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CambridgeEditors is a small firm with over fifteen years experience, dedicated to quality work. Located at the foot of the BU Bridge, and flanked by Harvard and M.I.T., our Cambridgeport location is convenient to Greater Boston Universities, and the suburbs.

We provide specialized one-on-one writing programs and edit a wide range of texts including dissertations, theses, essays, academic journal articles, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, poetry, screenplays, university publications, and corporate and private websites.

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CambridgeEditors Case Studies

  1. 1. 617-876-2855
  2. 2. AboutUs With over fifteen years of professional editing experience, Dr. Harte Weiner, along with her team of specialized editors, assists academics, doctoral students, Ph.D. candidates, authors, private school and university applicants, university publications and businesses in perfecting their writing in various capacities. CambridgeEditors’ personalized approach to each editing and writing project provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals. Whether you are looking to develop your screenplay or novel manuscript, scrub your dissertation or thesis of grammatical and stylistic errors, or format a resume and create a persuasive cover letter or application essay, CambridgeEditors will work closely with you to identify and accomplish your goals. 617-876-2855
  3. 3. OurServices Line-By-Line Editing: Writing Development Coaching: •  Doctoral Dissertations •  Doctoral Dissertations •  Masters Theses •  Masters Theses •  Academic Journals •  Application Essays for all levels •  Application Essays of education, from graduate •  Query Letters school down through preschool •  Cover Letters •  Cover Letters and Resumes •  Resumes Proofreading: •  Websites •  Any document requiring professional edits of grammar, •  Professional Publications spelling, punctuation, etc. Written Critique: •  Works of fiction and non-fiction 617-876-2855
  4. 4. Example of OurWork: Written Critique of a Screenplay •  Communicated closely with the author to address his goals. •  Performed several close readings of the screenplay in order to comprehensively assess the work. •  Provided detailed suggestions to improving the theme, structure, tone and plot in a point-by-point critique. ClientFeedback: “Thank you very much for all of your work and input on my screenplay project. Your comments are fascinating, and I found your insight into the allegorical depths of the work very helpful.  You have seen things within my work that I didn't fully see until now.  Thank you.” –Martin, Author, 2009 617-876-2855
  5. 5. Example of OurWork: Line-By-Line Edit of a Master’s Thesis •  Accommodated the client’s tight submission deadline. •  Worked closely with client to identify editing objectives and adhere to unique requirements of the thesis genre. •  Carefully reviewed thesis, editing grammatical errors, formatting issues, and language organization and flow. ClientFeedback: “…the edits were very helpful and excellent in our opinion. We are especially thankful for getting this to us within 18 hours.” -Vyom, MIT Graduate Student, July 2009 617-876-2855
  6. 6. Example of OurWork: Coaching and Line-By-Line Edit of a Doctoral Dissertation Integrated Essay •  Conducted in-person coaching session with client to clarify the argument and goals of the integrated essay and identify areas for improvement. •  Provided client with comprehensive edits of work, including proofreading and suggestions about style, structure, and organization. ClientFeedback: “My Integrated Essay was accepted! Thanks for the help from everyone at CambridgeEditors…I have nothing but praise for all.”  -Dan,  Doctoral Candidate, September 2009 617-876-2855