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  1. 1. August 19th, 2009 Southern Tier Superintendents Training Mike Pliss Cornell University These notes have active web links to the resources referenced. Teaching • Using Brain Research: Why digital Instructional Content works • Response to Intervention (RIT) Curriculum Advantage Introduces RtI Bundles The RtI Practice and Review bundles deliver intensive interventions in math, reading, spelling and vocabulary to Tier II and Tier III students. • Internet Safety & 21st Century Teaching Skills South Dakota Selects The company's 21st Century Skills Assessment will test all of the state's eighth grade students to understand how well students grasp critical 21st century skills. • Embedding technology in pedagogy Vernier Announces Fall Workshop Dates The free hands-on workshops in more than 40 cities show educators how to integrate data collection into the curriculum using the LabQuest handheld. • Differentiated & Adaptive Instruction with computers Bookshare Partners With Code Factory and Shinano Kenshi The agreements will help to ensure that students with print disabilities have accessible devices that allow them to easily read texts from the Bookshare collection. • Smartboards • Videoconferencing • Managing Student Response Systems & classroom technology • Constructively leveraging Social Networks to enrich classrooms Blackboard Introduces New Learning Platform The new system, 9.0 of Blackboard Learn, includes social networking tools and Web 2.0 innovations. • Moving best practices online (ICSD’s CDB) • Adopting Board approved technology curriculum • Automating Student Evaluations and data management (ICSD’s: LACS) • Implementing formative assessments MapleSoft Releases Maple T.A. v.5 The latest version of Maplesoft’s testing and assessment tool makes online assessment technology easier and more cost-effective. 1 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6
  2. 2. Discovery Education's New Progress Zone Connects Diagnostic Formative Assessments with Digital Media Progress Zone is a user-friendly service that allows educators to quickly create, share and administer custom academic probes using a bank of more than 35,000 unique assessment items. • 3D for Teach – Using data driven dialogues to impact instruction (making informed decisions and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals). • Implementing Individualized Instruction Plans for every student • Learning • Typing • READ180 Boston Public Schools Selects Pearson For K5 Reading After a thorough review process, the district selected the research-based Scott Foresman Reading Street from Pearson. • Every Day Math Missouri School District Implements Carnegie Learning The Hazelwood School District has purchased Carnegie Learning Bridge to Algebra textbooks and software for 900 ninth grade students in the district’s three high schools. Carnegie Learning is a leading publisher of core, full-year mathematics programs as well as supplemental and math interventions for middle school, high school, and postsecondary students. • Geometer’s Sketchpad • Kurzweil • Distance Learning for OSS Instruction & Credit Recovery House Backs K12 Distance Learning ( Press) State lawmakers have endorsed a measure to create a new distance learning program that would give students in every school district virtual access to both basic and advanced classes. More... • Increasingly rigorous technical literacy standards for students & staff • Supporting 21st Century skills: leadership, creativity, communication, productivity and collaboration • Collaborative Learning & Social Networking (Facebook etc.) Avid Releases Sibelius 6 Students and educators can take advantage of the new version of the music notation program's workflow improvements that facilitate greater collaboration. Elluminate Launches Social Learning Network LearnCentral offers free social and professional networking, real-time online meetings, live online events, peer-rated resources and more. Partnership for 21st Century Skills to Release The 21st Century Skills and Science and Geography Maps The maps demonstrate how the integration of 21st century skills into science and 2 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6
  3. 3. geography classes support teaching and provide educators with models of how 21st century skills can be infused into instruction. • Post-graduate planning for all Naviance Releases Succeed The suite of products and services for schools and districts promotes college and workplace readiness. Sourcebooks Partners with Naviance This new partnership will allow the delivery of content from 300+ college profiles in the Fiske Guide to Colleges to all Naviance Network member schools. • “Smart” classrooms (aka Smartrooms) SMART Technologies Announces Notebook Express And Exchange Together, they consolidate all of SMART’s education content, community forums and support networks in one place, easily accessible on the Web. • The Digitization of Curriculum Sebit Launches New Adaptive Curriculum Titles Adaptive Curriculum High School Math and Adaptive Curriculum High School Science use realistic images and dynamic interactions to motivate and engage students. Cutting-Edge Rosetta Stone Classroom Solution Expands to Levels 4 and 5 These new levels, initially available in Spanish and English, will include extended, more complex conversations and grammar, expanded vocabulary, and additional opportunities for speaking that prepare the learner for everyday interactions in their language of study. • Teachers as Students PBS TeacherLine Reaches Record Term Enrollment The online professional development service for preK-12 educators has garnered the highest number of national enrollments for its Summer 2009 since its courses were released nationwide five years ago. • 1:1 Computing with 7x24 access Acer Offers Education Technology Initiative The program lets educators test Acer products, and gives them a chance to win a new computer lab outfitted with Acer and Intel technology, or an entire classroom of 30 netbooks. Lamar CISD Implements School Web Lockers The district used E-rate funding to purchase the solution, which combines web-based storage, backup, collaboration and file sharing in a single system specifically for K12 education. Open Text Releases FirstClass Mobile The free App Store application offers iPhone and iPod touch customers mobile access to FirstClass content and collaboration features. Maine Expands Student Laptop Program to High Schools The Maine Department of Education has placed an order for more than 64,000 3 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6
  4. 4. MacBooks for students and faculty in grades 7 through 12, and will place an additional order for up to 7,000 more laptops in the coming weeks. • STEM education for middle and elementary schools Lego Launches New Elementary Robotics Line Designed for ages 7-11+, WeDo robotics engages children in hands-on technology experiments that focus on science, mathematics, social studies, and language concepts. Debuts New STEM Solution The integrated solution makes it easy for districts to add a STEM focus to their elementary curriculum, and supports teachers with models of instruction for critical math, science and technology skills. The U.S. Department of Energy, the X PRIZE Foundation and Discovery Education Create Web Site For STEM Education Featuring targeted curriculum and lesson plans for all grade levels, is an empowering resource that engages students in the science of alternative fuels and energy-efficient engineering. The National Academy of Sciences Launches ASK IT! Online Forum ASK IT! is the newest interactive feature on the website, a project developed to encourage young people, especially girls, to pursue an interest in science. Management & Operations • Going Green! – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Tangent Ships All-In-One “Green PC" for Education Designed with a low-voltage CPU for especially low-power consumption, the new VITA LT offers industry-leading power efficiency at 24 watts and 72% less energy usage than standard Energy Star 4.0 compliant PCs. Faronics Upgrades Power Save Version 3.3 uses intelligence to determine when computers are truly not in use, delivers easy to use central management and provides proof of its value though energy saving reports. • Reducing desktop costs with recertified, brand name computers • Reducing desktop costs with Netbooks (ACER, DELL) • Automating Teacher Evaluations and data management (ICSD’s APPR) • Voice over IP (hosted vs. premise) • What is Virtualization NComputing Launches New X350 Virtualization Kit Built to accommodate popular slim-line PCs, the $249 X350 kit turns one PC into four virtual desktops, each delivering rich multimedia performance and full screen video. • 3D for Suits – Using data driven dialogues to impact teachers (confronting mediocre teaching and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals). States Failing to Develop Systems to Keep Good Teachers, Fire Bad ( Only Iowa and New Mexico require any evidence that public school teachers are effective before granting them tenure. 4 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6
  5. 5. Innovative Architects Releases Performance Manager for Educators The IAPME provides schools a framework for organizing and managing teachers into working groups and evaluating progress on a customizable rubric of educational best practices. State Seeks to Gauge Whether Students or Teachers are Lagging (The Boston Globe) Massachusetts will use new measurement to track individual student performance over time. • Moving mission critical applications to the Cloud: SMS, Accounting, Content. 40 Texas District Implement SchoolReach This Year The parent notification system allows school administrators to deliver personalized phone, email or text messages to parents, teachers, staff or select groups within the school and general community. • Creating a private Cloud – deliver all applications through a Browser!! Stoneware Partners With Dell Through the agreement with Stoneware, Dell can provide education customers with software that delivers access to applications and services in a private cloud computing model. • Demand for Internet bandwidth is growing faster than health care costs! PASCO Announces Web-Based Virtual Environment for Teaching and Learning Featuring Activity Objects from Adaptive Curriculum, the PASCO Online Academy for Science and Math delivers hundreds of high-quality, standards-based activities via the web. • Internet Caching for accelerating internal content delivery • Bridging Data Silos: SIF and beyond • Storage Area Networks (SANs) • Layered Disk-based backup and off-site replication • Customized Dashboards based on Job Function • Desktop Virtualization (thin provisioning) • Identity Management & Protection Public Policy & Communication • Acceptable Use & Internet Safety Policy & Procedures • Data Breach Notification Policy & Procedures • Safe School Policy & Plans • Disaster Recover and School Continuity Policy & Procedures • Websites and Public Relations: capturing and keeping an audience • Distributing Content Creation and improving information appeal with Web Content Management Systems • Layer-7 Firewalls for accelerating external content delivery • Mass Notification Systems: (hosted vs. premise) 5 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6
  6. 6. CDW-G Launches Mass Notification Toolkit This new Web site provides practical guidance on implementation, marketing and sign-up challenges associated with the deployment of mass notification systems. Texas School District Uses SchoolMessenger System to Arrange Calls from Santa The Alvarado Independent School District is charging families $1 to receive calls via its notification system. All proceeds will be donated to the I Believe Fund. • Staff Email Use Policy • Preparing for School Wellness Policy data management Implementing a school wellness policy: One district’s experience Administrators in Spring ISD in Texas take a formal approach to assessing the district's wellness program. • Preparing for Universal Pre-K Screening data management Curriculum Associates Announces BRIGANCE Early Childhood System The program helps in identifying preschool children's developmental strengths and weaknesses. • Preparing for Pay for Performance Teacher compensation data management Merit Pay for Teachers Studied ( Merit pay for public school teachers is under review in Louisiana again, this time because the state is one of six picked to tackle the controversial issue. NYC: Teacher Quality Pays (New York Post) Bloomberg is rewarding Class A instructors with more money. More... K12 Tech d/4503/Default.aspx Technologies that galvanize the instructional process and promote authentic learning activities: active highly portable large storage devices and datacasting. Technologies that improve assessment and evaluation at all levels of the organization: electronic response systems, intelligent essay graders, intelligent pattern analysis and performance projections, and data warehouses. Technologies that address diverse learning styles and student needs. This section includes a review of the principles of Universal Design as well as sound-field amplification, and multisensory, customized learning tools. Technologies that build community in the school environment: programmable phone systems, student information systems, learning management systems, and blogs. 6 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6
  7. 7. Technologies that improve the efficiency of school administration: Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID). 7 of 7 15:16:32 a6/p6