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Ems offers a number of services that provide a fully integrated single vendor solution

Ems offers a number of services that provide a fully integrated single vendor solution



Education Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS) is the leading provider of integrated software solutions for clinical simulation management, skills assessment, and audio-video recording in medical, ...

Education Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS) is the leading provider of integrated software solutions for clinical simulation management, skills assessment, and audio-video recording in medical, nursing, allied health,hospital, counseling, and other simulation training markets.



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    Ems offers a number of services that provide a fully integrated single vendor solution Ems offers a number of services that provide a fully integrated single vendor solution Document Transcript

    • P R O D U C T C A T A L O G
    • EMS has been a terrific partner in not only theestablishment of our system, but its ongoing developmentand maintenance. I highly recommend EMS for anysimulation, SP or combined program.Gwyn Barley, PhDFormer Director, Center for Advancing Professional ExcellenceUniversity of Colorado Denver School of Medicine www.EMS-works.com
    • COMPANYPROFILEEducation Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS) is theleading provider of integrated software solutions forclinical simulation management, skills assessment, and KEY ACHIEVEMENTSaudio-video recording in medical, nursing, allied health,hospital, counseling, and other simulation training Inc. 5000 — recognized for sixmarkets. consecutive years as one of the fastest-growing private companies in theEMS, which operates out of its world headquarters in USA.Exton, Pennsylvania, was established in 1994 and boastsmore than a decade of experience in providingstate-of-the-art technology for clinical education and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 —training environments. recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America.With an annual growth rate of more than 153% for thepast three years, EMS has been recognized by several Deloitte Technology Fast 50 —distinguished publications and professional services recognized as one of the fastest-growingorganizations for its rate of growth and its technology technology companies in Greaterleadership position. Inc. 5000 has recognized EMS as one Philadelphia.of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA forsix consecutive years. EMS enjoys a similar distinction asone of the Top 100 companies in the Philadelphia-New Philadelphia 100 — recognized for theJersey-Delaware region, and Deloitte Technologys Fast fifth time as one of the fastest-growing50 and Fast 500 lists have both featured EMS as a leading companies in the Philadelphia, Newtechnology company in Greater Philadelphia and North Jersey, and Delaware region.America respectively.EMS has been a true pioneer in the clinical simulationmarket. An unparalleled number of firsts make EMS’software the benchmark by which all others are judged. LEADERSHIP • First to design and market clinical skills training andEMS has been the driving force behind a vast number of assessment software.innovations that continue to move the industry forward • First to provide an integrated digital audio and videowith new ideas and breakthrough technology, such as system for clinical skills training and assessment.Orion, the next generation platform for clinicalsimulation management. • First to provide streaming of simulation related videos and checklists on multi-platform mobile devices.Leveraging the latest technologies to maximize userexperience, Orion is the most intuitive, feature-rich, andpowerful Clinical Simulation Management platform onthe market for integrated recording, center operationsmanagement, and performance evaluation.4 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • EMS’ solutions are the preferred choice for a growing Partnering with a proven single-source provider like EMSinternational community of Clinical Simulation gives customers peace of mind. They know that EMS notManagement customers, including The Canberra only provides integrated software and hardware, but hasHospital, Australia; Christiana Care Health System; Weil dedicated teams available to design, plan, engineer,Cornell University, Qatar; The National Board for configure, install, train, support, and manage theirOsteopathic Medical Examiners; National University of complete end-to-end skills and simulation program inSingapore; University of Hawaii at Manoa; and the the most cost-efficient manner possible. CustomerUniversity of South Florida. Institutions big and small satisfaction is at the forefront of EMS’ businesstrust EMS to deliver the solutions they need to optimize philosophy, a key reason EMS has maintained itslearners skills training for improved clinical outcomes. leadership position in providing easy-to-use, feature-rich applications that address customer needs. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 5
    • ORION CLINICALSIMULATION MANAGEMENTORION ONE PLATFORM.ONE SOLUTION.Healthcare providers achieve clinical competence through standardized training and assessment.Standardized patients (SPs) and human patient simulators (mannequins) are often used to reachthis goal in clinical skills and simulation training environments. Orion, a web-based softwareapplication, helps to efficiently manage the operations of these training centers.ORION ENABLES:• Checklist creation and scoring. • Scenario session creation and management.• Automatic scheduling of rooms, students, faculty, • The ability to generate numerous statistical reports. SPs, and simulators with manual override option. • Web-based learning for SPs.• Ad hoc scheduling of students or learners. • Web streaming for off-site video and checklist access.• Student scheduling in multiple rooms at different times. • Charting practice through simulated Electronic Health• An integrated calendar showing both SP and Records (EHR) with access to a record during an simulation events. encounter or simulation scenario.• Automatic paging announcements to guide and alert • A student portfolio to manage personal information, all participants to procedures. schedules, calendars, and activities.• Automatic/manual recording using a swipe card and login. • Faculty review, evaluation, and student feedback.• Video bookmarking for debriefing and feedback. • QA analysis for SP cases, scenarios, student• Attachment of EKG, X-ray, and other lab results for performance, and case design. SOAP notes. • Repository for cases, student exercises, surveys, checklists, and SP performance reviews. BENEFITS • Helps learners practice patient interaction. • Assists learners in attaining diagnostic and procedural competence to improve patient care. • Helps refine communication skills. • Facilitates confidence development for lifesaving decision-making. • Helps reduce rates of error and adverse events. • Raises the bar in medical, nursing, and allied health professions education.6 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • EMS’ clinical simulation management solutionadds a new dimension to our teaching, not onlybecause it allows us to promote reflective learning,but also because it will help us link our assessmentmethods to the actual learning experiences of thestudents. Celeste G. Villanueva, CRNA, MS Director, Program of Nurse Anesthesia, Director, Health Sciences Simulation Center Samuel Merritt University WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 7
    • BENEFITS • Faster data analysis. • Reduced cost of operation. • Reduced time on task. • Accurate and timely scoring. • Expanded business opportunities. SIMULATED SESSIONOrion sessions are web-based and can be streamed liveor played back for debriefing in small or large classrooms,on or off-site.Orion can reside on a server in the control room or in acentral AV rack and accessed through a network. Orionintegrates with Orion AV to include three or morechannels of digital video encoding, predefined or freetext annotations, simulator data integration andevaluation, and debriefing tools specifically designed forsimulation events.Orion allows administrators to centralize all users, videos,simulator log files, session annotations, assessments, andreports in one web-accessible location, which can besearched, filtered, weighted, and retrieved remotely. QUADVIEW SCENARIO WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 11
    • ORION AVOrion AV is a software and hardware audio-video system for capturing simulation andstandardized patient (SP) training activities. Orion AV provides a digital video record of individualand team performance. Orion AV integrates with the Orion platform to facilitate the operations ofa clinical simulation center.ORION AV ENABLES:• Internet Protocol (IP) and High Definition (HD) digital audio and video capture.• Immediate playback of video for review, feedback, and debriefing of participants.• Live or recorded video viewing from one or more rooms.• Live streaming access to one or more users.• Integration with multiple simulators and within a single scenario.• Capturing and viewing of synchronized recordings integrated with the simulator’s vital signs monitor, simulated events, and bookmarks.• Annotations and video bookmarks on live or recorded video.• Automation of paging announcements for sessions.• Video and checklist view on a single screen.• Convenient, single-screen management of entire simulation center.• Automated backup process for all video recordings. BENEFITS • Superior video quality on playback of scenarios shows what occurred, clarifying learners’ perceptions. • Bookmarks allow instructors to quickly move to particular video segments and address learning objectives. • Standardized bookmarks allow researchers to search and sort over time, analyze trends, and maximize learning objectives. • Videos are viewable both remotely and on-site to allow for immediate debriefing and ongoing reflection and feedback. • Automated paging announcements free control room staff to concentrate on other tasks during a recording.12 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • ORION AV COMPONENT ARCHITECTURE SIMULATION NETWORKSimulation / Standardized Patient Room Debriefing Room Server Rack • Web • Database • Media Streaming • DVRs • AV Hardware Audio / Video ControllerCamera, Microphone, Paging Speaker LOCAL AREA NETWORKSP Post Encounter Student Post Encounter Assessment / Survey Firewall Faculty Office Control Room Scenario Development Scheduling Video Review WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 13
    • ORION EHROrion EHR is an add-on module to the Orion platform. It allows medical and nursing learners topractice basic physical assessment; review patient medication histories; assess and renderrecommendations regarding a patient’s drug regimen; implement, modify, and manage drugtherapy; review and complete patient charting; and interpret lab results.Standardized patient encounters, high-fidelity simulator sessions, and instructor feedback canassist learners in developing documentation skills using Orion EHR.MORE THAN 40 TEMPLATES OF CLINICAL DOCUMENTATIONARE INCLUDED: BENEFITS• Scanned images, X-rays, and documents linked to • Create virtual patients and develop medical histories patient records. via a library of electronic forms.• Physician, nurse, and other clinician notes. • Create a single copy of a virtual patient for multiple students to follow.• Flow sheets. • Longitudinally follow a patient through a series of• History and education. simulated physician and nursing encounters.• Medical record abstracts. • Upload lab reports to the Orion EHR library.• Medical record/chart tracking. • Use a virtual patient in a Standardized Patient Session.• Daily food diary. • Use a virtual patient in a Simulation Session.• Medication logs. • Rate and score the EHR.Training on Orion EHR can lead to reduced chartingerrors and more positive outcomes when learnerspractice as physicians and nurses in a healthcareenvironment.14 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • ORION KIOSKThe Orion Kiosk subsystem is an add-on module to the Orion platform. It automates manual,labor-intensive, paper-based processes, and allows users to collect and trend room usage andequipment utilization data. Data is collected through the Kiosk software, and center utilizationreports are generated by the Orion software.Reports provide answers to important questions such as: Who is using the center facilities, for howlong, and for what purpose? Is the center being used to full capacity? Are students utilizing theirsimulation practice time effectively, and is it reflected in their learning outcomes?ORION KIOSK ENABLES:• Accurate assessment of usage by all customers, internal and external.• Timely user reports to satisfy customers requirements and avoid payment delays.• Support of both wall-mounted and freestanding floor hardware Kiosk models.• Integration with the Orion platform for center utilization and simulation/clinical skills session attendance tracking.CUSTOMERS CAN ALSO USE A WALLMOUNTED MONITOR TOCUSTOMIZE DIGITAL SIGNAGE, INCLUDING:• Facility welcome message.• Event calendar for the day.• Floor plan of the facility and “You are Here” identification.• PowerPoint presentations.BENEFITS• Provides center utilization and trending reports.• Provides concrete data to illustrate the effectiveness of resource utilization.• Provides data for internal cost accounting.• Helps justify the space, equipment, and personnel needed for optimal learning.• Ensures appropriate billing of other departments and external customers who use the center. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 15
    • ORION MOBILEOrion Mobile, which runs on the Orion platform, provides high-performing user experiences on avariety of compatible Apple iOS and Android devices from any location with an Internetconnection.ORION MOBILE ENABLES:• Easy streaming of recorded videos to smart phones and tablets from the Orion platform based on user-level permissions.• Access to detailed information such as performance evaluation checklists, surveys, pre-simulation activities, and reports.• Start and stop simulation recordings.• A "Compatibility Check" link on the login screen to check compatibility with a list of mobile operating systems and versions, as well as browsers and versions. BENEFITS • Saves time. Simulation center technicians can use their smart phones or tablets to adjust cameras on the fly and between setups. • Freedom. Enables simulation staff to monitor activity on the go from more than one place at a time. • Remote access. Allows faculty to participate in student assessment or review recorded sessions from their home, remote office, or while on the road. • Convenience. Permits learners to start and stop recordings, stream their recorded videos to smart phones or tablets, participate in self-evaluation, provide feedback on surveys, and prepare for simulation activities.16 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • PORTABLE ANDWIRELESS SOLUTIONORION SIMXpressOrion SIMXpress, a wireless and portable standalone simulation management solution that runson the Orion platform, is used for in-situ simulation training by leading hospitals and academicinstitutions. Orion SIMXpress enables medical teams to identify deficiencies and develop andpractice procedures needed to enhance team effectiveness within an in-situ environment such asan ER or operating room.ORION SIMXpress ENABLES:• Faster deployment. Ready to use. BENEFITS• Operational efficiency. A single unit includes • Helps develop new and maintain infrequently used everything needed to manage and operate a clinical skills. simulation session. • Helps to uncover and address hidden safety threats in• Integration with leading high-fidelity simulators. the clinical setting.• Video indexing and archiving. • Improves team interaction.• Audio, video, log file, and simulators patient monitor • Develops clinical leadership and boosts confidence. vital signs capture. • Enhances self-reflection through debriefing and• Scoring automation and statistical report generation. self-evaluation.• Web access.• Charting with Orion EHR (add-on).ORION SIMXpress STANDARD OUT-OF-THE-BOX COMPONENTS• 3 Wireless PTZ cameras (optional battery-powered cameras).• 3 Camera tripods and wall mounts.• 3 Omni-directional microphones (optional wireless mics).• 2 Terabytes of storage.• 1 Portable server cart with 22” monitor for debriefing.• Pre-installed software to manage and record three camera views and high-fidelity simulator’s vital signs monitor. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 17
    • ONE-ROOMSOLUTIONSIMOneHDTM recording, debriefing, and skills assessment solution for theSIMOneHD is a powerful TMmanagement of one-room simulation environments.SIMOneHD ENABLES:• Recording of training activities with human patient BENEFITS simulators and standardized patients in high • Helps develop new and maintain infrequently used definition. clinical skills.• Review of live or recorded video for debriefing • Improves team interaction. sessions. • Develops clinical leadership and boosts confidence.• Capture of vital signs feeds from human patient • Enhances self-reflection through debriefing and simulator in tandem with learner log during training self-evaluation.. events.• Live announcements during simulation activity to mimic hospital setting.• Learner performance assessment using checklists with automated scoring.• Assessment report generation on individual and team skills. DEBRIEF PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTSIMOneHD STANDARD OUT-OF-THE-BOX COMPONENTS• Complete one-room HD recording kit with two 720p cameras and microphones.• SIM control kit for simulator integration.• Live paging kit.• Software application for checklist assessment functionality.• Reporting module for skills assessment.18 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • MOBILE SOLUTIONMOBILSIMTMMobilSIMTM is a powerful, web-based, easy to setup and use mobile solution for recording,high-fidelity simulator integration, data collection, and performance assessment from anylocation. MobilSIM is ideal for in-situ, on-the-go simulation training. Competitively priced, theMobilSIM lightweight custom carrying case contains all the components needed for recordingand debriefing a simulation session, managing participants, scoring, and generating reports.MOBILSIM ENABLES:• Integration with leading high-fidelity simulator manufacturers such as Laerdal and Gaumard.• Capture of audio, video, event log file, and simulator vital signs.• Checklist creation for skills and communication assessment.• Participant management.• Immediate debriefing upon recording.• Exporting raw scores for report generation.• Exporting video.• Bookmarking/annotation on live or recorded video. One laptop for MobilSIM application and video storage• Performance assessment checklist completion while viewing a recorded video.• Up to 200 hours of video storage.BENEFITS• Plug-and-play solution allows easy and quick setup.• Affordably priced, compact, light-weight, and easily Two Cameras portable.• View video and assessment checklist on a single screen. One wireless network switch• Ideal for training in in-situ environments.MOBILSIM STANDARD OUT-OF-THE-BOX COMPONENTS• One laptop for hosting the web application and video storage.• Two mini HD (720p) pan/tilt/zoom IP cameras with built-in microphones.• One wireless network switch.• Self-instructional guide.• One portable carrying case. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 19
    • LAPAROSCOPICLAPXLAP-X, a powerful and effective laparoscopic trainer, uses innovative virtual reality simulationtechnology for cost-effective motor skills training in a safe environment for different surgicalspecialties. LAP-X helps standardize, structure, and complement hands-on skills training forprogram residents in a variety of surgical specialties.LAP-X ENABLES:• Ability to work with both hands simultaneously.• Compensation for the loss of depth perception.• Bimanual transfer of objects from one instrument to the other.• Ability to perform tasks under different camera angles via different endoscope insertion points.• 0, 30, or 60 degree scope navigation.• Task completion with one hand while keeping the instrument in the other hand steady.• Mastery of the Fulcrum effect of an instrument.• Ability to perform during stressful situations. Model shown: LAP-X gen2+ * Highly portable, compact design (Available with or without cart) for optimal space utilization. * A product of the Netherlands20 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • SURGICAL SOLUTION LAP-X provides a validated package of four increasingly difficult curricula, helping users attain proficient skill levels in surgical specialties such as gynecology, urology, pediatric surgery, general surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery. As the only VR trainer with real surgical instruments, LAP-X conveys the sense of touch and feel experienced when performing an actual surgery. The instruments may be replaced with any 5mm lap instrument. System specifications Two controllers: Weight: 3.7 lbs Dimensions: 4x6x16 inches (WxDxH) per controller BENEFITS • Scientifically proven. • Affordably priced. • Online portfolio for review and administration. • Lightweight, easy to carry and set up. • Ideal for mandatory laparoscopic skills training programs. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 21
    • COUNSELINGSOLUTIONTOTAL COUNSELINGTotal Counseling is a fully integrated, audio-video enabled learning management and assessmentsolution for counselor training. Total Counseling provides skills assessment and data managementin a secure hosted environment with on-site video recording capability. It allows evaluators toreview and provide feedback to student counselors; share cases with supervisors, faculty, andstaff; evaluate and score student performance; and examine statistics from one or more sessions.TOTAL COUNSELING ENABLES:• Electronic test scoring.• Scheduling and recording of counseling sessions.• Upload of field videos and on-site recordings.• Data analysis and statistical report generation.• Video tagging/bookmarking with comments for feedback and behavior observation research.• Files of customers seeking counseling secured to a HIPAA-compliant level.Total Counseling can help students visualize how anintervention might appear in practice, and provides a BENEFITSpoint of reference for students to plan their own • Document and track student learning outcomesinterventions. electronically.Counselor education faculty who are supervising • Offer flexible electronic scoring of rubrics andstudents will have access to the recorded sessions from checklists (with commenting capability).distributed locations via the web. Since recorded • Generate student learning data for systematiccounseling sessions are associated with completed program evaluation.competence assessments, Total Counseling makes it easy • Tie classroom activities, assignments, video sessions,for educators to periodically audit students’ progress and skill demonstrations, and more to CACREP and COREdetermine if they transfer the skills acquired during standards.role-play to their work with actual clients. • Present a “comprehensive assessment plan” in compliance with CACREP standards.Total Counseling helps nurture students awareness ofself and evaluators can use recordings to pinpoint areas • Create snapshots or benchmarks of students’ work atfor further training. specific intervals in the counseling program.22 CLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT
    • EMS SERVICESEMS OFFERS A NUMBER OF SERVICES THAT PROVIDEA FULLY INTEGRATED SINGLE VENDOR SOLUTION.FACILITIES ServicesCONSULTINGEMS works with customers to help define theirsimulation centers - the physical space, rooms, andfunctionality they’ll need to provide simulation sessionsusing standardized patients and high-fidelity simulator(manikin) environments.PROJECT MANAGEMENTEMS project managers “own” each project completely,from the receipt of a purchase order to the completion ofthe project. EMS works closely with the customer toensure that all expectations are met. EMS can alsoeffectively coordinate with multiple vendors anddepartments to ensure timely completion of projects.ENGINEERINGMost simulation centers require custom configurationand design services. EMS engineers work closely withcustomers to ensure that the entire solution meets thecustomer’s needs and budget.INSTALLATIONEMS works with customers to ensure timely andcomplete installation of its products. Even when EMSuses a customer’s preferred sub-contractors, EMS takesfull responsibility for the project when EMS is the primarycontractor.ENHANCEMENTSEMS provides billable services to customers who mayneed to conduct certain tasks in their environment butmay not have the scope or resources to complete themin-house. An EMS sales manager can discuss these andother unique or individual needs. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 23
    • EDUCATION Services EMS’ Education Services division provides training and customer support, as well as content for simulation and standardized patient environments. The division also manages planned education and training activities at customer sites or through webinars, and provides exemplary customer support. TRAINING EMS provides comprehensive training on the use of all products. Training may be conducted on-site at the EMS Institute in Exton, PA, or virtually using GoToMeeting webinars that come complete with user documentation and training guides. TOTALCARE EMS support is the best in the industry. The total solution purchased from EMS is fully supported, including software and hardware. No more dealing with multiple vendors to resolve problems or obtain service for defective hardware. Users can contact EMS by phone, e-mail, and through its portal on the web. CONTENT In partnership with a number of educational consortiums and simulator manufacturers, EMS offers accredited cases and scenarios, each created by content experts, for simulation and clinical skills training. KEY SERVICES FACILITIES & EDUCATION SERVICES • CONSULTING • ENHANCEMENTS • PROJECT MANAGEMENT • TRAINING • ENGINEERING • TOTALCARE • INSTALLATION • CONTENTCLINICAL SIMULATION MANAGEMENT 24
    • SIMULATION CONTINUUM NURS AL MEDIC PA ING L R ITA AM SP ED HO IC PHARM ACY EMS SURGICA L Simulation Management DENT RY OP TOMET Solutions AL SP ATH Y AR P EE OL RIN CH OG PSYCH G SELIN TE VE Y OLOG COUN YEMS’ clinical simulation management solutions, fully integrated withskills evaluation software and audio-video systems, support multipletraining environments. EMS offers modular out-of-the-box andenterprise-wide tailored solutions for every training program and budget. Contact us today to learn more. WWW.EMS-WORKS.COM 25
    • ONE COMPANY ONE TEAMSCAN the QR withyour mobile device tovisit our website 436 Creamery Way, Suite 300 Exton, PA 19341 P. 1-877-367-5050 F. 484-653-1070 E. info@EMS-works.com www.EMS-works.com