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Calloway's Nursery Social Media

Calloway's Nursery Social Media



Calloway's Nursery Social Media Presentation presented by Kimberly Bird, VP Marketing at May 2010 National Hardware Show.

Calloway's Nursery Social Media Presentation presented by Kimberly Bird, VP Marketing at May 2010 National Hardware Show.



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    Calloway's Nursery Social Media Calloway's Nursery Social Media Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing Plants and GardeningUsing Social Media as Part of a MIX
      Kimberly Bird
      VP, Retail Marketing
      Calloway’s Nursery, Inc.
    • Buy some product
      Put product
      in the stores
      Put product
      in the stores
      Promote the product
      Promote the product
      Inform the store teams
      Customers come to the stores
      Plan the customer experience
      Inform the store teams
      Buy and present product
      Refocusing an approach
      Culture shifts to focus on the customer throughout the business.
    • Traditional Organizational Structures
      Worker Bees
    • The Evolution of the Team
      Real Estate
      Professional Services
      Customer Service
      Product Vendors
      Support Services
      Seed Companies
      Community Organizations
      • Master Gardeners
      • Extension
      • Arboretums
      Advertising Partners
      Media Contacts
    • Closing the E Gap
    • Closing the E Gap
    • Marketing
      • Relationships -
      Customers – in-store visits, traditional advertising, in-store interactions, communities, creating communities and managing customer relationships
    • Marketing
      • Relationships -
      Customers – panels, surveys, events, clinics, speakers, garden club membership
    • Marketing
      • Relationships -
    • Marketing
      Employees – plan for communications, surveys, training, internships, project teams
    • Marketing
      Target, refine and improve execution
      • Positioning based on customer needs
      • Packaging based on customer needs
      • Internal alignment to better leverage our position
      • Advertising - targeted and mass
      • Advertising co-op partnerships
      • Public relations – media kits, pitches, electronic
      • Build customer focused communities
      • Measuring and tracking
      • In-store presentation
      • Sales and service training
    • Operations/Customer Service
      • Training for all employees prior to new store openings
      • Ongoing training –
      customer service
      product knowledge
      seasonal programs
      garden trends
      receiver certification  
      forklift driver certification
    • Operations/Customer Service
      • Store management development
      • Nursery certification program –
      1 of 4 team members is certified  
      • Feedback - customer panels and employee surveys
      Spring 08 Customer Panel
    • Experience
      Customers impressions of Calloway’s . . .
      It’s not just about the merchandise . . .
      It’s not just about the advertising . . .
      It’s not just about the in-store operations . . .
      It’s the customer experience.
      Delivering on the promise.
      Close the E Gap!
    • The Refining Interactions
      Getting Urban Dwellers To Fall In Love with Nature
      Collaborative Integrated Planning
      Customer Service
      • Buying to a theme or company-wide customer-centered objective
      • Sharing product information
      • More customer-focused product information
      • Increase lead times providing information – for training, marketing, special set up.
      • Linking store presentations, signage to themes that connect to customer needs or desires
      • Integrating products and product information into customer-driven garden information and promos that add value – for the customer
      • Product training
      • Event training
      • Store set up
      • Customer service training
    • Trajectory
      Customer Experience
    • Focus
      Customer Experience
    • Understand Your Customer and Connect!
    • Where We Were – Where We’re Going
      For the customer:
    • Where We Were – Where We’re Going
    • The Vision of Our Customer’s Experience
      The customer shopping experience at our stores provides customers with:
      • An enjoyable shopping experience
      • Where product is easy to find
      • Garden needs are quickly met
      • Garden solutions are easy to find
      • Garden information is easy to understand
      • Premium quality product
      • Expert advice
      • Excellent service
      • Customers can stay a while or buzz through - - but they always see something new that they’ll want to tell a friend about
    • The Promise to Customers
      Having a beautiful yard and gardens is fun and easy.
      Create your own haven - - Your outdoor environment can be well designed and thriving…we make it easier and enjoyable!
      At Calloway’s everyone has a green thumb and can achieve their very own success in the garden.
    • Easy-to-Shop Floor Plans
    • Connect and Leverage
      • Connect with customers on a deeper level
      • Leverage what you’re already doing
      • Use a strategic approach
      • Social Media let’s you take your customer relationships to a deeper level.
    • The Garden Club
      LCC – Loyal Customer Club
      Sign-up at mytexasgarden.com
      Garden Club Newsletter
      Garden Club Welcome E-mail
    • The Garden Club
      Hot Garden Club Only Specials
      Loyal Customer Club –
      114,000 Texas Garden Club members
      Powerful reach
      Extraordinary ROI
    • Embracing Technology
      Collecting Customer Data
      • Collection boxes and forms in store – provided by LCC.
      • Soil Test program, Flower Power program and contest entries.
      • On-line via link on Web
      site and special jump page – mytexasgarden.com.
    • Embracing Technology
      Loyalty Programs
      • Flower Power Card
      • Customers sign up, we punch the card with each purchase, customers earn a free flat of flowers. Low tech but popular with customers.
    • Embracing Technology
      Loyalty Programs
      • Causes some customer and employee complaints. Hoping once we can integrate the customer data into the POS system we can set up a bonus program for customers that would have broader appeal and can be more efficiently administered.
    • The Garden Club
      Hot Garden Club Only Specials
      Drive sales mid-week or during challenging weather
    • Email
      LCC – Loyal Customer Club
      • A turn-key solution – we send articles and photos, they layout it out and provide a proof.
      • Monitoring and measuring tools are limited.
      • Extremely competitive in terms of value – service, high-impact, low-labor, low-cost solution.
    • MyTexasGarden
    • Embracing Technology
      New Technologies
      • Web page
      Currently pretty but stagnant. A complete overhaul is needed. New branded design completed. 2009 plan create site map and populate a site with fresh, interactive and compelling information that drives customers into stores.
    • Social Media
      • Listen to customers
      • Respond to customers
      • Attract more followers, club members, store traffic
      • Engage existing customers and new audiences
      • Build customer, opinion leaders and media relationships
      • Tap into opinion lead’s ideas
      • Position your self as the expert
      • Build your brand
      • Research branding, product service ideas
      • Sale products and services
      • Build customer advocates
      • Get media coverage
      • Increase traffic to your Web site, social pages and store
    • Social Media Explosion
      What’s the big deal?
      • 350 million Facebook users (Feb. 2010, Source Garden Media Group)
      • 100 million Facebook users access via mobil devices (Feb. 10, 2010, Source Facebook.com)
      • According to the Facebook Global Monitor FB reaches 10 percent of the population in 26 countries.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • You Tube
      New Technologies
      • youtube.com channel
      Featuring gardening tip videos linking to them from E-Notes. Utilizing features from press coverage and segments we line up as a condition of TV spot placements and regular quick updates done internally by company expert personalities.
    • Linked In
    • My Space
      New Technologies
      • myspace.com pages
      One main page to share updates and clinic information, one page for the Plant Master’s blog and a Perennial Swap page.
    • Building a Following
    • Media Relationships
      • Main point of contact for expert interviews
      • Weekly vegetable garden segment
      • Weekly garden segment on ABC
      • Newsworthy example:
      • The Dino Tree
      • Weather stories
      • Flocked Trees
      • Vegetable Gardening
    • Word of Mouth
    • Micro-Communities
    • References
      • Facebook Marketing (Holzner)
      • Secrets of Social Media Marketing (Gillen)
      • Twitter Free Social Networking for Business (Clark)
      • Twitter Revolution (Micek & Whitlock)
      • Twitter Power (Comm)
      • Social Media Marketing An Hour a Day (Evans)
      • Connect with me, Kimberly Bird, on LinkedIn
    • References