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Citrix Systems, Inc. Citrix Presentation Server 4
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Citrix Systems, Inc. Citrix Presentation Server 4


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  • 1. Citrix Systems, Inc. Highlights Citrix Presentation Server 4 Vendor Name: Citrix Systems, Inc. Virtualization Sector/Capability Product Name(s): Citrix Presentation Server 4 Application, Desktop, Management/Control Vendor Contact: Phone: (954)267-3000 At A Glance Fax: (954)267-3100 Product Overview Website: Citrix Presentation Server is application virtualization software that gives users fast, secure access to applications or desktops from any device, while centralizing application deployment and management. Its unique ability to abstract many aspects of applications – such as the interface, file and registry components, network address, CPU and memory usage – provides users with mobility and device flexibility, and makes it easy for IT to deploy applications and updates quickly. Vertical Industries Targeted General purpose Target Customers Enterprises 60% SMBs 40% Service Providers 0% Other 0% Distinguishing Features Presentation Server’s comprehensive application virtualization includes: • Interface Virtualization: Applications execute on servers; patented ICA protocol for sending only keystrokes, mouse and screen updates over the network • Application Isolation: Prevents changes to file and system registry by applications; eliminates conflicts and enables multi-user access • CPU management and memory optimization: Ensures fair-share use of CPU and reduces virtual memory load to enable more users per server • Virtual IP address: Enables multi-user access to applications that require a unique IP address per session • Content and device redirection: Hides the complexities of using local applications and devices with virtual applications from the user • Policies: Control over actions, connection, and local device access for specific users based on role, geographic location or network Operations/Pricing Pricing Model: Concurrent User licensing (CCU) List Price (USD) $400 for Citrix Presentation Server Enterprise Edition $345 for Advanced Edition $290 for Standard Edition Page Virtualization Vendor Profile ©2006 Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Maintenance Fees (USD): Enterprise/Advanced/Standard editions: $50/$45/$40 (SRP) per CCU per year for Subscription Advantage, which pro- vides software updates and upgrades Maintenance Agreement Inclusions Technical support and consulting purchased separately Product Summary Citrix Presentation Server addresses the security, performance, management, compatibility and scalability challenges of client/server application delivery by abstracting many layers of the application. This comprehensive approach to virtualization removes the burden of application management from the end user PC, centralizes it in the datacenter, and simplifies deployment and maintenance. It also significantly reduces security risks by containing all sensitive data behind the firewall using configurable policies. Any data allowed to travel outside the firewall can be encrypted using standard protocols. End users get the same high-performance experience from any device or connection, and the flexibility of mobility, due to the patented ICA protocol’s low bandwidth usage, performance optimizations, and broad device sup- port. The Independent Management Architecture provides consolidated management and ensures performance for both midsize businesses with hundreds of users, and multinationals with thousands of servers. Company Information Contact Information Street and # 851 West Cypress Creek Road City Ft. Lauderdale State FL Country USA Zip/Post Code 33309 Phone (954)267-3000 Fax (954)267-3100 Website Founded 1989 Number of Employees 3,200 EMA Viewpoint Strengths • Comprehensive abstraction separates application processing from end-user devices, enabling greater consolida- tion, compatibility, and manageability in the datacenter • Very mature technology base, large customer following, extensive channel partner and technology alliance network • Very strong relationship with Microsoft, including Joint Collaboration Agreement (through 2009), and Global ISV Award for two of the past three years Limitations • Does not currently provide offline access to applications for itinerant devices • Does not provide server level (e.g. hypervisor) virtualization Virtualization Vendor Profile Page 2 ©2006 Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 3. Summary Citrix was one of the pioneers of virtualization beyond the mainframe, and it shows in their technological competence, partner network, and customer base – growing over 15 years and several generations to become a strategic infrastructure element of nearly 180,000 customers worldwide. It has a comprehensive understanding of application virtualization that includes many types of abstraction to achieve the goals of usability, performance, mobility, manageability, and scalability. It delivers a mature application virtualization solution that continues to grow with a focus on creating flexible infrastruc- tures, supporting mobile workforces, easing migrations, and lowering management costs. Citrix continues to evolve the product with a vision of greater automation, best end user experience, and strong system resiliency to meet increasingly demanding service level agreements. The architecture of Presentation Server tends to be more extensive than many small businesses are able to deploy, so Citrix addresses this with Access Essentials, a new product that provides a greatly simplified solution for secure remote access, specifically designed for the needs of small businesses. Access Essentials establishes a significant precedent for Citrix as their core application virtualization technology matures – delivering purpose-built, segment-targeted solutions that offer increased value for specific use cases. Functionally, Citrix Presentation Server is able to turn almost any workstation into a high-power compute device, by running major functions on the server, reducing the load on the desktop, and reducing the requirement for high-spec machines. This can lead to dramatic savings on desktop hardware, especially in large environments. This server-based application computing also makes upgrades much easier and faster, and enables enterprises to rollout applications (new or upgraded) in a consistent and staged manner, reducing user downtime and disruption. As a company, Citrix has greatly expanded its solutions and product portfolio, enabling enterprises to address a wide variety of application delivery challenges. With several product lines, including Web application optimization appliances, SSL VPN appliances, enterprise single sign-on, and Web-based real-time collaboration services, Citrix provides a unique range of access solutions that spans not only the virtualization stack, but also other remote access technologies. In addi- tion, with Project Tarpon and Access Essentials, Citrix continues to move forward in this space. Citrix does require strong servers and high capacity network connectivity, and therefore does not provide offline access to applications for itinerant devices. However, the upcoming Project Tarpon will address both issues by leveraging the application isolation technology of Presentation Server, to provide application streaming that will enable users to run any application locally offline. Citrix also does not provide a solution for server level virtualization. However, this is consistent with its focus on virtualizing application delivery to end users, and with a choice of technologies, it provides specific benefits in this target space. Overall, Citrix provides one of the strongest solutions in this market, with exceptional capabilities built on a very capable and widely deployed technology. It brings significant value to enterprises, reduces costs, and improves availability. Page Virtualization Vendor Profile ©2006 Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 4. About Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. Enterprise Management Associates is an advisory and research firm providing market insight to solution providers and technology guidance to Fortune 1000 companies. The EMA team is composed of industry respected analysts who deliver strategic awareness about computing and communications infrastructure. Coupling this team of experts with an ever-expanding knowledge repository gives EMA clients an unparalleled advantage against their competition. The firm has published hundreds of articles and books on technology management topics and is frequently requested to share their observations at management forums worldwide. This report in whole or in part may not be duplicated, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or retransmitted without prior written permission of Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. All opinions and estimates herein constitute our judgement as of this date and are subject to change without notice. Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. ©2006 Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Corporate Headquarters: 2585 Central Avenue, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301 Phone: +1 303.543.9500 Fax: +1 303.543.7687 1147Citrix.070706