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Irn bruanalysis

Irn bruanalysis






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    Irn bruanalysis Irn bruanalysis Presentation Transcript

    • Colour Scheme The colour scheme for this advert very much sticks to the codes and conventions that irn bru have stuck always used Orange and blue. These colour scheme is something that most people instantly associate with irn bru which is why it made sense for them to use it for the advert. The blue text stands out well on the orange background. Imagery The imagery that has been used is there to provide an explanation behind the text that is posted that may otherwise seem like a derogatory statement. “I love irn-bru and so do my bitches” is something that there is no way you could manage to say on an advert due to its nature. However by adding the picture of a man with his 2 dogs, we can assume the dogs are female which would mean that they are called bitches. This was a very clever way to make an advert that was not only humourous but allowed them get the product a cross that would relate to their target audience which I believe is somewhere in the age range of 14 – 24. Fonts The font that is used is a very scratchy style sans serif font. It kind of looks as if it is a handwritten style which may be to try and appeal to the younger end of their target audience. It may also be used to show the immaturity and humour style that they have gone for with the overall advert. Content As previously mentioned the content of this advert is to provide humour which will in turn make you remember the advert. It provides a shock factor by using words that would not normally have been seen on adverts and through use of clever imagery creates an incredibly funny poster that will appear to their target audience but may annoy other demographics.
    • Colour Scheme This comes down to the same thing that I said in the previous slide. The colour scheme that irn bru have opted for is the traditional orange and blue that they are very well known for. This allows for everyone to instantly recognise the brand and it also makes the blue font stand out on the orange background. Imagery The imagery in the two pictures to the left are again much the same as the previous slide. The pictures are there as a humour aid or I guess in some cases the pictures are there to allow them to run the adverts at all as without them there is no way they would make it past the ASA. Fonts The fonts are also the same as the previous poster which as I said I feel reflects the immaturity and humour style of the adverts as it looks to be a handwritten style sans serif font. Content The content of these pictures is similar to the previous ones however these two have a much more obvious sexual innuendo behind them. I feel that it’s a very clever way of marketing your product. The sexual innuendo will provide humour for the older audiences who will appreciate it. The younger end of the audience will just find the concept and the use of certain words funny. In the top poster the image of a chick with the caption “Theres nothing better than irn bru when you’ve just been laid” is an obvious innuendo but they get around that by making it seem like it is about a newly hatched chick. The bottom poster shows a woman hugging a man. The caption reads “My two favourite things, Irn bru and Dick” The fact that the word Dick is capitalized shows that its intention is to be the name of the man who we can assume is called Richard. This is how they got around the innuendo problem.
    • The adverts that I have provided to the left are adverts for the drink Diet irn bru. Barrs have cleverly used a spot the difference style of advert to promote their diet version of their drink. The top poster shows a giraffe asking you to spot the difference. There is only one difference and that difference is incredibly obvious as the words sugar free have been edited on to its neck. The same idea is used for the bottom poster showing a jumping kitten. The creators of the advert have edited a bag into the kittens hand with the words sugar free placed on it. Again this is the only difference and is incredibly obvious. I like this style of advert as I feel its very clever. The message that they are trying to convey is put across in a very easy to understand manner whilst still maintaining some of the humour from other adverts that they have done. The message they are trying to get across is that the only difference between Diet irn bru and regular irn bru is the fact that there is no sugar. The taste and everything else will remain the same which is the main thing that I think they need to keep. There is very little to talk about in terms of colour scheme and fonts however I feel it probably should be noted that the font that is there is a bold sans serif font which has again stuck to the same colour scheme as the previous posters however this time some of the words are orange and some of the words are blue on a transparent background rather than appearing with blue font on the orange background. The diet irn bru can comes in a silver can as opposed to the orange and blue can of the regular drink. This could be compared to Coca cola who also use a grey colour for their diet drink. I feel that they use grays and silvers to show that the drink is a stripped back version of the regular drink and that it contains none of the stuff that is supposedly bad for you that the regular drinks contain.
    • This is one of the few adverts that I could actually find that was based around the product Irn bru 32. This is the first energy drink that Barrs, the company behind irn bru, have tried to promote. The advert shows a man in a large blue bird suit. The bird suit adheres to the colour scheme that the majority of irn bru’s products use, orange and blue. It shows the bird shouting the words Wakey Wakey, this is the implication that the energy drink will wake you up. This poster advert is actually taken from a video advert from the television. A boy is studying in a library and is falling asleep. This giant bird pops out of the bookshelves shouting wakey and wakey, gives him irn bru 32 and then theres lots of brand explanation about what it is and what it does. The idea of an energy drink waking someone up is no new concept and I feel they could have possibly been a little more creative with the concept. On the other hand I feel that dressing a man up in a large blue bird suit is very typical of irn bru who, after looking at some of their old adverts, try to keep their adverts surprising, sarcastic and funny. I think that this advert will very much appeal to the target audience that they are aiming at purely because it contains a memorable character. Adults and teenagers alike will remember the large blue bird character which will trigger their memory and make them think about irn bru. It also has a caption which states” A great tasting energy drink that’s already ruffling a few feathers” this is the typical irn bru sense of humour coming through making reference to the large bird and his ‘feathers’
    • This advert is for the energy drink monster energy. The first thing that people will notice about monster energy is usually their very distinctive logo, I believe the intention is to make it seem like a monster has clawed at the can. Which is a clever representation of the brands name. Whilst on the topic of the logo it is rumoured that the logo is actually a repetition of the Hebrew lettering for the number 6. this would mean that the logo is 666 here is an image of that theory. As you can see the evidence is there however it is just a rumor, it could be a coincidence or perhaps it is very well done subliminal marketing. Some people think it’s a great idea, others think that it is some sort of reference to praising the devil which I personally believe is ridiculous but that’s the pleasant part about the internet the sheer amount of opinions that you can run into. The colour scheme that monster energy opts for is a style of neon green that really makes it stand out on the shelves that it is sold on. The black background with the neon green claw gives the drink a visual edge over its competitors. I know from personal experience that the first drink I see in a store is monster because all the different flavours all have equally bright logos in different colours. This style of design appeals very well to their target demographic which is people between the age of 16 and 24. I wouldn’t have thought they would aim it at anyone younger because of the high caffeine content in the drink. The font that is used is very similar to human bones. This could be to represent the fact that they sponsor a lot of extreme sports athletes and events. Things such as snowboarding, skateboarding and bmxing all love to be sponsored by monster energy. The people at monster are massive fans of extreme sports and I feel like their drink reflects that.
    • Rockstar are another energy drink brand that are one of the few successful brands that are available in the United Kingdom. The colour scheme of their drinks varies with flavour, as is very similar with other brands. However instead of changing the colour of the logo or anything like that they tend to change the entire colour of the can to let people know which flavours they are looking at. As you can see the drinks tend to follow a very similar layout which is common, so you can tell other brands apart from their own. The star with the RR logo in which symbolizes Rockstar ( the first and last letter of the words ) doesn’t ever move position it stays in the same place and only on a few occasions does any part of it change colour to represent a different flavour. For the most part it sticks to the same colour scheme to ensure reinforcement of the brand. The target audience for this energy drink would be very very similar to monster energy probably somewhere between 16 – 24 due to the nature of the drink and its high caffeine content. Rockstar are another company who enjoy sponsoring things to do with extreme sports however they do not have as many contacts and events as monster do. Rockstar tend to sponsor things such as truck racing and other car related sports. These are definitely still a type of extreme sport but not remotely similar to such things as snowboarding and skateboarding. The font is a very smooth nicely flowing font. Similar to fonts like comfortaa. The A in Rockstar is made into a star to instead of the A but people obviously already know the name of the brand so know that it is meant to be an A.
    • This is an advert taken from the promotion behind the new Coffee and energy drink combination. So instead of the drink being based around a fruity or juicy flavour they are based around the flavours of hot drinks such as Mocha, Milky coffee and Caramel coffee. As You can see from the image, the cans are sat on top of roasting coffee beans, this is to represent that these drinks are based around hot drinks as opposed to their cold juice counterparts. Understandably the coffee and energy drinks combined have a substantially higher caffeine output than a regular drink of relentless with the regular can containing 160mg of caffeine whilst the coffee + energy counterpart contains 220mg caffeine per can. I feel that this product in particular was to try and break into the older generation and possibly people that are usually outside of their target audience which I believe is people between the ages of 16 – 24. The addition of the coffee element could perhaps interest those who wouldn’t usually drink the product due to its labeling of an energy drink. It may be something that interests business persons due to their hectic lifestyles perhaps they could now grab a coffee Rockstar as opposed to going and buying a hot coffee and having to wait for it to cooldown.
    • This is a very popular advert tagline for the brand “Redbull” there were a series of adverts where animated people were put into relatively strange situations and upon drinking Redbull would receive a set of wings which would allow them a way out. I believe the concept that they are aiming for is that the drink makes you feel weightless due to the massive amounts of energy that it provides. The colour scheme of the redbull can is a silver and blue as far as I am aware, the only time the can changes colour is for their sugar free option, the only difference in that case is that the dark blue section of the can instead becomes a light blue. The target audience for this product would be again, very similar to all of the other brands of energy drink. However I feel that there may be a slight extension of the regular target audience. Perhaps somewhere between the ages of 16 – 30. I feel that Redbull is perhaps seen as the more mature energy drink because it has been around for so long. I feel out of al the energy drinks it is the best established and has the highest sales. The logo of redbull shows two bulls running towards each other with a yellow circle behind them. After doing some research on the logo I have discovered that the “red and gold” logo of Red Bull, containing two red bulls charging against each other in front of a yellowish gold spot, represents sheer speed, power, risk-taking and aggressiveness. The bulls depict strength while the blue and silver parts in the background symbolize intellect. The red and yellowish gold parts, on the other hand, characterize emotion. This shows how much thought can really go into a logo and the symbiotic representations that are there when creating a brand.
    • The final product that I will be looking at is Relentless. The first thing that people will notice about relentless is the vibrant colour schemes of the cans. This is one of the things that allow this product to stand out from the other brands that are on the shelf. You are drawn instantly to the bright colours. The font is also one of the more interesting of all the popular energy drinks. The font is a large stylistic serif font with filigree behind it and it definitely stands out from the rest. Another thing that this brand has that is relatively unique is the names of all the drink flavours on the can at the bottom and the names are very interesting. The only other brand that does this is Monster with its other products like Ripper and Khaos. The names are supposed to be a representation of the flavours that are inside. The original can actually shows a close up in depth shot of a persons neck and shoulder muscle. The slogan for the brand is “No Half Measures” some believe that this is relevant to the can size which is twice that of a regular can of “Redbull” but the coca cola company, the company behind relentless, claim that the slogan is there to remind everyone not to settle for second best and always push to achieve the best of their abilities. Again relentless are another energy drink that have ties to extreme sports and sponsored extreme events. The brand work closely with Suzuki and actually have a team that competes in all sporting events called “Relentless Suzuki”. The brand have also sponsored festivals such as reading and Leeds festival. The target audience for this drink is again somewhere in the age range of 16 – 24. I feel that this drink is very popular due to its large variety of flavours, providing the most diverse range of flavours for this market. The entire overall style including font style and colour scheme massively appeal to this age range. The fact the logo looks very similar to a tattoo based font could be their attempt at appealing to the market that they are trying to sell to.
    • This Relentless advert still is from the brands most recent advertising campaign. The band shows popular music artist singing and walking around towards his own show. The song for the advert also very briefly features Sierra Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge but she is cut off at the end of the advert. The advert is made to show that these singers/rappers came from nothing and made their own way to the top. I feel that this backs up their brand slogan “No Half Measures” which as mentioned in the previous slide is a representation that people should never give up and should always put their all into achieving their best. The adverts colour scheme towards the end changes to a room full of lights the lights are a subtle combination of white and green and at the end of the advert the apple and kiwi relentless pops up with the brand name. The can is a combination of green and silver so reinforcing this colour with the lights in the background will help to ensure that the brand and the drink stay present in the persons memory.
    • This pie chart shows the most popular energy drinks according to the public of America in 2012. Whilst I realise that this is not a perfect indication as Britain may obtain different results. It does show how difficult it would be for irn bru to make a break over there with their energy drink Irn bru 32. 79% of the market is dominated by the two most popular energy drink makers in the world Red Bull and Monster. Underneath those a number of smaller brands share the remaining 21% which doesn’t leave much in there at all. 2 of the brands even have a percentage which is less than one which shows how difficult it is to compete against already established energy drink brands. People are very reluctant to try new things when it costs them money. Especially when they already know for a fact that they like a different product. They may see no need to try any other products. One thing that I notice is that Relentless isn't even on this chart. This in some ways may show how difficult it is to break into the US market of energy drinks. With a massive 90% of the market being taken up by the three major brands there really isn't much space for competitors. Whilst this does not give us a direct indication of the UK market from this we can assume how difficult it is to break into the market. With the UK having the same three major brands but also having things like Relentless to compete with it seems as if it is very difficult to break into the market. Most supermarkets or stores have their own cheaper brands of energy drinks which some people choose purely for the money that you save but those are the only other energy drinks that really compete with the major brands.