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Do you wish to harness the power of IT in your healthcare setup and improve patient flow, safety and work flow processes?
Camelus Infotech helps you deliver the highest quality patient care while you control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve workforce productivity. The demand for quality healthcare is growing and costs are rising.
Our solutions include: CareXpress, CarePremium & CareEnterprise for Healthcare. For more details email:

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Hospital Info systems (HIS) product portfolio ci

  1. 1. eNABLE BETTER PATIENT CARE & EFFICIENT ADMINISTRATION Your strategic partner for Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) Powered by ASPL (ISO 9001-2008 Certified)
  2. 2. HIS Solutions Portfolio >Global Presence in 7 countries with over 150 Installations >HIS solutions running 24x7 for over 15 years >State-of-the-art Film-less and Paper-less solutions >Strict conformance to DICOM, HL7 Interface, CCHIT, ICD 9/10 & DRG/CPT code standards >SaaS-based, Pay-as-you-go pricing model >High-level system Security & User-friendly screens/dashboards >Other Modules: EMR ● LIS ● RIS ● PACS ● PIS CareXpress HIS •Suitable for small-size healthcare settings such as Nursing Homes, Poly-clinics, up to 50 Bed Hospitals •Low adoption cost - at a fraction of price than our competitors •Quick Return on Investment (ROI) •Ready-to-use HIS application - no customizations required Modules: Patient Registration, OPD Billing, IPD Billing, Doctor Accounting, Laboratory Information System, MIS/ MIS Dashboard CarePremium HIS •Suitable for medium-size healthcare settings such as up to 100 to 150 Bed Hospitals •Affordable adoption cost - with various easy payment options •Ready-to-use HIS application with customizations Modules: Patient Registration, OPD Billing, IPD Billing, Doctor Accounting, Laboratory Information System, MIS/ MIS Dashboard, Pharmacy Management, Inventory Management CareEnterprise HIS •Suitable for large-size healthcare settings such as more than 200 Bed Hospitals •Affordable adoption cost - competitively priced than our competitors •Ready-to-use HIS application with customizations Modules: All included for complete automation of a hospital or any other healthcare setting
  3. 3. HIS Solutions: NEW Releases Fortune13 HIS  Pre-packaged & Economical ERP-based HIS  Fixed number of modules for 5-user to 10-user Maximum (Concurrent Licenses)  Suitable for Small Hospitals, Clinics & Nursing Homes  Implementation time: 1 Week Only MIRACLE HIS  Complete Web-based HIS (on-site or SaaS model)  Advanced IT Healthcare Solution suitable for chain of Hospitals, Clinics and Diagnostic Centers  Compatible with famous Internet browsers and Mobile Devices  Multi-User & Multi-Site Compatible  Integration with popular Financial Accounting packages  Real-time Business Intelligence Information via MIS dashboards
  4. 4. CareXpress HIS SNAP Shot:  Ready to use HIS solution for small-size healthcare settings  Standard software solution (off-the-shelf product)  A comprehensive HIS with most essential core modules  Self-explanatory screens and user-friendly outputs  Affordable and low TCO  Developed using MS-SQL & VB .NET  Easy Implementation and Installation process  Upgrade to higher versions of Premium or Enterprise
  5. 5.  Patient Registration  Patient Appointments  OPD Billing  IPD Billing  TPA/Insurance Billing  Admission/Transfer/Discharge  MIS Dashboard  Doctor Accounting  Security Module  Masters Configuration  Diagrams & Reports CareXpress HIS: Modules Diagnostic Modules :  Laboratory Info. Systems (LIS)  Radiology Info. System (RIS)  Blood Bank Management System (BBS)  Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)
  6. 6.  Facilitate capturing Patient Demographic, Payment and Insurance Details  Assign Unique Registration Number to each Patient  Assign Specific Consulting Department based on broad Symptoms  Facilitates entry of Emergency Patients with quick registration  Facilitates MLC Number for Accident Cases CareXpress HIS: Patient Registration & Appointment
  7. 7. CareXpress HIS: Patient Registration & Appointment
  8. 8.  Enable Cash Collection from Out-Patients for Consultations, Investigations & Procedures and Generate a Cash Receipt  Generate Bill for the Services offered with Credit Account Code  Maintain record of collection Shift-wise with Cashier Name  Generate Patient Statistics (Clinical Department wise, Category wise & Consultant wise)  Generate Cash Collection and Revenue Summary Reports for daily reconciliation and posting to Finance CareXpress HIS: OPD Billing
  9. 9. CareXpress HIS: OPD Billing
  10. 10.  Maintains Activity chart for entry of facilities daily utilized by patients  Calculates bed charges and other Facilities/Service charges automatically  Generation of In-Patients Register, Billing Register, Collections Record, etc  Generates receipt for Deposits/Advances ,Bill (Interim) or final for settlement  Provides Bi-weekly/weekly In-Patients Receivable Statement  Provides Linkages with Financial Accounts  Enables generation of Credit Companies Statements CareXpress HIS: IPD Billing
  11. 11. CareXpress HIS: IPD Billing
  12. 12.  Enables Bed Status Monitoring  Facilitates admission & bed allocation based on advance booking  Helps in Collection of Deposit amount on admission and generate receipts  Provide links to all relevant Modules with date and time of admission, transfer, discharge or death to update patient database CareXpress HIS: IPD Admission / Transfer / Discharge
  13. 13.  Booking Register (Expected Admission Date-wise, Booking Type-wise, Doctor- wise, Bed Category-wise)  Closed & Cancelled Booking Register  Patient's Discharge List (Date-wise, Discharge Status-wise)  In-Patients List (Credit Cases, Free Cases, Hospital Staff)  In-Patients Summary (Unit, Doctor-wise)  Bed Occupancy Status and List of Vacant Beds  New Births Report  In-Patient Admission & Discharge Statutory Register CareXpress HIS: IPD Admission / Transfer / Discharge Reports
  14. 14. CareXpress HIS: IPD Admission / Transfer / Discharge
  15. 15. CareXpress HIS: IPD Admission / Transfer / Discharge
  16. 16.  Empanelled companies catalogue with detailed agreement  Medical insurance companies catalogue with Card details  Each empanelled company-wise Contract Terms & Conditions, Treatment Amount Limits, Exclusions, Discounts, Billing, and Authorization Requirements  Company-wise Tariff List and Rate Revision Facility CareXpress HIS: TPA/Insurance Management
  17. 17. CareXpress HIS: TPA/Insurance Management
  18. 18. HIS: Ancillary Modules  Dietary (Food and Beverage) Management  Equipment Maintenance Management  C.S.S.D  Linen & Laundry Module  Infection Control Management  Guest Relations Management  Library Management  Transport Management
  19. 19.  Multi-site, multi-facility specimen tracking and lab support  Accurate, up-to-the-minute patient data and charge information  Automatic generation of collection lists, labels and worksheets  Instant comparison and statistical analysis of test Results  Process screens that allow multiple functions to be accessed for multiple patients and specimens from one screen  Automatic indenting for the material required based on the consumption  Capture on-line results from the Automatic Lab. Equipments to the Computerized System  On-line patient inquiries, reports, and summaries CareXpress HIS: Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  20. 20. CareXpress HIS: Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  21. 21. CareXpress HIS: Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  22. 22.  Streamlines workflow in all the Imaging Departments (X- Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, etc.)  Radiology Orders Processing Worksheet for Out and In Patients  Linked with OPD Billing and Nursing Care Management  Accurate, up-to-the-minute patient data and charge information  Tracking Order Status  Tracking Film Jackets  Facility to amend pre-stored Standard Radiology Reports CareXpress HIS: Radiology Information System (RIS)
  23. 23. CareXpress HIS: Radiology Information System (RIS)
  24. 24. CareXpress HIS: Blood Bank Management System (BBMS)  Real-time, interactive module integrating donor, unit and patient information  Donor Registration & Certification  Infectious Markers  Stock Entry & Display of Blood & Components Stock on Inquiry  Expiring Stock of Blood & Components  Component Separation  Cross Matching Record  Issue / Release of Blood & Components  Discarding Units Record  Record of Transfusion Reaction  Inventory of Diagnostic Reagents & Kits
  25. 25.  Reports generated from this module:  New patient registrations  Out-patient statistics – Department Wise and Doctor Wise  Total Collections  Hospital Revenue  Hospital Performance  Hospital Occupancy  Surgery Statistics CareXpress HIS: MIS Dashboard
  26. 26. CareXpress HIS: MIS Dashboard
  27. 27. CareMD: Electronic Medical Records (EMR)  A World-Class EMR solution which automates and simplifies the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process.  Internet-based system enabling universal accessibility from a Desktop, Tablet or Hand- held computer.  Seamless work-flow between Patient Registration, Appointments, Nurse, Doctor, Billing, and Investigations tests/results  CCHIT (USA) Certified meeting ARRA Guidelines  Complete automation of Patient Medical Records  Integrated with Hospital Information System (HIS)  Complete drugs database with interactions / alerts  In-built easy-to-use and intuitive templates for over 50 specialties Sub-Modules: OPD Clinical Management, Master Health Checkup Management, Accident & Emergency, In-Patient Clinical Management, Operation Theatre Management, Medical Records, Medical Statistics & File Tracking, Physiotherapy Management, & Dialysis Management
  28. 28. Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS)  Medical imaging technology which provides economical storage of, and convenient access to, images from multiple modalities (source machine types).  Ability to view images of all modalities CT, MRI, PER, RT Objects etc. from any workstation within a hospital  Display and compare images of different modalities on one screen  Remote Web-Based Management and Monitoring  Leverage Existing PACS and Storage  Ability to store, access, and view data and images from any 3rd party PACS  DICOM RT Object Support  Ability to store Oncology images by supporting DICOM RT Objects
  29. 29. CareEnterprise HIS:  A revolutionary solution with end-to-end features for simplifying hospital management  Comprehensive, robust & User-friendly HIS with more than 30 modules  MS-SQL based Business Intelligence tool and dashboard providing detailed reports for all major departments Integrate with the back-end systems that specialize in Financial Accounting & Payroll Processing (Tally, Navision), HR, Lab equipments, Radiology Machines, PACS, etc.  Compliance with healthcare standards: HL7, DiCom, CCHIT Certification & HIPAA Compliance, NABH, NABL, JCI  Almost paperless and filmless environment  Facilitate regulatory and statutory compliances  Quick access to information for prompt decision making
  30. 30. CareEnterprise HIS: Overview Interfaces SMS/Email Connectivity Kiosk Interface LCD Interface Tally / Navision / SAP Bar Code Health care on Web Patient Portal Online Lab Results EMR Diagnostic Modules PACS BBMSRISLIS
  31. 31. Compliant with Healthcare Standards
  32. 32. HIS Users : India & Overseas
  33. 33. HIS Users : India & Overseas
  34. 34. CareEnterprise HIS (ver.12.0): Award Winner: 2013 Category: HIS & HMIS Provider 1. Create analytical reports for Management and Decision Makers. 2. Provides Information on Department Performance. 3. Provides Financial Insights to Hospitals. 4. Rich in functionalities compared to other HIS software/solutions available in the Market. 5. Longest experience in the HIS industry.
  35. 35. Your strategic partner for Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) Powered by ASPL (ISO 9001-2008 Certified) Camelus Infotech Site# 4, 3rd Floor (opp. HDFC Bank), Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore -5600 05. India. Ph: +91-80-65323 111 Mob: +91-98860 12011 / 80500 12022