Big Data & Graphs in Rome


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How to visualize your connected big data with graph visualization technology, KeyLines.

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  • Use either patents and dcm demos
  • Use filters and twitter demo
  • Use combos2 demo
  • Use advanced app demo
  • Big Data & Graphs in Rome

    1. 1. KeyLines: Interact with your graph Marco Liberati
    2. 2. Why data visualization? • The user is sitting on the data • Wants to make meaningful decisions • A single number is not enough for that
    3. 3. Data is invisible To be seen, data must be VISUALLY ENCODED Can I just look at the data?
    4. 4. Quantitative Ordinal Nominal More Accurate Less Accurate Quantitative Ordinal Nominal Position Position Position Length Density Hue Angle Saturation Density Slope Hue Saturation Area Length Shape Density Angle Length Saturation Slope Angle Hue Area Slope Shape Shape Area Visual encoding by data type
    5. 5. Why graph visualization then? Graphs can give better answers to these kind of question: •What depends on what? •What’s the flow? •Where are bottlenecks/risks? •What’s the impact of this?
    6. 6. There are several design options for graph visualisation
    7. 7. Use a matrix
    8. 8. Edge bundling
    9. 9. Hive plots
    10. 10. Classic node-link
    11. 11. I want to visualize a larger network
    12. 12. Deal with big networks is not easy.
    13. 13. Here some tips to improve the experience: •Use colors •Use filters •Aggregate nodes and links •Info on demand •Expand on demand
    14. 14. Use colors
    15. 15. Use filters
    16. 16. Aggregate nodes and links
    17. 17. Info on demand
    18. 18. Expand on demand
    19. 19. Reference Architecture
    20. 20. Graph Database Reference Architecture Search Index User Authentication (eg Active Directory) Chart Store
    21. 21. Visualise and analyse networks in the browser •Communication networks •Social networks •Fraud networks Features •Pure HTML5 •Works on IE6, 7, 8 via Flash •Graph layouts •Graph analytics – SNA measures, path finding & more •Full event model •Full workflow support – Image generation for reports, undo stack, etc • Very quick integration time • Thorough documentation • Good performance • Great support
    22. 22. Cambridge Intelligence Start-up, founded May 2011 We make network visualisation tools
    23. 23. Combined 40+ years developing and designing visual tools for law enforcement and national security Joe Kaush MarcoAndrew Corey PhilNate Ex- Cambridge Intelligence
    24. 24. Thanks! @key_lines @CambridgeIntel All demos made with: All logos, trademarks, service marks and copyrights used in this presentation belong to their
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