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Ideas for an app

  1. 1. App RecommenderWhy not have an App that recommends apps it couldreview all the apps you have downloaded and how yourated them. Also you will be able to look for a certaintype of app or search for a certain app which will thentell you where you can find it and how much for.This App will be free.
  2. 2. Music Lyric AppFor those people who want to listen and sing a long to asong but dont have any idea what there saying or evenif they are at a party and someone is playing music.This App will be Free.
  3. 3. Buddy AppFor the people who are bored, have some spare time butnothing to do or just simply has no other buddys. Thisapp will let you do almost anything you want to it asyou create it, choose what it does and speak to it.This App will be free.
  4. 4. Space InvadersSpace invaders is a game that everyone knows but in thisedition you can change the scene in which it is setinstead of having the basic green, white and blackcolours have some purple, blue, even a bit of red youdesign your own modern space invaders but still playthe classic game.App will cost 50p
  5. 5. The GameA game which have to forget about the game to win thegame which you cant because when you rememberabout winning the game you lose the game so whenyou completely forget about this game you device willrandomly remind you about the game.This app will be free.
  6. 6. Piano App and TeacherEver wanted to learn how to play a piano or just wantedto play the piano then this App is for you. From a rangeof over 500 different songs and jungles available tolearn and enjoy with friends or on your own you wontget bored.App will cost £1.50.
  7. 7. Game TrailersTheres alot of movie trailer apps but nothing for gametrailers. This App will be updated with the latesttrailers for every game that has one.This app will be free.
  8. 8. Shoe CreatorThere isnt many clothing apps on the market that areuseful, so I thought why not let you create your ownshoes, design etc. but all at the touch of your iPhone orandroid without any hassle.This app will be free to download.