Proposal and treatment


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Proposal and treatment

  1. 1. Music video proposal and treatment Artist - Janice Graham Band Song- All in the Name Production Company – Wallace Music Video Productions Director- Callum Wallace Contact Email:
  2. 2. General Concept My music video is mostly orientated around the lyrical meaning being turned into a visual experience. The main setting for the video will be Strangeways prison in Manchester because one of the main lyrics is ‘A holiday to that strangeways hotel. ‘The genre of the music can fall into a few genres e.g. Indie/Reggae/Soul. But will mainly concentrate on the indie aspect of it in terms of costume. The video will feature each member of the band playing their instruments in their individual cells through security cameras looking at them and the video will follow the lyrics and feature a lot of material that relates to the lyrics. The rules I will apply in my music video are: 1. It is a narrative but also features the band performing not together but individually. ( as if they were in a cell) 2. The lighting will be mainly low key but in the finale of the video will turn high key. 3. The shooting will take place inside. 4. The video may need extras to play as prisoners/ guards. 5. We will need band setups in each individual ‘cell’ e.g drums, guitar, trumpet, mic, bass. 6. The editing will quite fast-paced for the majority of the video considering after the intro the music does become heavier and more violent. But for the beginning it will be a continuous shot of the lead singer lying down on a bed. 7. The camera shots in the cell will be in a black and white security camera type shot. 8. The costume of the band will be Manchester indie. Inspirations from YouTube: 1. Why’d you only call me when you’re high- Arctic Monkeys- Costume 2. Your Sister- Findlay- Genre 3. Kodaline- Love like this- Camera angles ( close ups on the main guy )
  3. 3. Movies: Fight Club- relates because of the main theme throughout the anti-establishment theme which I want in my video. Death Race- It relates to the music video because it is based in a prison. Crew Director/ Production Designer: Callum Wallace Director of photography- Tom Ross Assistant Director- Lydia Cooke Production Manager: Callum Wallace Make-up- Lydia Cooke Editor- Alex Nesbit Set Decorator- Lydia Cooke Art Director- Tom Ross Concerns: 1) Budget- I don’t have any so it may be difficult to achieve what I want 2) Crew- We are a small group so it may be more stressful with the workload 3) Extras- We may need extras for the video which is pretty difficult with no budget so we may have to call in favours. 4) Attendance of our crew- As we are a small group if one person doesn’t turn up it makes a big difference and will be difficult to do anything to do that day. Because that we will be in college during the week and on the weekend we may have plans it is going to be hard to organise film times.
  4. 4. 5) Costume/Props- If we need to get either of these it will require funds out of our own pocket. 6) Camera Practice- Because we need practice with the camera to make the quality of the video higher so we may have to practice for a bit before recording. 7) Deadlines- We will have to work to certain deadlines to complete the video/ editing which may be difficult to pick.