Life Sciences 2011


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Analysis of the Life Sciences market and opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Life Sciences 2011

  1. 1. Life Sciences Opportunity <br /> Tony Arakawa<br />
  2. 2. Bay Area First – Entrepreneurial Environment<br />Life Sciences Companies in California: 2244 (largest cluster in the US)<br /><ul><li>1673 in the SF Bay Area</li></ul>Total Estimated Revenues: $300B (24% is in the Bay Area))<br />Total Estimated Employment: 267,772<br />Total Estimated Wages and Salaries Paid: $19.4B<br />Average Annual Life Sciences Industry Wage: $72,332.<br />Total Number of Industry and Government Grants: $3.2B<br />Total Estimated Life Sciences Venture Capital Investment: $6.6B (30% of total US)<br />Total Life Sciences Exports: $18.4B<br />Total Number of Various Careers in the Life Sciences Industry in California: 166 <br />
  3. 3. Company Profiles By Industries<br />Academic Research Government<br />Agricultural Chemicals Healthcare<br />Big Pharma Manufacturing<br />Biopharmaceutical Medical Devices<br />Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals<br />Clinical Research Services<br />Development Suppliers<br />Diagnostics Technologies<br />Diversity Trade Associations<br />Educational Training<br />
  4. 4. Big Pharma<br />Abbott Laboratories<br />Bristol-Meyers Squibb<br />GlaxoSmithKline<br />Merck & Co.<br />Pfizer<br />Roche<br />Sanofi-Aventis<br />Tanabe Research Labs<br />Vertex Pharmaceuticals<br />Wyeth Pharmaceuticals<br />
  5. 5. BioPharmaceuticals<br />ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Gilead Sciences<br />Bristol-Myers Squibb Company GrannusBioSciences<br />Celgene San Francisco IBEX Technologies<br />CyberValPharma, Inc. ImClone Systems<br />deCODEBiostructures Inspire Pharmaceuticals<br />DSM Biologics Lundbeck Corporation<br />Dynavax Technologies Corporation Mannkind Corporation<br />Emergent BioSolutions Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals <br />EntreMed, Inc. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics<br />Ferring Research Institute Novacea, Inc.<br />
  6. 6. Manufacturing<br />Abbott Bioresearch Center<br />Ariad Pharmaceuticals<br />Bayer Corporation<br />Biochain Institute, Inc.<br />Coldstream Laboratories<br />Eminent Services Corporation<br />Intuitive Surgical, Inc.<br />Medical Plastic Devices (MPD) Inc.<br />Mott Corporation<br />OSO BioPharmaceuticals Manufacturing<br />
  7. 7. Industry Knowledge and Experience<br />Abbott Laboratories: Berkeley Process Controls – machine integration & controls<br />Barry-Wehmiller Pharmaceutical Equipment – machine design and integration <br />Bayer Pharmaceuticals: SICK and EandM – system design, integration & validation<br />Varian Medical Systems: SICK and EandM – system/component design & integration <br />Agilent Technologies: SICK and EandM – system/component design & integration<br />Genentech: EandM – system/component design & integration-Siemens/Wonderware<br />Amgen: system/component design & integration-Serra Engineering Services/Siemens<br />Novartis: system/component design & integration-Serra Engineering Services<br />Biofacilities: UCSF, Kaiser, Sutter<br />
  8. 8. Bay Area Pillar Companies<br />Abgenix Chiron<br />AffymetrixGenecor International<br />Alza Genentech<br />Amgen Gilead Sciences<br />Applied BiosystemMetabolex<br />Bayer Roche<br />BD Biosciences Scios<br />Berlex Varian<br />Bio-Rad Agilent Technologies<br />Cell Genesys<br />
  9. 9. Bio-Pharma Economic Industry Clusters<br />Unparalleled Investment Strengths<br />24% of the $300B US biotech market cap is in the Bay Area; 68% in the state of CA<br />30% of the total US venture capital funding went to companies in the Bay Area<br />Venture capital firms invested $979MM in local biopharmaceutical companies <br />Comprehensive Bio-specific Service Infrastructure <br />Architecture, Construction, Engineering HR, IT/Communications<br />Accounting, Banking, Legal, Insurance Market and Outsourcing Firms<br />Contract Research, Contract Manufacturing Publishing (Science, BioWorld)<br />Consultants (FDA Compliance, Business Development)<br />Equipment and Laboratory<br />
  10. 10. State-of-the-art science and Technology research campuses <br />Spawning Grounds for the Success of Local Biotech Companies<br />East BaySouth South Francisco<br />Aquatic Park Center (Berkeley) Edgewater Business Park<br />Campus Bay Business Park (Richmond) Campus Bay Business Park<br />Chiron Campus (Emeryville) Chiron Campus (Emeryville)<br />EmeryStation (Emeryville) EmeryvilleStation (Emeryville)<br />Hollis Business Center Hollis Business Center<br />Mt. Eden Business Park (Hayward) Mt. Eden Business Park (Hayward)<br />Point Richmond Tech Center (Richmond) Point Richmond Tech Center<br />
  11. 11. Innovation Centers<br />East Bay<br />ConXus in Campus Bay Business Park (Richmond)<br />ACET (Alameda County)<br />Silicon Valley<br />Molecular Medicine Research Institute (Sunnyvale)<br />San Jose Bioscience Incubator and Innovation Center (San Jose)<br />TEN’s Sobrato Center for Innovation (San Jose)<br />
  12. 12. Proposed Focus and/or Steps<br />Develop a thorough understanding of Rockwell products, services and technologies<br />Define specific needs that the products, services and/or technologies fulfill<br />Describe the focus/target client group and market size (see earlier slides)<br />Understand how the products, services and/or technologies provide competitive edge<br />Confirm an understanding of the intellectual property (IP) protection strategy<br />Determine estimated revenues and net income over the next 1-3-5 years<br />Establish future funding requirements<br />Learn the management team composition and overall team experience/knowledge<br />