadcast – Ensures StorageWorks storage systems provide the performance choices for HP VDI with XenDesktop: reliable, high-performance and scalability required by virtual desktop deployments, • HP t5325 Thin Client – Low-cost, high-value network connectivity to hosted as well as high availability so your desktops and data access appliance based on HP Thin Pro and ARM virtual desktops and applications over any network, even with high are safe and there when you need them. technology; offering an excellent combination of latency and low bandwidth HP BladeSystem c-Class performance and affordability in an energy-efficient XenApp – Now included with A highly adaptive infrastructure “in a box,” the design; providing business class web browsing and XenDesktop 4, XenApp delivers individual applications on-demand HP BladeSystem c-Class enables you to build vital basic multimedia for Citrix environments at entry- as a seamless part of your business solutions that are more affordable, take less level pricing overall desktop strategy, as well as delivers complex Microsoft time to manage and maintain, enable you to meet • HP t5740 Thin Client – First Windows Embedded Windows desktops. Applications environmental initiatives and are ready to grow. Using Standard 2009 thin client with Intel® Atom can be hosted centrally and delivered via Citrix HDX advanced HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 technology, Processor N280 and Intel GL40 Express Chipset for technology for use while online, or HP BladeSystem provides10GbE network capacity, high-performance and rich media experiences; full- streamed directly to the endpoint which reduces blade cabling by 94% without adding featured and highly extensible offers dual monitor, and run in an isolated environment for use when offline. managed switches. HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 open RAM slot, and optional PCI expansion bay, technology enables you to consolidate equipment and secondary solid state flash, and WIFI; supports Flexible licensing based on user or device – Citrix XenDesktop 4 changes on the fly, and enables automated failover local applications, full-featured Internet Explorer; product license can be assigned between blades. You also receive plug-and-play designated Citrix and HDX Ready, this HP thin to either a user or a device. This means that users can access their capability for replacing blades. You can enjoy greater client is the ideal for Citrix VDI environments. XenDesktop from an unlimited flexibility at the network edge to maintain connectivity. • HP t5745 Thin Client – HP Thin Pro thin client with number of devices with the user- And to provide the investment protection you deserve, based license option, and devices Intel Atom Processor N280 and Intel GL40 Express powered by XenDesktop can be you can start small with the 8-slot HP BladeSystem Chipset for high-performance and rich media used by an unlimited number of c3000 Enclosure, and upgrade to the 16-slot HP experiences; full-featured, highly extensible thin users with the device-based license option. Citrix user licensing doesn’t BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure as your needs grow. client offers dual monitor, open RAM slot, and require you to manage numerous optional PCI expansion bay, secondary solid state named users or specific device lists. HP ProLiant servers The top-selling x86 server platform in the world, HP flash, and WIFI; designated Citrix and HDX Ready, ProLiant demonstrates the ongoing HP commitment this HP Thin Client is the ideal Linux-based client for to provide a complete server infrastructure that Citrix VDI environments. can support your business objectives and business HP StorageWorks storage solutions growth. New to the HP ProLiant server family is the A key part of the virtual desktop infrastructure is the G6 line of products. Available in tower, rack and storage system. HP can help virtualize your storage 2
  • 3. infrastructure with a range of solutions to match your issues in your client environment. This comprehensive specific needs, including the HP StorageWorks Modular suite of management tools manages the complete VDI Smart Array (MSA), Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) and environment—including thin clients, the virtual client XP arrays, as well as HP LeftHand SAN Solutions. infrastructure and traditional PCs—so you can avoid the additional complexity and cost that other solutions Certified with XenDesktop and Citrix StorageLink, HP may require. Offering full support for Windows 7, HP LeftHand P4000 SAN solutions integrate cleanly and Client Automation enables you to easily migrate to a easily within your HP VDI with Citrix environment— VDI environment and to the latest operating system at providing high availability and advanced data recovery the same time. capabilities at an affordable price. With a pay-as-you- grow, all-inclusive pricing model and intuitive storage In addition, HP Client Automation can help size your management software, the HP LeftHand SAN is perfect initial VDI deployment by taking inventory of your for the budget-minded organization. Every HP LeftHand workers’ traditional PCs and measuring software usage Citrix XenDesktop 4 Platinum Edition SAN includes network RAID, which means the storage so that you can develop profiles of resource utilization. The Platinum Edition is a system is protected from component and even site-wide As your end-user needs change over time, this inventory comprehensive enterprise-class desktop virtualization solution with failures—ensuring that your desktop community stays up, and usage information can help you re-optimize your advanced management, monitoring no matter what. infrastructure for improved utilization and lower cost. and security features; Platinum Edition includes all the features in The HP LeftHand P4000 SAN can easily grow HP services the Enterprise Edition plus: as you add users, and can scale performance as The service professionals at HP provide a comprehensive • Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition – for secure remote user demands increase. HP SmartClone and Thin suite of desktop virtualization planning, design, access to XenDesktop Provisioning technologies ensure a high degree of implementation and support services that enable you • EasyCall – provides simple, cost- storage efficiency, automatically sharing common to assess your business needs and develop a strategic effective voice communications storage between users and never reserving more desktop technology roadmap. Beside you every step of to complement the virtual desktop experience capacity than necessary. And most importantly, the way, HP services can help you design, migrate and • Desktop performance monitoring the system is highly automated and can be easily implement a robust and productive virtual infrastructure – monitors and tracks the managed by administrators with no specialized storage solution. We begin by developing a solid strategy: performance of virtual desktops, allowing administrators to area network (SAN) training or experience, allowing • Client Virtualization Transformation Experience proactively manage the virtual your administrators to focus on managing the virtual Workshop – During this intensive one-day session, desktop experience by measuring desktop environment. HP LeftHand P4000 SAN: you will build a strategy for your virtualized key performance elements • WAN optimization – maximizes • Provides optimized storage for virtualized servers solution, identify a high-level roadmap and achieve the quality of the remote user • Reduces costs with simplified management executive consensus. experience by using Citrix WANScaler to accelerate • Increases business agility with non-disruptive • Client Virtualization Business Benefit Workshop virtual desktop and application scalability – Before you enter the planning stage, you can performance across wide area networks attend this one-day session to identify, quantify and • Eliminates single points of failure with an innovative • Desktop support – enables analyze the business benefits of client virtualization, support staff to provide fast, easy approach to data availability, to reduce risk without as well as set return-on-investment targets. and secure support services to driving up costs widely dispersed users through • Roadmap and Architecture – During this multi- the Citrix GoToAssist remote • Substantially increases storage efficiency through week engagement, we create a clear roadmap, support package thin provisioning architectural blueprint and phased implementation HP Client Automation management software strategy to ensure the successful integration of your One of the most significant challenges to a successful new VDI solution into your existing IT infrastructure. VDI implementation is manageability. In many cases, Significant components are: existing, traditional client management solutions are o End User Discovery – Discover, identify and classify unable to manage thin clients or the virtualized VDI the user population by workload. This enables us infrastructure in the data center. This forces many to design the right client virtualization solution for organizations to create a separate virtual client each workload, for each user population. administration team. Trained on virtualization tools, o Application Discovery – Similar to user discovery, this team must coordinate complex new processes with we identify the server and client applications existing client and data center management teams. used by the user population, and then build You can overcome these challenges by using HP Client a design and test plan for each, ensuring Automation management software, which significantly compatibility and user acceptance. reduces complexity and improves quality of service by automating many routine tasks, as well as identifying and remediating security, compliance and vulnerability 3
  • 4. What makes XenDesktop 4 so These services provide entry points for large support and education services complement these VDI effective for desktop virtualization? Open architecture – XenDesktop organizations to begin their journey toward a robust, services—offering world-class support for the entire works with existing hypervisor, virtualized client infrastructure. HP implementation, infrastructure based on your specific requirements. storage and Microsoft infrastructures, enabling you to Quantity Component leverage your current investments while providing the flexibility to 1 HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure add or change to alternatives in the 2 HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Server Blades (management servers) future. Whether you use XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX 14 HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Server Blades (hosting Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenServer) or vSphere, XenDesktop supports 4 HP LeftHand P4500 SAN Solutions them all. In addition, XenDesktop uses the advanced StorageLink 2 HP ProCurve 6600 Switches technology to simplify management of networked storage including 2 HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet Modules for c-Class BladeSystem HP StorageWorks EVA, MSA and LeftHand solutions. XenDesktop will also closely integrate with Your partners in virtualization Call your HP sales representative today and arrange Microsoft App-V and System Center for an assessment of your business environment. Strategic partners since 1996, HP and Citrix for comprehensive application and Discover how virtualizing your desktop infrastructure desktop management. collaborate to deliver innovative solutions for your with HP VDI and Citrix XenDesktop can satisfy your Data security and access control toughest business challenges. HP and Citrix have organizations requirements for future growth and – With XenDesktop, users can integrated Citrix XenDesktop with HP platforms to access desktops and applications expanded productivity. from any location or device, create a highly unique virtualization solution, available while IT sets policies that control in two packages: HP VDI Enterprise Edition and the There’s no better time to consider alternatives to your whether data ever leaves the newly released Platinum Edition. You can choose the legacy business environment. And there’s no better data center. XenDesktop can dramatically improve endpoint package that best meets your needs today, and then time to benefit from the advanced virtualization security by eliminating the need easily upgrade as your business requirements evolve. capabilities of HP and Citrix. for data to reside on the users’ devices. Centralized data, For more information, call your HP representative encrypted delivery, a hardened Are you ready to virtualize? SSL VPN appliance and multi-factor today or visit www.hp.com/go/vdi/citrix and www. authentication further ensure that You’re already walking the virtualization path. citrix.com/hp. only authorized users connect to Complete the journey by choosing HP VDI with Citrix their desktops, intellectual property is protected and regulatory XenDesktop so that your organization can: compliance requirements are met. • Reduce desktop management costs Enterprise-class scalability – XenDesktop includes application, • Consolidate computing resources into pools that are desktop and server virtualization shared company-wide infrastructure that scales to meet the demanding requirements of global • Ensure business continuity with robust security and enterprises. Proactive monitoring resiliency and reporting enables rapid problem resolution, while intelligent • Accelerate flexible work models, including load and capacity management helps ensure that problems never telecommuting, working from home, day extenders arise in the first place. Built-in and flex-offices virtualization management features such as live migration, high • Foster environmental initiatives by reducing your availability and bare-metal server data center carbon footprint provisioning make the infrastructure robust and resilient. • Deploy a single manageability solution across both your traditional and virtual clients Technology for better business outcomes For more information, call your HP representative today or visit www.hp.com/go/vdi/citrix and www.citrix.com/hp © Copyright 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Microsoft and Windows are registered U.S. trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Linux is a U.S. registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. 4AA2-1863ENW, rev.2, November 2009