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Acopia's Intelligent File Virtualization Acopia's Intelligent ...
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Acopia's Intelligent File Virtualization Acopia's Intelligent ...


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  • 1. Acopia’s Intelligent File Virtualization Stefan Pickert Sales Director Europe +49-171-3171500
  • 2. About Acopia • Founded in January 2002 – Founder/Chairman: Cheng Wu, Founder/CEO of ArrowPoint (Cisco), Founder of Arris (Cascade) – President/CEO: Christopher Lynch, VP of Sales & Marketing at ArrowPoint (Cisco), Sales VP at Prominet (Lucent), Bay Networks • HQ in Lowell, MA; ~ 140 employees – Locations in US, Asia and Europe • Acopia is changing the way enterprises manage their unstructured data by delivering file virtualization in the network • Partnerships with leading NAS providers:
  • 3. Acopia Fills The Gap A Fundamental Information Mgmt Challenge Information Producers and Consumers (Requesters) Simple, Reliable, Trustworthy Global Information Access Independent of Physical Resources Acopia’s Adaptive Resource Networking “GAP” IP Networking Scale, Availability, ILM, Heterogeneous Transparent to Requesters Physical Information Servers (Resources) © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 4. Trusted by Leading Companies © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 5. The Constraints of Today’s Infrastructure Applications and Users • Complex – Mixed vendors, platforms, file systems • Inflexible – Access is tightly coupled to file IP Network location – Disruptive to move data • Inefficient 5% 90% – Resources are under and over utilized File Servers and NAS • Growing rapidly – 70% annually (80% are files) The cost of managing storage is 5 to 10 times the acquisition cost (Gartner, IDC) © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 6. Virtualization Breaks the Constraints Applications and Users • Simplified access – Consolidated, persistent access points • Flexibility Intelligent File – Data location not bound to Virtualization physical resources • Optimized utilization – Balances load across shared resources • Leverages technology File Servers and NAS – Freedom to choose most appropriate file storage © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 7. Acopia’s Intelligent File Virtualization Applications and Users • Works with existing infrastructure – Uses industry standard NFS / CIFS – No forklift upgrades, new file systems or software agents IP Network Acopia • Purpose-built for real-time policy enforcement Intelligent File Virtualization – Leverages IP / Ethernet network to monitor and adapt dynamically • Highest performance and scale – GBytes/sec vs. Mbits/sec throughput – Billions vs. millions of files NAS and File Servers • Enterprise-class availability Storage Pool – Maintains service in the event of failures “Acopia’s platform has the scalability to be deployed in large-scale data centers.” – Forrester © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 8. Acopia’s Intelligent File Virtualization © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 9. Data Migration with Acopia Applications & Users • Solution: – Transparent to users and applications – File-level granularity Acopia – NFS & CIFS support across Intelligent File Virtualization multiple vendors – Scheduled policies to automate data migration • Benefits: – Reduce outages and business disruption – Lower operational overhead • No client reconfiguration • Decommissioning without disruption • Automation NAS and File Servers © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 10. Data Migration Case Study Compute • Challenges Nodes – Need to seamlessly migrate Clients data from old filers to new ARX1000 – Upgrade to NetApp ONTAP 7G without impacting the business • Solution – ARX1000 cluster • Benefits – Multi-terabyte data migration NetApp 800 Series without disruption R200 FAS960 FAS980c – NAS software upgrade, “Acopia’s products allowed us to system de-commissioning perform a multi-terabyte data migration without downtime without disrupting our users” – OPEX savings by eliminating Leon Roberge, Director of IS, downtime & automating Toshiba America migration © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 11. Storage Tiering with Acopia Applications & Users • Solution: – Automated & non-disruptive data placement of flexibly defined filesets Acopia – Multi-vendor, multi-platform Intelligent File Virtualization – Clean (no stubs or links) Create – File movement can be scheduled • Benefits: – Reduced CAPEX • Leverage cost effective storage – Reduced OPEX Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 – Reduced backup windows and infrastructure costs NAS and File Servers © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 12. File Based Placement Age Based Placement /eng /eng IP Network IP Network Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 1 - 30 31 - 90 90+ *.doc *.txt *.pdf *.mp3 © Acopia Networks, Inc. +
  • 13. Storage Tiering Case Study Clients & Applications • International trade-show company – Over 600 employees worldwide; revenues >$380M ARX1000 HA Cluster • Challenges – Move less business critical data to less expensive storage, non- NetApp NetApp disruptively to users 940c 3020 • Solution – ARX1000 cluster Tier 1 Tier 2 • Benefits “Based upon these savings, we – 50% reduction in disk spend estimate that we will enjoy a return on – Dramatic reduction in backup our Acopia investment in well under a windows (from ~14 hours to ~3 year.” hours) and backup infrastructure Reinhard Frumm, Director Distributed IS, costs Messe Dusseldorf © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 14. Data Replication with Acopia • Solution: Applications and Users – Fileset based replication – NFS & CIFS across multiple vendors Intelligent File Virtualization – Replicas may be viewed – Supports multiple targets Replication – Change-based updates only (file deltas) • Benefits: – Freedom to use heterogeneous storage Primary Site Secondary Site – Cost effective disaster recovery © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 15. Data Replication Case Study • World’s largest equipment rental company WAN • Challenges – Upgrade NAS platform – Introduce lower cost ATA disk – File-based Disaster Recovery solution • Solution Tier 1 Replica – ARX1000 cluster at HQ & ARX1000 at remote DR facility Tier 2 Disaster Recovery • Benefits Site – NAS upgrade with no impact to users Primary Site – 50% savings through use of ATA disk – Cost effective disaster recovery “Acopia has reduced our total backup solution and replication times by about 70%.” – Dramatic reduction in backup and Bonnie Stiewing, Senior Systems Administrator, replication times United Rentals © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 16. Load Balancing with Acopia Compute Nodes • Solution: – Automatically balances new file placement across file 200MB/s servers Acopia – Flexible dynamic load balancing algorithms Intelligent File Virtualization – Uses existing file storage devices 50MB/s 50MB/s 50MB/s 50MB/s Aggregate • Benefits: Throughput – Increased application Aggregate CPU performance Aggregate – Improved capacity utilization Capacity – Reduced outages associated 20% 20% 20% 20% Balance Utilized Utilized Utilized Utilized with data management Capacity NAS / File Servers © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 17. Load Balancing Case Study Compute • Challenges Nodes – Infrastructure was a bottleneck to production of digital content – Difficult to provision new storage ARX6000 • Solution – ARX6000 cluster • Benefits – Ability to digitize >500% more music – 20% reduction OPEX costs NetApp 3050 associated with managing storage “Acopia’s products increased – Reduction in disk spend due to our business workflow more efficient utilization of by 560%” existing NAS Mike Streb, VP Infrastructure, WMG © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 18. Business Benefits of Acopia Fixed Cost Savings Variable Cost Savings “Acopia allowed us to automatically move "As a result of the Acopia virtualization our older design projects to more cost implementation, we have reduced the effective storage…the disk and tape cost operational overhead associated with savings alone will more than pay for our storage management by 40%.” investment in the Acopia switches." Yury Gutgarts, CIO Archive Systems Iain Godwin, ICT Director, Foster and Partners Freedom of Choice "In the past it's been complicated to introduce new vendors…now I feel comfortable opening up the door to additional storage vendors and letting them compete more.” Mike Streb, VP IT Services Warner Music Group © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 19. Acopia’s Intelligent File Virtualization Delivery Platform • Scalable product family – ARX6000 Data Center Device • >2B files – ARX1000 Mid Tier Device • 375M files – ARX500 Departmental Device • 125M files • Common software across all platforms • Enterprise-class management and serviceability – CLI, GUI, SNMP – Logging, reporting, scripting – Diagnostics, “phone home” © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 20. Summary • Acopia’s solutions uniquely address the growing challenges associated with managing file data – Operations that were disruptive are now transparent – Operations that were manual are now automated – Drives dramatic capital and operational expense reductions • Acopia offers the only enterprise-class, intelligent file virtualization solution – Unique performance, scale, data integrity and accessibility – Multi-protocol, multi-vendor, multi-location • Proven in Fortune 500 environments © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 21. Simplifying File Storage with Acopia Before Acopia After Acopia • Complex • Simplified access • Inflexible • Flexibility • Optimized utilization • Inefficient • Leverage heterogeneous • Growing rapidly technology © Acopia Networks, Inc.
  • 22. Q&A