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Twitter 101 Twitter 101 Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter 101
    Client: OutLook Life
  • Adding Followers
    One way to research beneficial followers is with the help of Twitter’s “Who to Follow”
  • Start off in “Home”
    On the right it says “Who to Follow” –Twitter suggests people that your other followers follow or people similar to the current people you follow
    Select “view all” to see Twitter’s suggestions
    4. Select “Who to Follow” at the top of the screen (it is 3 over from the Home tab)
    1. Click “Who to Follow” at the top of the screen (3 tabs over from the Home Tab)
  • 2. This will then bring you to this screen where you can select “Browse Interests” (middle tab underneath the Search box)
    3. In the browse interests there are several different categories to chose from (in this case we are going to choose “Health”)
  • 4. Suggestions are then made about different people/or businesses you can follow in the health industry (the blue check mark means they are certified aka they are legit (have a lot of followers…you will usually see it with large businesses, celebrities ect to verify it is the real account not a fake one)
  • Tagging-VIA TWITTER
    To tag someone in a tweet (either a
    Person or business) place the @ directly in
    Front of their username (ex.. Hi @camklitz)
  • By tagging a person or business in your tweet it notifies them that you mentioned (@=mention) in a tweet and if they allow it in their settings it will show up under their mentioned tweets on their Twitter profile
    As mentioned before to tag someone simply include the @ symbol followed by their User name
    Start in Home—in the What’s Happening box begin typing your tweet (aka message)
  • 4. Following the @ symbol begin typing the user name (in this case USATYourLife) this article I took from the Home News Feed (the updates of everything everyone I follow tweeted) so I can scroll down to see the User Name
  • 5. Once you begin typing in the box a scroll down box will appear with suggestions too
  • 6. Finish typing your message (if you are inserting a link to an article you can copy and paste into the box and once you push the “Tweet” button it will automatically shorten) once you are finished typing push “Tweet” and it wills end your message
    7. (NOTE: Next to the message I was going to talk about I pushed the little white arrow on the right of the User Name—when you do this the message will pop on the right like you see here—this way if you want to type the name of the article ect. It’s easy to see!)
  • 8. And WA-LA! You just tweeted a message and tagged (or mentioned) a person in it! (You can view this by selecting “Profile” at the top of the screen next to the “Home” tab)—USATYourLife will also be notified that you just mentioned them in your tweet
  • 9. Another way to also do this same type of tweet (in this scenario when you are sharing a link to an article you wanted to share from you Home News Feed) is to re-tweet the tweet
    10. Scroll down and find the message you want to re-tweet
    11. If you hover underneath the tweet—a re-tweet tab appears—select that
  • 12. Once you select Re-tweet—this will pop up—select re-tweet and your message will send
  • 13. When you do it this way it appears like this on your wall
    14. NOTE: No way is necessarily better than another—either way is fine to do!
  • Tagging-Via Hootsuite
    To tag someone in a tweet (either a
    Person or business) place the @ directly in
    Front of their username (ex.. Hi @camklitz)
  • In your Home Feed (the first column) scroll down to the message you want to re-tweet
    Hover underneath the message and the re-tweet will appear—select re-tweet
  • 3. Once you select re-tweet the message will appear in the box you compose your message in
    4. Before the RT (re-tweet) Type the message you would like to say (Ex. Thanks for this great article) then push send now
  • 5. As you see below the message appears in the Home Feed (it will show to everyone who follows you) and also appears in the Sent Tweets column (it is a tweet (message) you sent)—On Twitter it will appear like the first message I showed you (with your icon next to the message) on your Twitter profile