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Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...
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Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and ...


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  • It’s a challenge to create predictable, profitable business growth in a channel sales environment, when… Commoditization is a constant force in the enterprise computing industry. Business strategies are often not aligned between manufacturer, distributor, and reseller. End-user has more and better access to information. End-user buying authority is at higher levels. End-user involves more people in the buying process.
  • Need to drive HP reseller revenue from a strategic business perspective. HP wants ROI measurement for demand generation activities using marketing development funds. Resellers cynical about demand generation programs in general. Need to differentiate ourselves as a value-added distributor against competition.
  • The Prospector Program is a multimodal lead generation and nurturing system designed to drive both short and long term revenue for participating HP resellers. The program is structured to measure and report ROI based on a closed-loop system and is customized for the unique value proposition, capabilities, and business strategies of each reseller.
  • Although the phone may not be as buzz worthy as other lead generation tools, it remains the backbone to successful lead generation process.  It should function as the integrated hub for all other lead generation modalities and the central point for qualifying inquires converting them into sales ready leads.  To use the phone as an effective lead generation strategy, consider creating a specialized teleprospecting function within the marketing group. Teleprospecting teams often improve ROI because they create functional bridge between the sales and marketing to increase accountability and results especially with lead nurturing programs. Creating a teleprospecting or lead management team, as an internal unit is easier said than done.  So it is not surprising that more organizations are now outsourcing their teleprospecting activities to companies like InTouch.  Develop Relationships Identify qualified leads Confirm contacts & get internal referrals Centralizing leads for profiling and scoring Give personal invitations to events Get permission & opt-in email addresses
  • Your goal should be to develop a approach to start a conversation with the right people. You want to become the first resource they go to when the need for solution arises. That’s what being a trusted advisor is all about. Identify the right people and companies Initiate a memorable conversation Nurture them, regardless of timing to buy Lead nurturing defined: Relevant and consistent dialog with viable potential customers, regardless of their timing to buy.
  • Lead nurturing is the catalyst to position companies and sales people. as trusted advisors. With out lead nurturing in place, I have found that long-term leads ( future opportunities), often ignored by salespeople represent 77% of potential sales ! I know most sales people don’t want to ignore good leads. In fact most, fully intend on keeping in contact. The problem is that they simply must focus on what is going to immediately turn to a sales in the short term. They don’t have the time to cultivate and develop opportunities. Remember the sales team is either doing selling activities or prospecting activities. It's like a teeter-totter - when prospecting, the teeter-totter is up and when pursuing a hot deal it is down. If we as marketers view the sales team as our customer. And we’re committed to help the sales team sell. Then we must help our sales people by going beyond the basic lead. We need to help them cultivate and develop opportunities until they are mature sales ready leads. I’m going to give you a quick crash course on how to nurture leads… Relevant and consistent dialog with viable potential customers regardless of their timing to buy.
  • So we’ve talked about the buying process. Now let’s talk about some of the tactics that can be employed. I realize this can look overwhelming; think about what you are doing in your company – there are 5 different modes we have found that work great to share your lead nurturing content. You may not use all of the modes but you are probably doing some things and can get additional ideas by looking at this. I think the phone should be the foundation to begin a lead nurturing program, because your objective is to begin a dialog. Also notice that online, with blogging and podcasting, we have some new tactics available to us. Once you’ve planned your tactics and the content you need to develop, consider your execution timeline.
  • (Consistent) Keep it simple… and get started. Craw, walk and run… When we develop programs for our clients we basically are acting as a conscience to make sure this along with other very important tasks is getting done. Proper lead nurturing programs open and strengthen sales pipelines and shorten sales cycles. They have been shown to yield anywhere from 15 to 200% in additional qualified leads, and sales close gains are even higher. One company calculated that nurtured prospects, which cited greater positive impression of the company when they became sales-ready leads, bought 100-250% more than those that were not nurtured but still bought. I'd now like to hand the floor to Todd Davison, president of Bulldog Solutions. Todd's going to speak for a few minutes about some practical applications of the concepts I've just discussed, and then I'll join him for a question and answer session.
  • Sales-ready leads are sent to the reseller for follow-up based on the Uniform Lead Definition. Program offers a closed looped system of feedback and reporting. Monthly conference calls occur with resellers to evaluate lead quality and provide status updates. Communication between all parties essential to bridge gap between sales and marketing activities. Agilysys administers lead pipeline (i.e. # leads, closed sales, etc.)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating and Launching a Multimodal Lead Generation and Nurturing Program for VARs Agilysys, Inc. KeyLink Systems Group Prospector Program Wayne Bernot, Director of Marketing, Agilysys Brian Carroll, CEO, InTouch Tuesday, October 24, 2006
    • 2. Channel Marketing Overview
    • 3. Quick Facts
      • Annual Revenue: $1.7 Billion
      • Total Full Time Employees: 1,483
      • Number of Value-Added Resellers: 1,100
      • Fortune 1000
      • Learn more at
    • 4. Business Situation
      • Resellers:
        • Lack in-house marketing resources
        • Complain about leads from manufacturer or distributor
        • Don’t respond favorably to “canned” programs
        • Give limited attention to “top down” channel programs
    • 5. How Did We Get Here?
      • Newest HP distributor
        • Need to increase reseller revenue base
      • Previous activities not working
        • Where’s the ROI?
      • Agilysys: new demand generation strategy
        • Paradigm shift
        • Change mindset: conversations versus campaigns
        • 1 year for internal buy-in
    • 6. Overview
      • Prospector Program
      • Multimodal
      • Features lead generation and nurturing activities
      • Closed loop system to measure ROI
      • Executed based on unique value proposition
      • Utilizes sales and marketing nurturing content
      • Seeks to position reseller as “trusted advisor”
    • 7. How the Program Works
      • Phase 1: HP reseller profiling and selection
      • Phase 2: Program communication and buy-in
      • Phase 3: HP reseller commitment
      • Phase 4: Strategic planning and development
      • Phase 5: Tele-prospecting
      • Phase 6: Lead nurturing
      • Phase 7: Lead management
    • 8. Phase 1: HP reseller profiling and selection
      • Identified 3 HP resellers for a test pilot
        • Program Criteria:
            • HP Revenue
            • Profitability
            • Philosophical Alignment
            • Sales Staff Resources
            • Business Model
      • Lessons Learned:
        • Philosophical alignment is critical
        • If they don’t understand how to generate and nurture leads properly, buy-in and success will be jeopardized from the beginning
    • 9. Phase 2: Program communication and buy-in
      • Communicated value of a multimodal approach and disciplined nurturing process
        • Presentations, relevant articles, webinars
        • Scheduled conference calls and meetings
      • Lessons Learned:
        • Reseller principals are sales driven, not marketers
        • Need guidance and strategic leadership
        • Well-presented rationale made sense to them
        • Always be ready to explain why specific activities need to be done in certain ways
    • 10. Phase 3: HP reseller commitment
      • Created program obligations and responsibilities
        • LOA important to define lead follow-up expectations
        • Resellers could be withdrawn from the program
        • Participation fee $5,000
        • Reseller assigns sales resources for program
      • Lessons Learned:
        • Create clear expectations and accountabilities by requiring “skin in the game”
        • Communicate program flow and timelines to ensure prompt feedback
    • 11. Phase 4: Strategic Planning and Development
      • Developed individualized elements based on unique value proposition, skills, and go-to market strategies.
        • Universal Lead Definition
        • Ideal Client Profile
        • No canned messaging
        • Co-developed
      • Lessons Learned:
        • Sales and marketing efforts bridged with reseller ownership
        • Earn trust with guidance
        • Impatience prevails during this phase
        • Seek information efficiently
    • 12. Phase 5: Tele-prospecting
      • Dedicated lead specialist team serves as an inside sales engine.
        • Led by Program Manager
        • Extensive training given
        • Focus on conversations
        • Understanding pain points
      • Lessons Learned:
        • Make every call count
        • Always attempt to opt-in prospects for future communications
    • 13. Phase 6: Lead Nurturing
      • Our Strategy
      • Who do we nurture?
      • Filter and Organize Content (new or repurpose)
      • Message development
      • Define tactics
      • Execution Schedule Set (monthly)
    • 14. Phase 6: Lead Nurturing
      • Nurturing tactics reinforce tele-prospecting with relevant, valuable content
        • Gather resellers’ own sales nurturing materials
        • 3 rd party, articles server consolidation and virtualization
        • Vendor agnostic podcasts, webinars, blogs, case studies
        • HP specific white papers, success stories, webcasts
        • IDC podcasts position as “trusted advisor”
      • Lesson Learned:
        • Take advantage of free and available marketing content aside from resellers own sales content
    • 15. Lead Nurturing Tactics
    • 16. Lead Nurturing Timeline
    • 17. Podcasts and Blogs
      • High-value content with educational intent
      • Leverage thought-leader and partner relationships for content
      • RSS is hot
    • 18. Phase 7: Lead Management Closed Loop Feedback Marketing Pipeline Sales Pipeline Inquiries Leads Customers Returned Prospects Email, Direct Mail,Podcasts, Website, Outbound Calls, Webinars, Trade Shows Sales Ready Leads Not a Fit Sales Generated Leads Existing Clients Nurturing CRM Measure ROI Handoff
    • 19. Critical Success Factors
      • Need to achieve philosophical alignment with your channel partners to make the process work
      • A Uniform Lead Definition and Ideal Client Profile are vital strategic elements
      • Closed loop feedback requires planned, consistent communications
      • Don’t just rely on sales-ready nurturing content from reseller
      • Find marketing content for a nurturing “library” using freely available resources
    • 20. Thank you
      • Wayne Bernot, Agilysys, Inc.
      • [email_address]
      • (440) 498-5133
      • Brian Carroll, InTouch, Inc.
      • [email_address]
      • (651) 255-7640