Law Enforcement


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Law Enforcement

  1. 1. Pinder1 Wouldn’t you like to be safe in your own house or be able to walk down the streetwithout being worried? Law Enforcement is an essential to our society, and the way to keep civilpeace. If we didn’t have any Law Enforcement, people would do what they want and there wouldbe no peace. Also people would have to fear for their lives because they have no protection. Iwill be discussing the education, salary, types of Law Enforcement and their requirements andthe advantages and disadvantages. Law Enforcement is a big part of our society, if we didn’thave them, then who knows? “Education requirements range from a high school diploma to a college degree or higher”(Occupational). Usually you must have a high schooldiploma and other departments you willneed at least 1 or 2 years of college courses. Some Federal agencies you need you will need acollege degree.”Civil service requirements govern the appointments of police and detectives inmost States, large municipalities, and special Police agencies, as well in many smallerjurisdictions” (Occupational). Once you get your degree the pay can range from about 49k –100k. Many positions can have different pay like Police Corporal gets paid $49,421 a year,Police Sergeant $58,739, Police Lieutenant $69,588, Police Captain $72,769, Deputy Chief$74834, and a Police Chief $90,570. There are many Universities you can attend to, but theUniversity of Alfred located in Alfred, New York has a criminal justice studies major offered tothe undergraduate students. At Alfred University you will be able to put your classroomknowledge to practical experience or actual situations. When you do decide to look at schools forLaw Enforcement make sure you do some research so you can find the best one that you canattend to. “Once hired the recruit attends a police training academy ranging from about 400 hoursto almost a year depending on jurisdiction to study a wide range of topics” (Educating). “Most of
  2. 2. Pinder2which the State Police Officers Standards and training (POST) Board of equivalent body hasmandated” (Educating). There are many different types of Law Enforcement out there from Local, State, Federal,and Crime Scene Investigator.”Local Law Enforcement is in charge of with upholding the law onthe streets and in the neighborhoods of the City or Town they work in” (What). Even thoughpeople may not like Local Law Enforcement they are the ones that patrol around the streetkeeping us safe.”The career of a Local police Officer can be dangerous, especially during histime in the field” (What).”However, much of an officer’stime is spent responding to calls forassistance and doing paper work” (What). Local Police Officers wear uniforms during workhours and some of the duties are identifying, pursuing, and arresting suspects. They also usuallyhave to stay within their jurisdiction which is their Town or City. Sometimes they will oftencooperate with State and Federal authorities in cases beyond their jurisdiction. “State Police, alsoknown as Highway Patrol officers or State Troopers, that provide service on a State widelevel”(The). “State Police are responsible for conducting interviews and performinginterrogations, some of the people interviewed included the alleged perpetrators, potentialwitnesses, fellow Law Enforcement and alleged victims” (The). If they pull over a car and theysuspect or believe that the person is under the influence of a substance one way to test theirresponse is walking in a straight line, if they keep failing then they can provide a sobriety test.“State Police are qualified to present testimony about a Criminal and Civil Court cases” (The).Motor vehicle theft is one type of the cases that involves a testimony. “During the investigationthe district attorney and defendant’s attorney can consider testimony based on how the officersanswer question and the officer’s signed deposition” (The). The Federal Law Enforcement whichis the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hire agents that carry fire arms and often called into
  3. 3. Pinder3perform officials busts or capture high profile criminals. They also have other agencies like theBorder Patrol, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, and the DEA. “The BorderPatrol, established 1924 as an arm of the Bureau of Immigration, is how the Law Enforcementunit of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection of Federal agency housed in the Department ofHomeland Security” (Responsibilities). “Responsible for securing the Canadian and Mexicanborders, in addition to the coastal waters surrounding Florida and Puerto Rico”(Responsibilities). The Secret Service which is responsible for the protection of the President,also works to ensure the soundness of the U.S. They are also responsible for the security of thenation’s currency from counterfeiting and credit card fraud. “During national election cycles,Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates receive protection beginning six months before theelection” (Responsibilities). Department of Homeland Security was established after the attack inNew York City and Washington on September 11, 2001. “The department has five formalsduties, which secretary is in charge of overseeing” (Responsibilities). They also have many otherLaw Enforcement officers within different agencies like the Customs and Border Protection,Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the U.S. Secret Service. Then there’s the CrimeScene Investigators which are responsible for the collection, reservation, packaging,transportation, and documentation of evidence. “Evidence used to resolve crime can be split into2 areas Testimonial evidence and Physical evidence” (Duty). Testimonial evidence would be likea witness that saw the crime, and Physical evidence would be any material items that may havebeen left behind at a crime scene. One duty of a Crime Scene Investigator is to pictures of thecrime. When they arrive on scene they have take pictures of everything, and have to mark whereeverything is placed at. When they get done recording everything they have to then take it to thelab for forensic testing if necessary. Forensic testing can solve many different crimes from
  4. 4. Pinder4someone leaving a fingerprint at a robbery, to finding someone’s DNA that they left behind fromspitting on the ground. Just like any other profession Law Enforcement has their advantages and theirdisadvantages. “First of all, Law Enforcement Officers retire earlier than employees than inmany other professions, owing to the physical demand of the job” (Pension). When they dodecide to retire they are most likely to retire between the ages of 45 and 60. Promotion is usuallyeligible after a period of 6 months to 3 years.”Promotions to Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, andCaptain usually are made according to candidate’s position on a promotion list, as determined byscored on-the-Job performance” (Occupational). Officers also can have a 30 day paid vacation ifthey choose to do so. To be successful in this career the most likely applicants to succeed wouldhave skills of bilingual, college training in police science or with military police experience.There are some disadvantages to being a Law Enforcement for one it can be dangerous andstressful, and it is a 24 hour job that most officers work more than 40 hours a week. Also LawEnforcement has the highest rate of on-the-job injury and illness. For example say a Policeofficer has to respond to call on a bank robbery in progress, when he gets out there and gets tothe suspect he has a risk of getting killed. Sometimes criminals will do whatever they can do toget away. When working on a case they might even have to travel out of town, this can be achallenge to an officer, especially if he has a wife and kids at home. An interview with Harold Mitchell spoke that if you do well in English, Math, and Civicswhile in high school it will help you out in this career. Law Enforcement isn’t just a job to getpaid because some people do it just for the justice that they give to someone who has been avictim of a crime and that makes them feel good about themselves. So the responsibilities anddescription of Law Enforcement is very important in this career field, because it takes a lot from
  5. 5. Pinder5them to do what they do by protecting and keeping us safe. Law Enforcement is an essential toour society and the way to keep civil peace.