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Newspapers in the modern age
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Newspapers in the modern age

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  • 1. How the press works AS Media Studies KLD
  • 2. Making a newspaperSell advertising
  • 3. Making a newspaperSell advertising Gather news
  • 4. Making a newspaperSell advertising Gather news Compile copy
  • 5. Making a newspaperSell advertising Gather news Compile copy Produce paper
  • 6. Making a newspaperSell advertising Gather news Compile copy Produce paper Distribute paper
  • 7. Advertising• Essential revenue stream• Higher the circulation, the more expensive• LH/RH• Targeting the audience• Newspaper sales falling• So many alternative (more targeted) ways of spending marketing budgets.
  • 8. Gathering newsHistorically• Long communication chains  Originally written(post)  Telegraph  Telephone  Satellites• No press officers• Government control of media
  • 9. Gathering newsNow• Mobile technology• Population “connected”• Instant video• Staged events• Press officers• Governments manage their activities to maximise/minimise media
  • 10. Compile copyHistorically• The News Room/sub editors• Hand set type• Hot metal• Huge presses
  • 11. Compile copyNow• Electronic• Posted direct from journalist’s laptop in the field• Instant update/change• Colour• Distance no object• People power - use of blogs
  • 12. Produce paper• Paper/trees/environment• Huge presses• Highly automated - reduce costs• Out of date before the ink is dry  Breakfast TV  CNN etc  Internet/RSS
  • 13. Distribution• Truck from press to local warehouse• Van from local warehouse to shop• Bike from shop to door• All takes  Time  People  Fuel/energy
  • 14. Audience• More demanding• More varied• Wants what it wants NOW• More willing to look elsewhere for their needs
  • 15. Making a newspaper
  • 16. Making a newspaperSell advertising Gather news Compile copy Produce paper Distribute paper
  • 17. Impact of new technologies
  • 18. Impact of NMT• NMT will have significant impact• What• When• How• Finances• Enabling Technology
  • 19. Group Activity• Teacher will allocate topic  Advertising  News gathering  Production  Distribution• List examples of how new technology might impact the allocated topic in the future
  • 20. Feedback
  • 21. Design your own newspaper
  • 22. Activity• Take newspaper• Cut out all the bits you want - that you would read• Cut out the bits you might read• Throw away the rest• Estimate how much that is
  • 23. Feedback
  • 24. The future of newspapers
  • 25. The future“The ink on dead tree model is dead”Discuss
  • 26. What do people want?• Instant• Not “one-size fits all”• Digital• Easy access• Compact• Transportable• Convenient
  • 27. Bespoke newspaper• You can obtain a tailor-made newspaper free direct to your desktop
  • 28. Headlines linked to detail Links to website User choice of content Up to the minute Direct to desktop
  • 29. Look Familiar? Link
  • 30. Newspapers on the web• Newspapers are on the web - some are massive• Competition from BBC and other media companies  Extras  Up to date  Audience research? What is popular
  • 31. Homework1. Visit a newspaper website and register/set up your own bespoke e- Newspaper2. Visit the blog site to get further information and to get links to sign up.
  • 32. The future of newspapers