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  • Tiwanaku maize beer… part of the religion was to get together in communities brew beer, drink and then work together on planting and harvesting.
  • Tiwanaku maize beer… part of the religion was to get together in communities brew beer, drink and then work together on planting and harvesting.
  • Get involved

    1. 1. SilverStripe Getting Involved! How you can contribute to the SilverStripe open-source project. 15 January, 2014 • Auckland Meetup • Cam Findlay
    2. 2. Community Manager
    3. 3. Community (Awesomeness) Manager
    4. 4. C A M
    5. 5. Who am I? Hi… I’m Cam Findlay, Community (Awesomeness) Manager
    6. 6. My take on community building… Knowledge Management How do we share the most valuable knowledge about SilverStripe and how to work with it? Where is this knowledge?
    7. 7. It is ‘walken’ around… in your head.
    8. 8. Developing physical, virtual and mental spaces. Communities are social learning systems.
    9. 9. What can you do in these spaces? ✓ Learn something new, ask questions, connect with others. ✓ Teach someone something, answer questions, provide guidance. ✓ Build great things, define the practice of developing with SilverStripe. ✓ Capture knowledge for use by others (document things). ✓ Build your identity as an open-source and SilverStripe community member. ✓ Build trust with other developers ✓ Help develop the direction of the community and the open-source project.
    10. 10. You can be a part of the SilverStripe project, just requires a few simple to learn skills.
    11. 11. Key skills to help you participate ✓ Get yourself a account! ✓ Discover how to fork, branch and create pull requests (code + docs). ✓ Learn markdown (good for documentation and writing for web). ✓ Learn php composer (how to setup your modules for “addons” site). ✓ How to submit your modules to packagist. ✓ Beer drinking and geeking out with fellow SilverStripers. The best tool is building relationships with other developers!
    12. 12. Practical knowledge sharing ✓ Attend meetups or even come speak at one. ✓ Organise a SilverStripe hackfest. ✓ Write an article or blog post (be a guest writer on the community blog). ✓ Click “edit” in the docs - fixes and improvements are really easy! ✓ If you know something, provide answers to questions. Be a mentor. ✓ Create useful modules, learn from looking how others structure, document and test.
    13. 13. What can organisations do? ✓ Talk to clients, write about, evangelise open-source and SilverStripe. ✓ Open-source your modules. Share don’t silo. Recently HeyDay did this. ✓ Fix things in CMS, framework & modules as part of project work. ✓ Institutionalise time for staff to participate in the community.
    14. 14. Get reallllly involved… come work with us! We are always on the lookout for passionate people to work with us. Come and talk to me this evening if interested.
    15. 15. Contribute today… We would love some feedback and insights for an upcoming community project. Looking to answer the question: How can you quickly find modules of a good quality and that are known to be useful in projects?
    16. 16. Let’s workshop… Please discuss the questions around the room, record your thoughts on the sheets of paper. 1) What makes a “good quality" SilverStripe module, what does a good module look like? 2) Why does code quality matter anyway? (if it just works is that good enough?) 3) How could we measure module ratings or scores? 4) If you are running projects, how do you currently go about selecting modules to work with?
    17. 17. Get in touch… Twitter @silverstripe @cameronfindlay Facebook Email
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