2014 Global Resort Consultancy Corporate Brochure


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Global Resort Consultancy (GRC Group) is a full-service, turn-key development company based in Las Vegas. From finance, to design, project management, construction management and facility management, our global team is a leader in the hotel, resort and golf course sectors.

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2014 Global Resort Consultancy Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Global Resort Consultancy, LLC (GRC Group) is an international company of finance, design and project management professionals headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Executive team represents more than 40 years of international experience, providing innovative and technical excellence across a broad range of public and private sector markets. What sets us apart is our collaborative ability of working globally and delivering locally. A trusted partner to our clients, we provide dedicated teams of qualified personnel to each project, all focused on delivering the most innovative and appropriate solutions to create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments. The GRC Group provides turn-key solutions with the following verticals: • Project Acquisition / Financing • Design / Planning / Architecture • Project / Program Management • Facilities / Operational Management GRC’s commitment to our clients ensures we approach each opportunity as a unique venue that is considerate of social, environmental and financial objectives. Our ability to recognize opportunities and constraints of each project ensures we are proactive in our approach to delivering exceptional results......EVERYTIME The GRC Group services all corners of the international market through our locations in North / South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, providing suitably qualified and knowledgeable teams for every location. Company Introduction
  2. 2. Our Vision: To deliver exemplary results EVERYTIME based on unique client, social and environmental considerations. Our Purpose: To consistently create, deliver and maintain the world’s built, natural and social environments by working collaboratively with knowledgeable and experienced professionals across a broad range of disciplines. Being mindful and committed to these ideals ensures we uphold a dedication to people and their well-being. Our corporate environment promotes a philosophy of delivering environments that inspire creativity and respond to environmental, social and stakeholder objectives. COMPANY ETHICS GRC takes pride in how our people conduct themselves with integrity, while delivering excellence to our clients around the world. And our approach to ethical behavior and compliance with local laws and regulations has been recognized by our clients worldwide since 2004. Our founding partners provided a rich legacy of integrity, and honoring that has been a significant part of GRC’s success story. Our philosophy preserves an enduring commitment to integrity that shapes our ethical culture and provides clear guidance so all stakeholders recognize how we conduct business globally. GRC’s Code of Ethics provides balanced and practical business advice to help us think broadly, act decisively and drive results in a way that is legal, ethical and responsible. Company Vision / Purpose
  3. 3. GRC uses a collaborative model of senior leadership. Our Senior Executive team sets overall strategy and policy. Cameron MacKellar (USA), John Wells (China), Steven Barnes (Europe) and Jeff Wood (USA) run the firm, working with and through our Management Committee and Senior Staff located globally. Together, they direct and integrate our practices, offices, and design and delivery teams to serve our clients effectively on a global, 24/7 basis. Behind our leadership team is a worldwide network of financial, design / architectural, project management and professional consultants. This corporate structure provides for a company that strives to constantly enhance our international reputation for innovative design, superb delivery, and efficient management of its teams and projects. COMPANY SAFETY Safety is fundamental to our everyday culture, whether working in the office or from a project site, we are dedicated to operating and maintaining projects in a safe manner. Championed by our leadership team, our commitments are outlined in our Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) Policy Statement. The Policy Statement establishes and maintains a framework for our overall SH&E program. This drives us to pro-actively incorporate these safety standards into everything we do. GRC has adopted these Safety Principles to help demonstrate the commitment of our Workplace Safety program. We firmly believe these principles will enable GRC to achieve its goal of zero employee injuries, property damage and an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace. Employees are encouraged to become actively engaged in our safety processes through active participation in safety committees, training and inspections. In addition, employees are also encouraged to participate in health initiatives and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Company Leadership
  4. 4. Services: Acquisition / FinanceServices: Finance Global Resort Consultancy understands the complex nature of achieving quality finance for your project, and we continually seek appropriate solutions to ensure each project has optimal opportunity of success. For the vast majority of projects, whether it is from a bank or investment house, or from private equity, financing is an inevitable prerequisite. In response, GRC have been highly proactive in forming strong relationships with a number of diverse and qualified financial partners, all who have very different but very effective approaches to financing projects of all scales and destinations. GRC works closely with our strategic alliances to provide the necessary financial solutions to ensure your project requirements are delivered, these include the following financing strategies: • Equity finance • Mezzanine finance • Construction finance • Principle debt finance • Subordinated finance Global Resort Consultancy’s commitment to all prospective principals is simply to work right alongside them as partners, ensuring optimal success of secure funding. Through our relationships we know what specific criteria is required by our potential funders criteria, and can match these up with each prospective project. Our ethos is always to start with the end in mind, therefore our design, architecture and project management teams work to not only provide a quality end result, but also to do it in a way that our funding partners are comfortable with the team, giving the project the greatest chance of success. Our holistic approach has created significant interest from clients around the world, and also potential funders due to our diverse portfolio of upcoming projects. This is giving us the enviable position of growing our data base of funding consortiums and
  5. 5. Services: Finance increasing our position and professional standing as the financier, design and project management partner of quality projects globally - a truly turn-key solution for our clients. Currently, GRC have a very close working relationship with a boutique investment bank operating out of the US and Canada. This team manage a large number of institutional and private clients. We have worked with them on a number of occasions to create bespoke solutions for clients, in the areas of construction finance, principle debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine finance and equity participation. We also have direct access to a large private fund who specialize in venture capital. They will take a high equity stake is high in the initial years but will openly look at MBO’s etc. Also, because of this position, there is no requirement for them to take charges over any land. In 2014, we began actively working with a large global construction company who will also take an equity stake in projects that they can be engaged in from a construction and construction management perspective. This group has been very active in financing some of our international ventures in South America, Europe and the Middle Eastern markets. Finally, we are in direct negotiations with a newly set up fund in the United Kingdom who have an appetite for direct investment into Marina Based projects. This group is particularly active in the Australasian, European and Caribbean markets. It is essential to our funding partners that they are in agreement with the project delivery, and of equal importance is the proposed management team. Through our professionalism, ethos and connections to such parties as CBRE, funders have become very comfortable with our way of working and this level of trust and understanding makes GRC the ideal project partner.
  6. 6. The GRC Group objective is to utilize our collective expertise to create unique places of lasting value for the communities we serve. We blend our expertise in planning, architecture, landscape architecture and engineering to create sustainable environments that connect people and places, movement and the built environment, and nature and architecture. For projects of all scales, including regional and community master plans, commercial corridors, neighborhood plans, parks and recreation areas, and successful infill and redevelopment, we work with clients to establish a collaborative vision and then draw on our skills and resources to bring that vision to life in the built environment. We believe that to create lasting value, each project and community must draw from its unique context of environment, culture, and history to create a sense of place that will endure. By meticulously understanding these aspects and incorporating our knowledge of planning, design, development, and infrastructure, we create environments that enhance a community’s regional traditions yet remain sustainable and flexible for many different market segments and uses. The GRC Group have successfully utilized our collaborative approach to improve the quality of life and environment in a wide array of contexts – from large urban areas to small rural communities. We strive to incorporate sustainable development patterns, compact and walkable mixed- use environments, and the successful integration of streets, public space and architecture to create sustainable, desirable, and livable places and communities. • Comprehensive Master Plans • Neighborhood Plans • Downtown Plans • Parks and Recreation Master Plans • Corridor Studies • Redevelopment Studies • Landscape Architecture Design • Strategic Plans Services: Planning
  7. 7. At GRC, we seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result. GRC’s building and interior designers have helped shape the world around us – from high-rise buildings that form city skylines, to educational, cultural, research and transportation facilities and homes that enable our way of life and future. Our architects and interior designers are problem solvers by nature – serving clients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing in their vision. We believe that capital investment in facilities should be aligned with measurable, sustainable business benefits, and our firm’s portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Our global presence allows us to provide local solutions that pull from a global team of experts. Sustainability Good design is sustainable design. Principles of green architecture are fundamental to our firm’s design culture and integral to every discipline. For each building type, our design process is based on energy efficient building systems, appropriate selection of materials and form to maximize environmental conditions and long-term performance. Our diverse and comprehensive design solutions have provided exceptional results across the following industry sectors; • Public/Civic Spaces • Transportation • Residential • Sports Venues • Education • Recreation • Health • Aquatic Centers • Hospitality • Theme Parks • Commercial • Worship Services: Architecture
  8. 8. GRC’s dedicated Resort, Leisure and Hospitality division has specialist expertise in the design of custom boutique hotel, resort, casino and theme park projects in locations around the world. We understand the challenges that hotel, resort, and entertainment developers face in assembling land, gaining approvals, and creating projects that will stand out in fiercely competitive markets. Financing management and operations present additional and equally difficult development challenges; we are versed in these areas as well. Since its inception as a one of the foremost design firms for resort projects, GRC Leisure and Hospitality Design has developed a portfolio of projects, representing various environments in the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. Among our completed projects are the award-winning MGM Casino in Detroit, the redesign of the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, the master plan and architectural guidelines for the Chip-In Island Resort in the Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin and numerous resort-related development studies throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Competition demands that new resorts and leisure projects rely on imaginative concepts. Early in the planning phase, we provide alternatives that explore development opportunities, resolve siting issues, appraising environmental constraints, and test programs against site and market conditions. Our first steps include evaluating market potential and carefully planning project components to ensure differentiation in the marketplace. In addition, early consideration of environmental issues and creative mitigation measures are critical to successful development. GRC assists clients in creating distinctive environments where architecture, landscape, entertainment, culture, and history combine for an unforgettable experience. Operations and maintenance factors are considered at every stage of planning and implementation to create the level of service and quality that is the hallmark of a successful destination. Services: Hotel / Resort Design
  9. 9. The GRC Group in continuously establishing a worldwide reputation for producing memorable, ecological and enjoyable golf courses. From Championship layouts, to public and private membership venues, we tailor each of our courses to their specific markets and needs. With international experience gained from the European and Australasian PGA Tours, our team is committed to producing golf environments that respond to the natural terrain, whilst employing considerate routings that take advantage of the surrounding environment. With these key initiatives emanating throughout our courses, GRC believes that our courses produce better golfers and increased land values - all while providing local employment and valued recreation for all those who play them. The GRC Group has a full consortium of services for your golf course project, including; Golf Course Design and Renovation Site Analysis • Consultation and Preliminary Design • Topography Review • Design Development • Preliminary Site Visits • Working Drawings and Specifications • Preliminary Routing Master Planning Construction Consultation • Site Visit to Review Existing Project • Construction Bid Documents • Preparation of Capital Improvements • Analysis of Bids • Master Plan Presentation to Membership • Field Consultations Irrigation Consulting Clubhouse Design • Preliminary Irrigation Design • Service Area Allocation • Specification Design • Circulation Analysis • Approval of Irrigation Materials • Hospitality / Retail • Field Consultations • Back of House / Operations Services: Golf Course Design
  10. 10. Services: Project Management GRC Group maintains a large network of professional real estate project / program managers globally. Our geographical coverage combined with our optimized service delivery process enables us to plan and execute a full menu of project management services for occupiers of and investors in commercial real estate worldwide. Our People have the experience and expertise to translate client goals into successful results by achieving and/or exceeding your business objectives, schedules, and budget. Our Tools, technology and training allow us to drive value on every project and reduce the time committed by our clients’ internal resources. Our Goal is to provide a structured and comprehensive management approach to coordinate, control and manage the expectations of our clients. Project Management represents a core service provided by The GRC Group, with our experienced staff offering extensive knowledge on a variety of design, programming, permitting, value engineering, construction and move management related specialties. Our team is heavily invested the industry with end-to-end strategic and tactical project and move management services. Our dedicated team has been providing Project Management Services for a variety of corporate clients since 1996. Furthermore, The GRC Group is committed to approaching every client relationship as a partnership, where we strive to foster a long term relationship. The success of this commitment is evidenced by an impressive contract renewal rate among our total industry clientele.
  11. 11. Our Project Management services have been developed to meet our clients’ growing need for knowledgeable, experienced leaders who assist them in making informed decisions; accurately predicting project costs and schedule; and successfully managing the design, construction, and relocation process. Our team consists of highly skilled project managers with backgrounds in real estate development, architecture, interior design, engineering, planning, construction, and risk management. We partner with our clients by implementing cost-effective, scalable staffing models and utilizing industry-leading processes designed to optimize PJM activities. Regardless of size, industry sector or geographic dispersion, our project management professionals consistently deliver cost savings and value. Our PJM solutions include: • Capital improvements • Ground Up Construction • Program Management • Space efficient analyses • Relocation Management • Move and changes services • Base building infrastructure • Facility assessments and due diligence • Critical Environments • Tenant improvement / Interior build-out • PJM outsourcing strategies • Occupancy coordination GRC’s unmatched and flexible resources enable us to source, underwrite, and execute project management opportunities on behalf of our customers with a consistent process and risk mitigation perspective. With 80% of a project’s value created in the first 20% of a project’s life-cycle, our early involvement will result in the greatest positive impact on the project. Services: Project Management
  12. 12. Services: Project Management The GRC Group recognizes the impact your facilities have on both recruitment and retention efforts for staff. Whether your project is part of an expansive program, the primary building of a growing organization, or a complex hotel / resort and recreational facility, you can trust that the GRC Project Management team, has the scale, platform, and experience to ensure your next capital improvement project will attract the highest caliber of staff and management. The GRC Group understands the critical importance of specialized experience when providing project management services to our clients nationally and internationally. The Project Management team will staff your next project from our network of qualified project managers who have accumulated extensive experience across many markets. Our experience ensures best practices, lessons learned, and value creation initiatives will be implemented to produce a successful outcome for your facility. Our team has delivered complex projects of varying scopes and values across many global regions, with the following examples representing our “typical” capabilities across the groups we serve: • Civic • Data Center • Distribution • Government • Healthcare • Higher Education • Hospitality • Industrial • Manufacturing • Mission Critical • Office / HQ • Research • Retail • Technology • Utility / Energy • TI Improvements
  13. 13. The GRC Group facilitates Pre and Post-Construction management services that operate a variety of properties in the United States of America, South / Central America, Australasia and Europe. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada we provide regionally based services to developers and property owners across the USA, as well as Internationally in selected regions. GRC Group’s expertise covers a broad range of specialty services, from mid-size extended-stay and limited service properties, to full-service resorts featuring full service health / spas, golf course venues, restaurants, and convention centers. We continue to develop a well-respected international portfolio, and our market presence is further strengthened with a proven track record in all aspects of the hospitality industry including: • Internet distribution and eMarketing Sales & Marketing • Revenue Management Hotel Operations • Accounting Services Hotel renovation projects • Construction / Product Management Human Resources Since our inception, we have consistently maintained our commitment to building long-term relationships with our investors, clients, owners, and we continue to provide steady, positive results in constantly changing economic environments. Applied in a focused manner, and matched with creative marketing and sound accounting principles, we enhance operating efficiencies and ensure consistent product and service levels across all our properties. Our company’s senior management have an average of 20 years of experience in all segments of the hotel, resort and golf management industries, and have proven highly successful in the takeover, re-positioning, and optimization of these operations. Services: Facility Management