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Us history timeline

  1. 1. US History Time line By: Cameron Allison
  2. 2. Homesteader, name given to somebody that took congresses offer. In 1862 congress The first Sand Creek Massacre, Sweat Shop, the passed the Homestead Transcontinental in 1864 over 150practices of small and Act. This gave the Railroad was under helpless women and dangerous work head of the household construction. The children were killed rooms. the opportunity to get 1776 mile long track when the US Army 160 acres of land out was now under attacked the tribe. west. Many African construction in 1863 Americans took this offer post war. 1830 1862 1863 1864 Exoduster, name given to African Americans that took congresses offer, which gave them 160 acres of land out west.
  3. 3. Gorge Pullman invents the sleeping car for a train. Name given to Oliver Kelley organization. They were called Grange. Oliver Kelley started 1866 cowboys would the Patrons of transport large Husbandry. The The era of amounts of animal, or Urbanization. When organization fought cattle over land. The for reforms in people start to move trips would last up to 3from villages to live in education for farm months. families. cities. 1865 1866 1867 Buffalo Soldiers are Grange, this was a men apart of the 10th name given to oliver Calvary at fort organization that Leavenworth. wanted reform for education for farm families.
  4. 4. The term Monopoly was given to John D. Rockefeller oil company.In 1868, Sitting bull, In 1870, John D. the leader of the Rockefellers oil Hunkpapa Sioux, company processed agreed to move to a 2% of the countries reserve along the oil, with in 10 year Missouri river. they controlled 90% 1868 1869 1870 Jacob Riis moves to America to start his life of social reform for the slums of America. Social Darwinism emerges in the USA in 1890.
  5. 5. A system were citizens get paper money instead of coins.1871 1872 1873
  6. 6. Southern Alliance is started to get rangers to support and help The invention of the each other herd telephone expands the animals. world of communication.1874 1875 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patent his invention of the telephone.
  7. 7. The Gilded Age, the period of time after the end of the civil war and reconstructionNez perce, in 1877 theconflict of the fight of non treaty.Socialism, the socialist Dumbbell tenementslabor party of America were being set. The Thomas Edison tenements changed was founded in 1877. formed the Edison spreading the idea of regulations for Electrical Light apartments sizes socialism to America Company. 1877 1878 1879The Northern Alliance is started to fight for reform in rail roadtransportation system.Chief Joseph leader ofthe Nez perce during the Nez Perce War.
  8. 8. 1880 the process of assimilation was started to be used to adopt Native Americans into American Culture. 1880 is when the legacy of Wild Bill Hicklok began. After 1880 he began to travel around and performing with Buffalo Bills Wild West. 1880 1881 1882 Settlement Houses was a social reform that tried to get the rich and poor more closely
  9. 9. During the 1884 election many Republicans were given the name Joseph Pulitzer, an Mugwumps forimmigrant that bought supporting thethe New York World. Democratic candidate. 1883 1884 1885
  10. 10. In 1886 the colored farmers alliance was started to help each other with the rising cost of farming. The Soddy Houses. In 1886, Samuel These houses where Grover lead the Cigar In 1887, the Dawes build out of blocks and Makers Union. They Act was passed. The turf. They were small fought for better goal of the act was to fireproof houses that hours, pay, and try and Americanize were build out west conditions. the Native Americans. where no trees were around to use. 1886 1887 1888 Collective Bargaining, used to negotiate better work conditions, pay, and hours. Haymarket Affairs, refers to the bombings in chicago.
  11. 11. 1890 a ritual where Native Americans would do a dance that they believed would resurrect dead warriors.The Vanderbilt Family In 1890, the us army builds the Biltmore attacked a group of house in NC. native Americans and murdered over 300 women and children. 1889 1890 1891 Grandfather clause, In 1890, Sherman applies to someone Antitrust Act, the act that fail the literacy made it legal to make test. trust that interfered with the free trade act.
  12. 12. 1892 the Omaha Platform adopted the formative convention of the populist party. 1892 Scabs, people Eugene V. Debs, tried hired to keep the to start to form a union factories that were that would combine dealing with union unskilled and skilled running. They would works. protect the factory. 1892 1893 1894Ellis Island opens. The Pullman Strike,island runs immigrant workers fright whenthrough a test to get in they got a pay reduce. to America
  13. 13. In 1896 the “cross of gold” speech was given by William Bryan. William McKinley ran for the presidency in 1896.The republican Ragtime, mix of party nominated him African American W.E.B Dubuis, the because of his views spirituals andfirst African American on the gold standard. European culture, lead to receive a doctorate to the Jazz age. form Harvrd . 1895 1896 1897 William J. Bryan in 1896 gave a speech at the cross of gold convention.
  14. 14. Melting Pot, the term Eugene V. Debs, tried referring to America to start to form a union as one big Melting Pot that would combineAndrew Carnegie sold The wright brothers was generally used in unskilled and skilledhis steel company foe have there first 1908. works. $480 million. successful flight. 1901 1903 1908 1910
  15. 15. www.biography.comGeorge Westinghouse recived the AIEEEdison Medal for the Jane Adams was the alternating current first women to be system. awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 1911 1931 Year