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Archiving and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data II
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Archiving and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data II



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Overview of The COSMOS/PEER-LL Geotechnical Virtual Data Center (GVDC) and Data Provider Perspectives Carl Stepp, COSMOS (PI) Jean Benoit, UNH John Bobbit, POSC Dan Ponti, USGS Charles Real, CGS Jennifer Swift, USC Loren Turner, Caltrans Mindy Squibb, UCSB CUS Borehole Geo-observatory Workshop May 3-4, 2007 Fedex Institute of Technology University of Memphis
  • 2. Overview
    • Motivation for new data management tools
    • Project 2L01
    • Project 2L02
    • Project 2L03
    • Data Provider tasks and perspectives
  • 3. Geotechnical Data Management
    • Many organizations are paper-based.
    • Need more efficient information systems.
  • 4. Vision: Single Agency Data is collected in the field electronically Design Engineer Data files are transferred to a central repository Other Staff Drafter
  • 5. Vision: Multiple Agencies
    • Partner agencies benefit through data exchange.
    Design Engineer Private Firms COSMOS GVDC
  • 6. Data Provider Motivation
    • USGS - FOQUS-LA Corehole and Well Database
      • Support geologic and ground water modeling projects supported by USGS in the Los Angeles region
      • Developed a repository for detailed core and pore fluid chemical analyses conducted by USGS using in-house developed FileMaker-based core logging system
      • Desire centralized access to broad range of subsurface information from various sources – GVDC connects to this database
    • Caltrans - Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Archive
      • Caltrans has a mobile testing unit that is deployed statewide, approximately 350 soundings per year
      • Digital archives currently contain 10 years of data (>3300 records)
      • Developed internal Online “CPT Data Viewer” – GVDC can connect to database
    • CGS - Geotechnical Database – SHMA Mandate
      • Support Designation of Regulatory Seismic Hazard Zones per year, for Analysis of Ground Shaking Hazard and Earthquake-Induced Ground Failures
      • Update/Revise Seismic Hazard Zones
      • Developed SHMP WebMap site – GVDC can connect to this database
  • 7. Background of “2L” Projects
    • 1992 NSF/FHWA sponsors the National Geotechnical Experiment Sites.
    • 1996 The ROSRINE project pioneers web dissemination of geotechnical data.
    • 1998 USC Workshop highlights growing need for geotechnical data management and exchange.
    • 1999 PEER Lifelines initiates Project 2L01.
    • 2001 Project 2L01 – Held a workshop to assess user needs and build consensus to develop a Geotechnical Virtual Data Center (GVDC).
    • 2004 Project 2L02 – Unveiled a pilot GVDC that demonstrated the feasibility of the technology.
    • 2005 Project 2L03 – Initiated.
  • 8. Project 2L01 – Planning for a Geotechnical Virtual Data Center
    • Flexible and extensible
    • Translation-based system
    • Central index, single portal to data – not a central repository
    • Data quality
    • Data exchange standards
    • Control of data and attribution
    • Security and liability
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  • 20. Project 2L03 – Project Objective
    • Task 1: Modify the server-side and client-side COSMOS/PEER-LL Pilot GVDC system architecture, and upgrade the system server to support a larger user-base.
      • Replace MySQL Database with PostgreSQL
      • Server and Client Side Exchange Protocols
      • GML compliant schema
      • Server Side Data Mapping and Translator Apps
      • Server Side Data Previewers
      • Server Side Front End Interactive Map
      • Search Results and Data Download code
      • Java-based previewer for seismic velocity logs and suspension velocity logs
      • Hardware upgrade and redundancy
      • Documentation, Users Manual and Final Report
  • 21. Project 2L03 – Project Objective
    • Task 2: Expansion of the Data Dictionary Standard to include data standards for
      • Seismic velocity: PS-Logging, Downhole Receiver, Crosshole velocity data, SASW, Generic structure for other downlhole logs
      • Laboratory: Atterberg, Grain size, Unit Weight, Specific Gravity, Direct Shear, Triaxial, Consolidation, Moisture, Unconfined Compression, Falling Head/Constant Head Permeability
    • Task 3: Development of an Operation and Maintenance Plan
  • 22. Project 2L03 – Expanded Task 1
    • Support Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (DIGGS) - GML compliant schema
    • Upgrade the GVDC system to ease data provider participation, to support a larger user-base:
      • Replace MySQL Database with PostgreSQL
      • Re-design Server and Client Side Exchange (Harvesting); Develop “MetaDIGGS” application
      • Develop new Data Mapping and Translator applications
      • Update Front End Interactive Map, Search Results and Data Download code
  • 23. Project 2L03 – Expanded Task 2
    • Upgrade existing data previewers
      • Support Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (DIGGS)
      • Modularize to facilitate future updates
      • Revise CPT data previewer
      • Create a COSMOS Geotechnical Data XML Schema-to-DIGGS translator
    • Updating original concept of geophysical data previewer, to a modular curve previewer
  • 24. Project 2L03 – Expanded Task 3
    • Collaborative effort with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS):
      • 2L03 participation in Transportation Pooled Fund project recently launched by DOTs; led by Ohio DOT and FHWA
      • Funding: $650k over 3 years
      • Develop consensus data interchange format, “DIGGS,” based on AGS and COSMOS-PEER-LL formats
      • Potential for broad national and international adoption of standard
      • COSMOS/PEER-LL GVDC will implement DIGGS (Task 1)
  • 25. Current GVDC Server Current Data Provider Server Custom-coded Translator OAIB Application Harvester Data Sources Open Archives-in-a-Box GVDC Database GVDC Website - Map and Document Searches - Administrative Tools ArcIMS + ASP + JScript COSMOS Geotechnical XML Files Database Flat Files Excel Files OAIB Config File Java Application + OAI MySQL DB Data Set Specific - Java, VB, etc.
  • 26. Updated GVDC Server Updated Data Provider Server DIGGS Generator MetaDIGGS Application Harvester Data Sources MetaDIGGS Invoker Transform Java Wrapper Transform GVDC Database
    • GVDC Website
    • - Map and Document Searches
    • Administrative Tools
    • Draft Google Maps Interface
    • Connectivity to COSMOS Strong Motion Data Center
    ArcIMS + ASP + JScript Database DIGGSml Files Flat Files Excel Files MetaDIGGS File Java Application Java Wrapper Transform Java Wrapper PostgreSQL DB (MetaDIGGS data)
  • 27. To Become a GVDC Data Provider
    • Tasks
      • Collect and maintain geotechnical and/or geophysical data, and required associated metadata
      • Assist in custom data mapping and translator development – Data Provider’s native format to DIGGS XML Schema
      • Install open source application to allow the GVDC to harvest the search parameter data from the native database
      • Develop Privacy and Data Use Policies for each Data Provider
  • 28. New 2L03 Tasks To Facilitate Data Provider’s Role
    • Improvement of GVDC
      • Allow hole coordinates to be in any standard coordinate system
      • View XML as simple tables, in popups
      • Allow null data
      • DIGGS Data Mapping and Translator Applications
      • Improve GVDC Connection (harvesting)
    • Evaluate revising GVDC Front End Mapping application (ERSI ArcIMS) to Open Source Software (Google Maps)
    • Anticipated completion of all 2L03 Tasks: December 2007
  • 29. Additional Efforts
    • Establish Connectivity between the COSMOS Strong Motion VDC and Geotechnical VDC Online Data Mapping
      • User searching for both Strong Motion and Geotechnical data only has to conduct one search
      • The existing flow and functionality of both data centers are maintained
      • Provides Google Maps (separate interface) functionality for viewing both types of data
      • Funded by USC WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) Program
      • Anticipated project completion date: September 2007
    • Revise existing Borehole Previewer – same modular technology as new curve previewer
    • Gather feedback on GVDC updates, previewers and VDC-GVDC connectivity
    • Seek long-term funding opportunities
  • 30. Professor Ralph J. Archuleta Associate Research Seismologist Jamison Steidl IT Analyst Mindy Squibb Institute for Crustal Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara COSMOS Strong-Motion V irtual D ata C enter http://db.cosmos-eq.org
  • 31. Sponsors and Partners