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  • Marimba’s Castanet Product Family bridges that gap in this new world, to enable Internet Services Management
  • Open standards are critical to the fundamental transformation occurring right now that expands how customers get solutions and how technology is provided. It's similar to the transformation we experienced in computing, where the closed, protected, and centralized mainframe gave way to an open computing model. No longer did all the pieces of the solution trickle in from one vendor. Rather, we experienced an explosion of innovation, competition, and solutions offering customers more choice, flexibility, and providers. This same phenomenon is happening in telecommunications. The vertically-integrated, closed model of the central office switch is simply incapable of quickly delivering the range of flexible solutions demanded in this fast-paced, whitewater business environment. By necessity, the rigid structures of the past are giving way to an open communications world built on standards, where many providers can contribute to the customer solution. And deliver them faster. This ecosystem as it's sometimes called, is quickly creating an increasing number of best-of-breed providers, delivering applications, servers, Internet appliances, systems integration, and more. In the Internet ecosystem model for doing business, a company creates value by forming an ever-expanding community through direct links, with partners, suppliers, distributors, employees, and customers. Key Ideas : — Customers are now in control -- they are demanding choice and flexibility. And given the pace of change, they want the best solutions quickly. Transition :
  • Improved resource utilization Reduction of management resources Quicker deployment of resources Overall cost reduction of the ‘utility’
  • Marimba’s Castanet Product Family bridges that gap in this new world, to enable Internet Services Management


  • 1. Storage Networking Mario Mazzola Sr. Vice President New Business Ventures
  • 2. Strategic Alliance Leader in IP Networking Leader in Data Availability Storage Networking Collaboration
  • 3. SAN Growth Projections SAN Connectivity Infrastructure Storage Management Software * Source: Industry Analysts Breakaway Potential $ Billions $ 7.3B* $ 18B* Breakaway Potential
  • 4. To Reach Growth Inflection Point Isolated Islands Enterprise-Wide Infrastructures WAN Japan Europe MAN
  • 5. Cisco’s Storage Networking Development Transport Independent Optical/DWDM Storage in the MAN Cisco Metro 1500 iSCSI Technology NuSpeed Acquisition Joint Development With Brocade FC over TCP/IP Blade for Catalyst 6000 Veritas EMC Network Appliance IBM Oracle SAN Ecosystem Interconnect SAN’s across MAN/WAN
  • 6. Unifying Storage and Networking SAN LAN/MAN/WAN Management Management i Services i Services Infrastructure Infrastructure Unified Management/ Policy Framework Storage Virtualization IP-Storage Transport Independent Ethernet/FibreChannel/Infiniband
  • 7. Virtualization of Data Delivery Virtualization of Storage is a Necessary Condition to Fulfill the Promise of Content Delivery Networking Content Origin Content Delivery Network
  • 8. Expanding Scope of Virtualization to Storage SAN INTER-CONNECTION VOLUME MANAGEMENT SERVICES DATA CENTRALIZED STORAGE MANAGEMENT Continual drive toward virtualized services continues to yield optimized data services
  • 9. Strategic Alliance
    • Delivering Intelligence in Storage Networks
    • Network-enabled Data Management
    • Virtualization
    • Storage Management
    Leader in IP Networking Leader in Data Availability